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  1. 54 minutes ago, It's Character Forming said:

    I’ve not watched him play for Scotland and I’m genuinely curious what he offers the team? Does he make creative passes? Because we just see very little of that at City, he generally just plays a safe ball sideways or backwards. Even when he has time & space eg when we played Newcastle and they had 10 men for most of the game, he still didn’t contribute much.

    He is Scotland’s link between defence and attack. He sets the tempo of our game, picking out Robertson and Patterson bombing forward from full back, McGinn bombing forward from everywhere. He’s always available for a pass and helps us keep possession in tight spaces where in the past we used to hoof it. It helps that we have people comfortable on the ball throughout the team (add Tierney, McTominay, McGregor to the names mentioned above).

    He’s not afraid to get stuck in as well. Was widely praised for a spectacular clearance off the line on Thursday night.

    It’s not an exaggeration to say his reputation in Scotland is growing with every game he plays for the national team.

  2. Good to see some balance on here. From the outside, I’ve seen a fair amount of animosity towards Gilmour and started to get the impression this was shared by a significant majority of Norwich fans.

    For my sins, I’m a Kilmarnock fan (spiritual home of good old Gary Holt) but have been keeping close tabs on wee Billy as he went to school in Killie. It’s a pity the loan spell’s not worked out the way people want but he seems like a good kid with a great attitude. Nice to see that there are Norwich fans out there who recognise this. I’ll sign off now - but best of luck for the rest of the season.

  3. 40 minutes ago, BroadstairsR said:

    Is taking a decent corner* that leads to a goal an 'assist' in today's parlance? I suppose it is then.

    What next? A forward who "wins" a penalty that is then converted by someone else is also accredited with an assist?

    Rashica's through ball in the first half to Idah, that the striker then hit at Ruddy, was the best assist of that game. Nobody gets any credit for that though as the move didn't lead to a goal.

    Do you suppose that young Gilmour also has an "ology?"

    *Edit: Gilmour's free-kick .... slghtly less spurious then.

    I read all that 3 times and still have no idea what you are drivelling on about!

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  4. 21 hours ago, Greavsy said:

    Yes but apart from that Wolfie........

    Reminds me of Monty Python and "What have the Roman's given us...." . 

    Man of the match v Austria away (last 16 of the euros), man of the match v Denmark at home (semis at the euros)


  5. 33 minutes ago, 1902 said:

    Not even slightly. Gilmour is a great player, whose abilities are well suited to Scotland's formation. However for Norwich he has more defensive duties and he hasn't done them. If you had watched our first few games you would know that. 

    Given you are a new poster, I take it you are either a Chelsea fan come to criticise or a Scotland fan come to have a go. Either way, your opinion is only worth listening to if you actually watched him play for Norwich.

    I’m a Scotland fan, but I’ve got no beef with Norwich.

    I’d say that Norwich simply have to build a cohesive midfield unit and Gilmour will be a star. Maybe try him at the base of midfield alongside Normann? 

    I’d also suggest that you’re not really a Scotland fan. Otherwise you would have watched him going toe to toe with Denmark midfielders twice his size last night. Is he the finished article? No, he’s 20. Also he’s not N’golo Kante (but who is really?). He needs a team around him who defends too. The upturn in Scotland results is largely down to Gilmour. Does he defend for us? Of course, if you’ve ever watched Scotland play you’ll know we have our fair share of defending to do even against the minnows!

    Build a solid system and he will do his share and help Norwich in the process.

    Good luck for the rest of the season.

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  6. 13 minutes ago, 1902 said:

    It's the tracking back that gets me, far less than the physicality. When you have the ability of Gilmour then you are usually worth a place in a side if you are a bit lightweight, everyone knows you may get knocked off the ball a bit and won't be great in the air. That's part and parcel of being the kind of player he is.

    However you still have to do your defensive duties to the best of your ability. As it stands, because he doesn't track back, angles aren't cut off, players feel no pressure and nobody is forced into winning a contest which in turn takes time and gives the rest of the team time to organise behind the ball.

    Absolutely none of that is about size or physicality. A small lightweight player can do all these things, you don't have to be the size of Yaya Toure, you just have to be aware of the defensive aspects of the game and be prepared to do the hard work in those areas.

    Incidentally I'm a Scotland fan, however I also loath Chelsea so I suppose maybe it balances out. 

    Oh right, so Scotland have W6 D1 L1 (including England, Denmark twice, Austria away) with a passenger in the team. 

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