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  1. We all have cult heroes. Cantwell is just more like Emi used to be before his mind was at ease, wildly inconsistent, moments of genius in between moments where he can't give a rat's. Mercurial. Sort of cult antihero? If a player like Beckham or J.Cole was born in Norfolk.. would that be him?
  2. What makes me frustrated is that we were so close to winning. Plenty chances to score before half time, then a penalty missed at the close, with another that the ref thought wasn't worthy of attention. But we were pretty close to losing as well! The inability to get a grip of things from 2-0 up is maddening - why encourage the opposition?? If the two halves had been flipped then most of us would say, fair enough. That said, there seems to be not enough "steel" and grittiness in this team (and whenever you think there is a tiny bit, it's so brittle that it just shatters) and not enough leaders.
  3. I vote NO as there is no replacement lined up yet The world cup break will change it to a YES
  4. Giannoulis needs to be back at LB. Byram and Nunez need time on the bench. Dowell is either a 10 or a 0.
  5. This will finish 2-2 I reckon. Smith will definitely give most of the team a bollocking, they have earned it. Nunez should not re-join this game.
  6. Don't know about that, we lack width in attack, only natural winger is Onel and he hasn't done much today. We'll see what happens when Giannoulis is back
  7. You should know the answer by now as any real City fan would
  8. Chris Goreham grilling the PM was a high point this week, done the rounds most of the UK
  9. There are levels to this. You know, like "Norwich level" and "ManUtd / Man City / Chelsea level".
  10. Smith is the keeper, dependable boring cup of tea, Farke was the hot German blonde with big jugs that blew brains off. So good it was bad, now we're ruined for anyone else
  11. Perfect game for a 4231. Too bad. Nuñez number 10, or number 8? Sara is going to take a while. But the whole team was bad - selection and approach. Ramsey was probably the least bad, aside from Byram for saving our bacon. My .2 cents
  12. Lacklustre then. Faltering. Not a collapse.
  13. If Gibbs is match fit, Hayden will be mostly a bench player.
  14. Just seen some stats for Adama and Onel. Surprising... considering that one of them has a much higher price tag!
  15. Any data to support this? I cannot remember a goal, or a chance created by Traore in the last 3 years.. as an example. Maybe he got something at Barca?
  16. Disagree on Cantwell, he was industrious off the ball IMO
  17. If he was wearing yellow and green, he'd transform into RvW..
  18. Reminds me a bit of the 1st title with DF, just not as stylish/efficient in attack, winning because we could outscore most teams in the kind of "start well and then fall asleep" games.
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