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  1. He's actually on 40k a week. And you only have to pay half of a player's wage when they join you on loan, as their parents club pays the other half. We still got Gilmour and Williams on loan, and they're both at top six clubs.
  2. I think Dowell should start in his place for the next match.
  3. It looks like Cantwell has completely lost his form and passion now, sadly. I guess a move might be the best thing for him at this point.
  4. Hamilton was robbed on the final lap, that's for sure. The referee should be sacked for that decision with the saftey car.
  5. @Mr Apples, I laughed so hard at your post. xD
  6. I think he should start our next game, as the team needs to change for the next match after how poor we were last night.
  7. Krul Aarons Gibson Hanley Williams McClean Gilour Normann Dowell Tzolis Pukki
  8. Idah just isn't experienced enought for the Premier League yet. He needs a loan in the Championship first, as he's proven he can score the occassional goal there.
  9. Dele Alli is no longer starting at Tottenham anymore. He's been out of form for the last two years, so it seems like he needs a move. He could join us on loan to get his form back, while adding dribbling and pace up front to our team. He could fit in midfield along with Gilmour and McClean. Plus, we need a change after last night. And with the form and ambition Dele's show the last couple of years, he looks like he's at the level for a small Prem club. He's on 40k a week there, but we might only have to pay half his wages if he goes on loan to us. Thoughts?
  10. I like the new app. It'll be useful for when I read news articles on my phone.
  11. Yes, I know. It was a stupid idea I thought of that I now regret suggesting. I guess I was being a bit too optimistic.
  12. Agreed. Great post, LDC! It's best to respect the kids and families in the ground who don't want to hear the swear words. If fans want to swear, then a pub is the best place to do it. This is exactly what I was thinking when making this thread.
  13. It was serious, the reason why is that I've seen some huge dowgrade transfers before. Like when Rafa went from Real Madrid to Newcastle, Payet to West Ham, Rooney from Everton to Derby, etc. I guess it was silly to think Dybala would join us, the more I think about it. I see your point.
  14. Or, a fan who supports the same club as you, wants to contribute to a fan forum of a football news site he likes, and suggest genuine ideas.
  15. This is a serious topic that will probably start a bit of a debate, so be warned. Serious replies only please, people who will just make short and angry posts in this thread will be ignored, as we don't want you in this thread. Should swearing be banned in the Barclay, Snake Pit, and away fans stands? As those three are the only stands that swear in the ground. I've seen some clubs have a no swearing policy in place to make the grounds more kid-friendly and appropriate for them. And I know some songs with swear words in are just banter, but it does come across as a bit angry and silly. The best fan chants/songs are the ones without swear words, I tend to find. Also, sometimes the swear words in a fan song can be replaced to another word, like the f word can be replaced by 'flipping', for example. And you can still hear these stand's songs in other stands, so don't suggest sitting in a different stand to avoid hearing those three stand's chants. So, yeah, every other stand you are not allowed to swear in, but yet away fans, the Barclay, and the Snake Pit can. This needs to be changed so all stands cannot use swear words at matches.
  16. No. I didn't even realise there was an ex Norwich player who had my name.
  17. I know a couple of Norwich fans who live in Brighton. I'll contact them and see if they're interested, Ross. Take care!
  18. But if we sell Todd, then we can afford it. Plus, in the summer, five of our loans players will go back to their clubs, giving us more money to use of new salarys of players.
  19. Ah, I see. Apologies about my last post. I agree that they should show all the games.
  20. It's a serious suggestion. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you should insult people. You should act more mature on the forum and stop being rude. Anyways, back on topic, it was rumoured both Origi wanted more game time, and Liverpool want to sell him due to disagreements. Cantwell was rumoured with a big move in summer, so that's why I thought we mighht swap him.
  21. I saw that Dybala's contract expires in June, so we could sign him on a free. He would be a great asset to the team and would be amazing to sign. Edit: Changed the topic title to a better thread idea. My previous idea was unrealisitic, looking back at it now.
  22. Yeah, it's strange it exsists considering all weeknight games are shown. The only downside of streams, tho is that they can be fukll of spyware and malware.
  23. I heard that it was reported that Origi wanted more game time.
  24. That reminds me of when England players sung Sweet Caroline with fans after full-time. I wish stuff like that happened in more games. That's why I appreciated Farke's wave with the fans at the end of matches.
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