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  1. I've had a similar issue recently when over the phone I was assured the ticket, eticket and smartcard had been upgraded and I could just go through at the gate. It did NOT work and I had to queue at the ticket office and very nearly missed the kick off! So my advice would be turn up a bit early and get the ticket physically changed at the ticket office.
  2. For everyone having a go at Sargent and hoping for Hugill. Did anyone watch our games last season? He is not an upgrade. He wasn't good enough in the Championship let alone the prem. Why don't we just take a punt and bring back Sinani. Who knows He may be effective? And he has scored twice as many as Hugill this season! As unlikely as it is to happen Drmic showed that he had more idea at Prem level and given how poor we were as a team for most of the games he was given a chance in that season it's hard to be overly critical of him. I would rather he returned.
  3. I don't understand the criticism of PLM when we have plenty of other players you could pick out that are worse! Let's have a reality check on PLM.... This season he has won more tackles than ANY other Norwich player (pity Paddy doesn't realise). And a third more than any other midfielder. He's our 4th best player statistically for shots on target. He is our joint top player in Assists. Those are official premier league stats. Doesn't sound too bad to me especially when you compare those tangible statistics to our other midfielders
  4. Good point on midfielders. Check out the top scorers list in the league. There Aren't many if any that have 2 out and out strikers on there. Teams have midfielders who score. Gilmour and McLean do not look like they will ever score. McLean has 1 in nearly 50 prem games. We can all rue losing Emi but his goalscoring in the prem was just as poor. I'll keep banging the PLM drum because I don't see any of our midfielders scoring except him and Normann
  5. Kenny has had a couple of good games but largely ineffective for me. Same with Gilmour. PLM should be in ahead of either of them
  6. I'm actually saddened at so much negativity towards one player. Bad miss. Definitely. But Pukki had two bad misses (and while we're on that..the Idah 'miss' was from a far easier chance for Pukki that he completely mi****!) Folk on here are mentioning Nketiah instead. Well he just missed an open goal header from 2 yards out tonight. A far worse miss. Is he now the worst player ever to play for Arsenal! I'm usually pint half empty but even I'm finding the negativity (including an entire Pink Un podcast on him) way over the top. Even if he'd scored on Saturday it would have made no difference to the outcome! This guy is 21 was bought "for the future" has played 6 hours of football in England and is now the worst player ever! People have short memories. Norwich have had far worse players that played years for the club and weren't ostracized.
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