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  1. OT (haven't seen this mentioned before) but I would like to see a big shakedown on the medical department - all these injuries year on year can't be just a coincidence or "bad luck"!
  2. For me this funk gets resolved when both Idah and Hayden are fit and playing -Teemu needs a target man to run off of, and the defence a better screen than Kenny or Lungi. Gibbs has done well, could he start? Quickly losing goodwill towards Milot, Hernandez can be a good impact player but can't see him start. Sargent, ditto. Midfield would then be Hayden as sitting DCM, Sara and Nunez, then Idah, Pukki and Cantwell/Sinani.
  3. Well done, Mr. Hindsight. That's all good, still does not answer the question of what to do in the current circumstances.
  4. Them playing frequently (even if loaned away) is the best chance of a) them finding consistent form then coming back, and/or b) us recouping the most possible of the initial investment. Hernandez is one such case. When he got signed he was a nailed on starter and had a big impact on the 1st promotion - then got loaned out on the 2nd because he didn't fit Farke's plans. He's now back, and arguably he's still better than Milot or Josh. Cantwell didn't get much gametime last season here nor away, and most fans wanted him gone, but now he's back with his head screwed on, do you still think he does not deserve a chance? And who would you replace him if he went? What do you suggest, just sell all these guys off for peanuts? I would do if we had adequate replacements ready, but we don't.
  5. It was very different in the PL as Norwich rarely had a sniff of the ball. In the Championship we tend to dominate possession, so a) we can see better what ideas Smith wants to implement and b) what players fit those ideas better, consistently. Also, it's not really in our best interests to devalue assets in which the club invested a big sum of money - one of the few strengths of NCFC is developing players, and that takes time and patience (yea I know - alien concept for fans). For that, they need to play regularly, even if not at the club. Loans could be the answer.
  6. As per usual, us football fans are fickle, too quick to go with the hype of excessive praise and scathing criticism (criticism can be good if it's fair and balanced). Pukki wouldn't have made it here as a younger striker - we just got him at the right point of his evolution. Christos needs the play time to evolve, so either with us or not, I hope he does well as long as it's not against us.
  7. If we got a good deal for him I'd be happy to see him go. He comes across as someone who does not want to be at the club. Sargent for all his faults does not show that attitude of "I'm too good for this team".
  8. On Sinani, I have never seen him play before so I'll treat him like a new signing. Hernandez can be a threat for us if he's employed in a slightly different way.. start a move from midfield then make diagonal runs to the opposition box, spotted by a good through ball by Cantwell or Nuñez. I may be wrong but arguably he has done more for us than Milot. Teemu needs closer support to be effective- in this version of 433 I dunno if he's getting enough.
  9. And also the best we have at free kicks.
  10. Since Lamps started at Goodison we have made more points than Everton with our championship level squad.
  11. Agents, it's always the agents. Salah (maybe I'm wrong) comes across as a humble guy who loves his club, and who may realize the grass ain't always greener elsewhere. But agents.. they are the greediest element in all this, from hyperbolic transfer fees to unsustainable wages and other demands.
  12. Do you want to ask Normann why he chose to play for Rostov as well?
  13. Hindsight is 20-20 after the fact, isn't it? Did you know much about the Donbass conflicts at the time Farke joined them? I certainly did not, it was barely on the news, even though I knew Krasnodar was a Russian club I had not a clue about the location in relation to Ukraine.
  14. A promising but soon-to-be-ex-professional-footballer gets a little wrath from fans.
  15. In an ideal world Tzolis would be ready to step in. But as it stands, I would like to see Milot alongside Teemu and Giannoulis on the wing, if we are playing to win rather than not lose.
  16. The app is good on match days imo, whether it is value for money is a matter of preference.
  17. Yes there is a money differential, but the structure is the critical factor, just look at ManU and see how they blow themselves up... It's a franchise.
  18. Not perfect but a lot better than the conga line of parked cars all the way from Thorpe St Andrew on game days..
  19. If only there was a dedicated car park at Colman's with a pedestrian bridge and short walk to the River End. Less cars through city = better.
  20. Is it just me that is slightly disappointed that Milot does not seem to have much of an appetite for goals? Great player -just wish he had a selfish streak in him at times.
  21. Give Normann 60mins game from start along with PLM or Rupp (I don't know if he is fit) in CM.
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