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  1. The Paderborn website now shows our game against them will be take place on Sunday 15th July @ 1pm (CET) and will be played in Guetersloh https://www.scp07.de/38-Profis/398-Testspiele.html
  2. As announced yesterday, the third game in Germany is against Vfl Wolfsburg on 19/07/2018. No confirmation of venue, though Wolfsburg''s website states this is to be played on a neutral ground. https://www.vfl-wolfsburg.de/en/info/news/detailspage/artikel/first-dates-fixed-50446.html
  3. Sanders coaches may be running a trip to Germany for the pre-season tour (depending on numbers). Please note this is not being organised by NCFC. If anyone is interested they should email charles@sanderscoaches.com to find out more.
  4. Hooper loopy, nuts are we, me and him and you and me, He''ll show you what he can do, when Jonny Howson plays it through. With his left foot, right foot, or with his head, he knows how to find the net. Hooper loopy, nuts are we, we''re all Hooper loopy.
  5. How about a rework of the Paul McVeigh song? We love you Ricky The way you play the game We love you Ricky Despite you funny name We love you Ricky Feed the Wolf and he''ll score............
  6. [quote user="rondy"]Anyone news on the away leg yet? Will it be monday 6th May? I live in London and would be very keen to go to this.. [/quote]Monday 13/05/13 according to the F.A. (tbc)http://www.thefa.com/fa-youth-cup/fixtures
  7. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="ricardo"]Always going to be a problem with such big neighbours in close proximity. [/quote]But presumably not for Millwall who last time I looked weren''t exactly in the middle of nowhere with no competition around them[/quote]I take it you don''t remember the last time Millwall got to the FA Cup Semi Final again Sunderland at old Trafford when they failed to sell thousends of their allocated tickets?I''m sure many people in Wigan can only afford one trip to Wembley, and are hoping to go for the final should they make it.
  8. How about a rework of the Paul McVeigh song? We love you Ricky The way you play the game We love you Ricky Despite you funny name We love you Ricky Feed the Wolf and he''ll score............
  9. Only since 2008-09 have season tickets been sold in Block J. http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city-fc/canaries_season_ticket_details_revealed_1_642460
  10. To the tune of the Man City Oh Balotelli score Oh Alex Tettey, the one and only, from Norway. When he shoots, we always score, he scored one goal, but we want more.
  11. If we are winning........... Will you sue us, Will you sue us, Will you sue us for 3 points, Will you sue us for 3 points.
  12. [quote user="s10_yellow"]Another one here jumping on train tickets the second this gets confirmed! Northluck - Villa is currently scheduled for the Sunday at 1.30 on TV - it was announced a couple of months back that if Liverpool qualified for the Europa League (which they have) their game v Everton that weekend would move into that Sunday 1.30 TV slot and our game at Villa would change to Saturday 12.45, still on TV. Obviously this is the case now but again nothing has been announced - I''m working on the assumption that Villa is Saturday 12.45, but haven''t got round to booking anything yet.[/quote]Saturday 12.45 confirmed now.Just booked train tickets for the day, very happy with the price of £28.50 return from Norwich to Birmingham buying advance single tickets.
  13. Keep it simples!Javier aha aha,Garrido aha aha.Just like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3svW8PM_jc
  14. http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/michael-owen-specials/club-after-summer-transfer-window
  15. [quote user="Matt Juler"]Bought 10 this morning[/quote]What block are you in? Looking at the Celtic website I''m guessing we''ve been allocated blocks 119 and 120, a total of 1611 seats. looks like block 120 is restricted view though.https://www.eticketing.co.uk/celtic/details/event.aspx?itemref=5671
  16. Really fuming about this, total cock up from all parties. I had trains and a hotel booked for me and a mate. Managed to change the train tickets up to Glasgow from Wedneday to Tuesday for a cost of £36, and booked another night in the hotel for £47. As Wednesday in the hotel was non-refundable we''re now going to stay 2 nights in Glasgow. At the very least all of us who are out of pocket should get free entry to the game. Might go along to the womans Olympic football at Hampden and sing On The Ball City for 90 mins as a protest!
  17. Celebrating goals away from home is so much better with just the crowd noise, and without that bloody music!
  18. Booked my trains too. £28 each way from Peterborough with an overnight stay at the Premier Inn Glasgow Central. Looking forward to it.
  19. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Spain: Velasco, Pacheco, Ayala   [/quote]Don''t foget this top defender!http://www.ex-canaries.co.uk/players/segura.htm
  20. Don''t foget all bar Hucks and Holt would have been for a 38 game season, with the rest for a 42 game season.
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