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  1. Nice. Good luck with that. If you actually do have beef with me (I honestly can't imagine that you do as I have literally no idea who you are. I don't think we've even talked before now) shoot me a PM and we can sort through it. Unless you require an audience. Which isn't a rarity. The net gives lots of people cyber-courage and give them the guts to say things to people (especially in an open forum where there's multiple people) that they wouldn't have the guts to say to them in a mano a mano situation. Your move. Namaste. (I know. I know. "Billy Gilmour sucks")
  2. OK. So that's the pinnacle of your weaponry? Insinuating that I'm peeved and suggesting that I'm a Heroin addict? Well, it's not really original. Usually that kind of weak condescension and negative stereotypes would come after a few heavyweight strikes that were dealt with And saying "guys" which suggests that you are hoping people will pile on. Yikes. Tough break.
  3. Awww, poor diddums! You not going to continue with the three worded post? Shame. As I had a million of variants. lol. You think I'm getting mad? What do I care what you think of him? lol I don't even know who you are. You're just a person who appears broken as they can only say three words. Not a thing that appears on my radar.
  4. A XI which cost £28m beating one that cost £325m Not only beating them, but running rings around them. It could've easily have been 1-5. Dare I say, it's Football 1 - 0 Money. Money. Money. Erik ten Hag is on very shaky ground. The only reason United finished as high as they did last season was because of Casemiro. This season he looks overweight. Immobile and his passing is shocking. No complaints about the result. United were a shambles.
  5. So, Billy Gilmour is he who must not be named when he's being praised but it's fair game to criticise him? How hypocritical. Thanks for the bump, mate. I'll be back on Thursday when he starts in Europe.
  6. There's some cracking names in the latest Scotland u16 squad: Oliver Goodbrand, Ezekiel Molife, Lewis Carrol, Euan Glasgow, Fletcher Boyd. I'd get them for their names alone.
  7. Not to twist the knife into the lad, but I saw him a few months for Scotland u21s. He wasn't very good. He'll probably resurface when he gets out of jail in the national league.
  8. Guaranteed, if we play like that against France in our friendly next month, it could be 7-0. Easily. Oh. And Anderson has apparently rejected Scotland's approach. Good luck to the lad. I hope England cap him soon.
  9. I'm just thankful that it wasn't against a really top side, otherwise it could've been nasty. Onwards and upwards: Just two points in order to qualify for Euro 2024. Getting anything from Spain will be tricky. We gave them a nosebleed at Hampden so there'll be out for revenge. You never know, though. Back in the Euro 2008 qualifiers we beat France twice. So you never know. A win against Georgia in Georgia and Norway at Hampden will suit me. Love to see Ben Doak being blooded by then.
  10. Now that the dust has settled. England were by far the better team. No question. There was just a lack of urgency, and dare I say, we showed England too much respect. Which is not something that we do. Against Spain we were in their face for 90 minutes. Even the usually unflappable Rodri was flapped. So much sl that he called us "rubbish" in the post match interview. Fair to say that we got under his skin. The most embarrassing stat from Tuesday is that Ramsdale never made a save. That is hard to forgive. Saying that, England didn't create very much. Gunn only had 2 saves to make. The 2nd England goal was through a Robertson mistake. We created two golden chances: McGinn had a half chance and fluffed the header, and Adams missed a chance when he hit an air shot. Only McGregor and Gunn really did themselves justice. Even the normally Mr Reliable Robertson and McGinn were off their game. It wasn't a completely negative experience. Even when we don't show up we can create half-chances. Plus it was just a friendly, it would've hurt more if the loss was in the qualifier. Oh. I wondered why Real Madrid gave Bellingham the number 5 shirt. Now I know. With his build, his agility and fast feet, he does remind me of Zidane. I am right, though. He isn't a central midfielder. He's a number 10. At Real Madrid he's pretty much a part of a front three. He's wasted in midfield. That must be why Bayern Munich never made a move, they already have Musiala who is equally world class.
  11. You're being too kind. We were absolutely mediocre. We got what we deserved. For some reason we just didn't show up. I could tell from kick off that something was off Agree about the fans, though. Amazing fans.
  12. There's no doubt that all restaurants use Ghee. But I wouldn't say that it's a necessity or a game changer. I usually alternate between clarified butter and Rapeseed oil. You can make clarified butter by slowly melting butter in a saucepan. Eventually you'll see a cloudy layer float the top. Just skim it all off and put the clarified butter in a sealed container and put it in the fridge. It'll save you a fortune plus the difference between clarified butter and Ghee is minimal. A lot of chefs make a roux when making Indian dishes. (I do.) It helps to thicken the sauce. The roux is sometimes responsible for the concealing.
  13. Agreed! Fantastic meal. I love it, too. You're welcome. :)
  14. Ally McCoist admitting to singing "God Save the King". That'll surprise no one in Scotland. Wouldn't be surprised if Souness sung along, too. That's him off my Christmas card list: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/ally-mccoist-brands-scots-snp-30927859 Then calling the Scotland fans "SNP" fans. Doesn't he realize that the majority of Scots vote the SNP? Maybe he should do a spot of research instead of repeating "It has to be said" a hundred times.
  15. Bumping this in case anyone missed it.
  16. So, you're resorting to dissing my grammar? That's really, really desperate. Are you the grammar police? Do you go around the forum correcting people on their grammar or is it just me? If its the latter then it ain't the diss you think it is. It's actually a backhanded compliment. I'm flattered.
  17. He's played less than 100 league matches. Let's see what he's like after playing 200+ matches. The Paul Scholes thing is ridiculous, though. I love Scholes to bits, but he can't even even run. Why not just say that you'd rather dig up Ray Wilkins and play him over Gilmour. Maybe you should call De Zerbi with that idea.
  18. Not very much, no. Or at all. No straws in sight. The average age of our first XI is 26. Which is very young for an international side. With kids like Doak, etc, on the horizon. Things are only going to improve. Tonight was a blip. But that's all it is. There's no doubt that we're improving. Tonight was probably a good thing. You learn more about players after a defeat than you do a win. We'll see how we respond next month against Spain in Spain.
  19. "Either" can mean any number. conjunction, adverb used before the first of two (or occasionally more) given alternatives (the other being introduced by ‘or’). 'either I accompany you to your room or I wait here'
  20. Probably not. I didn't mean it to disparate England or the match or to take any criticism away from Scotland or Gilmour. We were garbage. I meant that it wasn't a European Championship qualifier. I much rather the crappy performance happened tonight as opposed to Spain, Georgia or Norway In the upcoming qualifiers.
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