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  1. Superb player. Right back. But he has the skillset to play anywhere in defence and midfield.
  2. I don’t know. It's either Torino Reading, PSV or Sporting Lisbon. Suppose, he'll choose whichever club guarantees him a first team place. Hopefully it's Torino.
  3. Serious question. Why is that so far fetched? The common consensus is that he dominated the midfield against England at the Euros, as a 20 year old. With only reserve matches under his belt. Which lead to Gary Neville freely admitting that England don't have a deep lying playmaker like Gilmour. Vieira agreed and so did Souness. Chelsea fans love him and would take him back in a heartbeat. Lampard loved him. Rangers fans love him, even though he only played for their youths. Scotland fans love him. Brighton fans love him. Roy Keane got him out of his chair and he said that he looks world class. And he's won the trust of one of the best coaches in the world. All at 21 years of age. It's arrogance to say that a few Norwich fans know more than a former England International. Four world class ex midfielders. Four sets of fans and a world class manager. I wasn't being controversial when I said that he would walk into the England team. He would. In this current England set-up, the main thing missing is a deep-lying playmaker. And before anyone chimes in. It's not me who keeps this thing going. Hell, someone brought it up in the England squad announcement thread.
  4. Technically, Gilmour was subbed off against Newcastle when the score was 2-1. And he set up the Brighton goal. He started on the bench against Everton. He came on and played 12 minutes when Brighton were losing 4-0.
  5. Agreed. Could move it to the Scotland thread, though. McLean is OK. He's never let Scotland down, so I definitely have no axe to grind. He's good bringing him on to kill the game of, etc. I do dread when he starts, though, probably unfairly. Gunn? I have no opinion yet. I haven't seen him enough. I watched Norwich all season last season, but that was when Krull was in goals. I'll be honest, leading up to Gunn making his debut, I didn't want him to be anywhere near the Scotland squad. But now? I'm willing to give him a chance. Honourable mention to Hanley. He's had an up and down Scotland career. He was a rock against Spain, so I'm gutted that he's out for the Norway and Georgia matches. He's far better in a back three.
  6. I have no idea what you're talking about. Have we even talked before? Serious question. In this forum I've had debates about Murray, Gilmour and Hendry. Whether, either was with you? No idea.
  7. Oh. I'll offer you the same request: Go to the Male Football squad and I'll give you an honest, and an accurate, portrayal of any player of your choosing. Going by your narrative, I would be talking about Kenny McLean like he was an incarnations of Zidane. McLean is fine. Great squad member. Good for moral. But he's about 7th choice in the pecking order.
  8. What, based on three examples? Hendry, Murray and Gilmour? Ask me my opinion on any other member of the Male Football squad and I'll give you an honest appraisal.
  9. I dropped the mic. You didn't drop any knowledge, as I know all this. No. He didn't fix any matches, which is why he was cleared of match fixing. What he was "guilty of", but not declaring it to the proper authorities. For all he knew, it actually was the Russian Mafia, and he probably thought that if he did tell the authorities, his young family may have faced reprisals. It's nuanced
  10. Are people not allowed to have opinions? I think he is. Shoot me. Hang me. Cut me into wee pieces and make me into a stew.
  11. Maybe you ought to read my initial post, as you'll find that I already said that. Are you trying to suggest that he did fix matches?
  12. You do know that I wasn't a part of the panel who found him innocent don't you?
  13. Almost no chance. Sporting Lisbon, Benfica, PSV and now Torino have expressed an interest.
  14. He was face-to-face with who he thought were gangsters. He said why they wanted they wanted to hear. I'm sure you would've told them to go **** themselves and go all Nightman on their Russian mafia ****? Bottom lime. He didn't fix any matches and was cleared by a panel. *drops truth mic*
  15. Gunn Porteous - Hendry - Tierney Hickey Robertson Gilmour - McGregor McTominay Dykes - McGinn
  16. I can see the logic in the McLean inclusion. Steve Clarke has forged a club mentality with Scotland, having McLean in this mix (even though I don't think he'll play much of a part in either match) is for camaraderie and continuity. I would have liked to have seen Gauld or Hackney in the squad, though. Ryan Gauld will be eligible to play for Canada soon, so I expect Gauld to be playing alongside Alphonso Davies in a little while. Get at least 4 points against Norway and Georgia, or beating Spain was a waste of time.
  17. It's not always as black and white as it appears. As fans, we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. At Manchester United, Martin Edward's life was threatened by Andrey Kanchelskis's agent, if his client wasn't sold to Everton. Not just football. In Snooker, John Higgins was taken to a meeting, by his agent, in order to arrange Higgins to fix matches, unbeknownst to Higgins. John Higgins was having none of it. But he still received a small ban, a few months, for not disclosing the meeting to the Snooker authorities. As opposed to Stephen Lee, who was banned for 12 years for actually fixing matches.
  18. Am I right in saying that Norwich were interested in buying Lewis Ferguson, when he was at Aberdeen? Yesterday he scored his 6th goal this season for Bologna, in Serie A. He's doing well. Much weller than I thought he would do. Talking of midfielders from Aberdeen. You should get 20 year old Connor Barron. He reminds me of a young Rino Gattuso. Already been talk about him being watched by Bologna, Sassuolo and Genk.
  19. We played France, Portugal and Germany, so generally, we didn't get much of a look in. It was a great experience for the players, though. He started against Germany and France. It was against France that I made note of him. Definitely looks like a promising player.
  20. I'm not fussed about Leicester going down. It's been a culmination of bad decisions, the main one being firing Ranieri. (They should've built him a statue!) I'm pleased about Harry Souttar being relegated, though.
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