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  1. Just to bump this up, just the colmans one left, I gave the other one to a friend who does charity auctions for parkinsons and it raised £50 which was good. £20 for the colmans one if anyones interested, it'll go towards a heated throw
  2. Agree partly with the whole heat the person thing but how have we as a country come to this, not being able to heat our own homes.
  3. Snobby comments about it being awful, although probably true, everywhere is the same. Go down Anglia square, or walk through the Larkman in Norwich and it'll be just as lots have described as Blackpool. Enjoy your weekend everyone who's going, work dictates I miss Saturday but i've always had a good time when staying up there
  4. Thanks I just wasn't sure, I didn't want to flout any rules, plus not sure what they're worth? maybe £35 each. They are both an XL, I wear XL/XXL, but theyre slightly too small for me now haha!
  5. Oh I can't wait! I'm almost hoping my kids are a nightmare at bedtime so I can avoid it!
  6. Can't wait to see Jordan Henderson and Mason Mount do jack again, like they have for their club sides.
  7. Ahhh yeah, they're an old school XL, I am an xl/xxl and they're snug on me, I wouldn't wear them if I was trying to impress haha! Will take them to the stall, although looking on Ebay theyre probably worth a few quid, didn't really realise.Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a couple of old Norwich shirts, in almost perfect condition. I don't know the rules of putting stuff on here for sale so to speak, but I would rather they go to some proper city fans instead of someone on Ebay trying to make a quick pound. They're the Mitre, Norwich and Peterborough home shirt and the Colmans one with the green stripe. Like I said I wasn't sure on rules regarding this post, so it could just be removed. But if anyone is interested let me know. Thanks
  9. haha what a pathetic forum, tried to be nice, sums up our fanbase to a tee it really does.
  10. also anyone having any i'm happy to show you anyhting need to 'prove' my authenticity. I reckon i've been to more games in the last 15 years than uncle dread, sorry fred.
  11. I did reply but must have been deleted, not suspicious at all, just a genuine fan who hasnt signed up before due to comments like the one above. again any help would be brill, thanks
  12. Hi everyone, long time viewer, first time poster, I have given my 2 west ham tickets to my dad and his best mate as he is visiting for that weekend. I'm now after 2 for myself and my partner, I didn't look at the fact it was sold out and now don't want to go back on my offer to my old man! If anyone knows of any going please let me know, it would be a great help. Thank you all in advance :)
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