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  1. Somerset Capital Management founded by Jacob Rees-Mogg owns £105m of Infosys shares. Infosys is owned by Rishi Sunak's wife. 

    Infosys has been given more than £2bn in contracts by Rishi Sunak. 

    These rich toffs are only in politics to get richer. They have absolutely no concern about the British public.

    I'm just surprised that people are surprised when they are caught in corruption scandals, exploiting laws and regulation and helping their cronies.

    No matter who the ruling party in Westminster is, the never ending cycle of public school boys filling their bank accounts will continue.

    Labour and the Tories are different sides of the same corrupt coin.

  2. 52 minutes ago, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:

    15 home Premier League wins in a row now, isn't it?

    Even for a Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal, that would be bloody impressive. For Villa, it's incredible.

    It is.

    Their defense reminds me of Arsenal under George Graham. Incredible discipline.

  3. Bossed Manchester City's midfielder and now bossed Arsenal's midfield.

    Not bad for a player who cost £2.9m

    If he was English he'd easily be valued at £100m.

    It's a pity that Buendía is out for the season. He was on fire in pre-season.

  4. 1 hour ago, Worthy Nigelton said:

    I'm not sure I agree on this. Arsenal now went out and spent £100m on this exact type of player, not to mention numerous other examples of a number 6 in top clubs.


    Manchester United also shelled out £60m for Casemiro. (which underlines the bad management at United. Paying that kinda money + 4 year contract for a chubby Brazilian whose wheels were always going to come off after a season)

    There's also Partey at Arsenal, Rodri at Manchester City. Tchouameni at Real Madrid, Kimmich at Bayern Munich. Ugarte at PSG.

    There's a kid at Manchester United (Mainoo) who looks class and could very well be the answer to England's deep midfield problem.

    A certain Paul Lambert was a world class anchorman. So was Dunga and Deschamps.

  5. 8 minutes ago, The Real Buh said:

    I am aware of a few more. @TheDarkKnight uses multiple accounts and bombards posts giving different reasons (abuse, spam etc) to force a ban or warning through. Others have used the same method.


    Name these accounts. If you dare. Bet you don't.

  6. 24 minutes ago, Midlands Yellow said:

    TDK isn’t the only nark on here. 

    Blaming me for 100% of the banning Is absurd. But whatever.

    Blaming me for any ban is paranoid. Yeah. I'm gonna report someone for criticising Gilmour. LOL

  7. 4 hours ago, The Raptor said:

    Get over it. Gilmore was **** when he was here. For numerous reasons it just didn't work out. Overhyped after one decent Derby game, possibly didnt ever want to be here, the wrong type of player for a struggling team, more interested in ****ing teammates partners, big club loan syndrome etc

    Why more than a year later do we still have endless threads about him both positive and negative and countless baiting of other opinions.

    Shut the hell up. Its begining to sound like a team down the road banging on about winning some cup before most of us were born. 

    100% agreed.

    Top post.


    "Baiting opinions of others" Is dead on the mark. If people don't rate the kid, fine. But it's an everlasting cycle of repeating it that's slightly unhinged.

    Plus there's the lack of decency and respect. Just look at the previous few posts directed at me.

    Been that way for the better part of two years. Why? No idea.

    Never once have i asked for an apology, either. Even though they all got banned for their extent of harassment.

    It's time to move on and grow up, lads.

    If you choose not to. Meh. Either way. 🙂

  8. 1 hour ago, Flying Dutchman said:

    No, it's because when he was here he was utter sh!t, Scottish tinted glasses or not, the guy is stealing a living being the weak link in an otherwise good Brighton team.

    If you ACTUALLY watch him and understand how the game works for a solid CM, you'd see this.

    F*ck off and plague your own teams forum with this crap.

    Yeah. I've watched every Brighton match this season.

    He's not a central midfielder. He's a deep lying playmaker. Not all midfielders should be judged by goals and assists. How many goals did Makelele, Kante, Dunga, Lambert, Batty score?

    How many does Rodri score? Ugarte? Brozovic?

    I remember John Jenson at Arsenal. He scored 1 goal in 99 for Arsenal.

    If people only judge midfielders on goals + assists then they really don't know much about football.

    A team is like an engine. Every single part has to compliment and work in conjunction and harmony with the others.

    You saw what happened when England tried to shoehorn Lampard and Gerrard in the same team to the detriment of the overall functionality of the team

    Top managers (De Zerbi) don't have passengers in their first XI. And they certainly don't win matches, home and abroad.

    But hey ho, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. 🙂


  9. 14 minutes ago, Indy said:

    I mean good luck to the lad, if he does well at Brighton great! But I don’t see the need to keep bringing him up, especially to criticise! Makes us look a little sad! If players don’t work out at a club best just let them go and move on!

    Yeah. You're spot-on.

  10. Just now, The Real Buh said:

    I gotcha bro 😂

    Ask Dean Smith, I always get my man!

    I am genuinely confused.

    Then people thought that i reported people because they said that Billy Gilmour sucks.

    That enhances the confusion even more. Why would I report that? Why would a mod ban someone for saying that?

    Bloody hell.

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  11. 1 minute ago, The Real Buh said:

    When you create a meme or turn someone into a meme it has to be simple, elemental. 

    I noticed @TheDarkKnight wax lyrical in long posts about Billy Gilmour so the natural reaction was the opposite, a contraction down to its most simple element “Billy Gilmour Sucks”

    He pours his heart into another love letter for yet another half-arsed Scottish player you can just retort with “Billy Gilmour Sucks”

    Like a perfectly balanced Mediterranean salad. Few ingredients, perfectly balanced. You just want to post it again and again.


    You forgot the most important element: I don't care. 🙂

    You can say that Billy Gilmour sucks all you like. Why should I care?

    I think you're putting too much importance In it or you think it upsets me. Err... no. It doesn't. Why should it?

    Billy Gilmour sucks.

    See? It's not the magic bullet this Algonquin round table think it is.

    Billy Gilmour sucks. 😛

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  12. 6 minutes ago, Indy said:

    I’m surprised anyone still cares? I mean he was utterly useless for us! The same as that crap signing from villa! Can’t even remember his name he’s so inconsequential! 



    Maybe people wouldn't be so obsessed with him if Norwich were having a better season?

    Suppose it's something to talk about. lol

    I'm starting to think that it's a dig at me. Either way, it's a big back handed compliment.

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  13. 9 minutes ago, ged in the onion bag said:

    Give yourself a couple of days off, come back to this thread and ask yourself how old you appear.    A very juvenile thread and i have no idea what this comment above is about. 

    That's it, though. It's a complete lack of self awareness.

    They think Billy Gilmour sucks

    Fine. Who cares. I seriously don't get it.

    Fine. "Billy Gilmour sucks."

    Now move on. Sheesh!

  14. 1 minute ago, ged in the onion bag said:

    Well he is operating in the EPL, something we aren't doing!  Doubt he cares what you lot think.   

    He's not the only one that's over-egged a slight touch in that league, they are literally all at it, what's the point of picking him out specifically.    

    No need to answer that, there isn't any point! 

    Cantwell's however was utterly outrageous and well worthy of ridicule.

    Could not agree more.

  15. Saying that, though, it's great that Billy Gilmour's name is still being mentioned here. From a Scottish point of view.

    It's the very definition of a back handed compliment . 🙂

    I don't quite get it, though. He's gone. He's moved on.

    But whatever, as I said, it's nice that he's still being mentioned. Hopefully Norwich get promoted and come up against him.🙂


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