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  1. Fans of other clubs, both in PL and Championship, tend to berate our players. Nothing new there. However I think that even top clubs have overrated players that can make some of our humble players look good! I have not seen stats (and for the sake of argument, I'm only considering seasons since 2019/20) - but I have a feeling it will be an interesting comparison. As an example... is Traore better than Hernandez? Is Dele Alli better than Cantwell? Is McTominay better than McLean?
  2. Look up Oliver Southgate on Fbook, I'm sure he'll be happy to talk to Norwich city fans about it, he's an approachable guy.
  3. Our club is a family club.. I wonder if "uncle Jimmy" also had a yellow and green scarf tucked away somewhere (!) Gallows humour aside - it takes all sorts to make the world go round.. that said, whenever we see ****-poor behaviour (by this I don't mean something that is only mildly annoying), we need to call it out. Unfortunately many upstanding people dismiss it as "ah they were just having a laugh", or condone it as "nothing to do with me". One of my mates has been a steward at the Carra for a number of years, the stories that guy tells me, sometimes makes me wonder if we are both talking about NCFC!
  4. I like the music but it gets naff, especially when we are, say 2-0 up and then end up losing. Why not just have it play at the end of games instead, when we win obviously?
  5. Do you also have pics of Thatcher in her 40s? Just asking. I don't really want to know...
  6. This is so seriously off-putting. I get that some need to fawn because this person is from Norfolk, but I'd much rather see this again
  7. I see what you're getting at.. I take it you're against "woke culture" and such? Please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Normal for Norfolk, then? There are things that are expected and ok (to a degree) at football matches, and things that are not OK anywhere. Sanitized (meaning healthy) in general is a good thing but not always realistic IMO. (Like, should swearwords be banned?)Sterile, outside of a hospital operating room, is not.
  9. My opinion on this is simple. Yes to promotion, on the sole proviso that we finish the PL season above the 2 other teams that get promoted with us. This is the bare minimum standard. There is no shame in being relegated (at least to me - there are far bigger/wealthier clubs that suffered it and took a long time to recover *wink Nott Forest, Derby County wink*), but to not put the Fulhams, B'mouths, Watfords, West Brom's et al in their place is criminal. IF [big IF] we are finishing top in the Championship it has to mean we have THE STONES to beat these clubs. We cannot be finishing bottom every f***ing time we get to PL! This is a mental barrier, moreso than depth of pockets of club owners.
  10. I bet some posters' rationale on this is that we're winning only because they're calling for Smith to get out of the club. They're lighting a fire under his... ahem, tea kettle.
  11. Like? No, that's not the requirement. Even the players don't have to like him (although sometimes it makes the coaching easier). Respect? Yup. That's the one. Goes both ways. Remember some time ago, the Webber comments about fans being unsupportive and sarcastic? Goes both ways here too...
  12. I mean... Haaland is good, but he's no Teemu Pukki. Imagine if it was our Finn spearheading Man City's attack, how many goals he'd get. More than Grealish for sure.
  13. My take is that a big part of Farke's charm was his agreeableness and connection to the fans. I think he cared that people viewed him and his squad in a positive way, but in some respects that went against him in the end. Smith is a bit more business like, and I doubt he loses sleep about being liked or not - he's far from being as divisive as Mourinho but his main concern is performances/results rather than nice optics.
  14. Onel is not Norfolk bred, but is NCFC through and through. Talent, perseverance, humility, how he faces criticism but takes on board what he must, team ethic, spirited, energy. This guy cares. Even on his downsides he's one of us. Milot, are you taking notes?
  15. You know, it's not really surprising to me when players get hyped up do much as youngsters, that they have a "fall from grace" period around mid twenties. Outliers remain consistent throughout most of their careers, and their dips in form are relatively soft. That mix of strength of mindset + humility is rare. What really impresses me are those who are late bloomers eg. Vardy, Pukki, most of them have a really strong teamwork ethic, and don't stop to admire themselves in the mirror. Here's a big part of the reason I never really liked CR7.
  16. I'd call for a reshuffle of our medical department. Why does this seem to be a constant with us, season upon season? And yes, I know we purchase a number of crocked players every year, but even excluding those, it seems excessive.
  17. Good. You realise all this makes us more unpredictable for opposition? We've shown we can do both. We don't just go on plan A like under our much loved former manager. Different games require different solutions. Even within a single half of a match, sometimes a change of approach is needed. One of the few things predictable about City at moment is Gibson being vulnerable. Apart from that... we'll see.
  18. He seems a better fit for the Toffees as well.
  19. The mods do what they're meant to. Not always quickly enough, but they're on the case.
  20. Goals + team spirit shut up tractor loads of people!
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