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  1. I have to get the bus home, the last bus should be 11PM. So I can''t stay for long.After we play Derby would be better as it''s a 3PM kick-off.Or we can arrange one for a day we don''t play, like Sunday. And if enough people go down the press will here about it therefore the club and they''ll all come down.
  2. It will be fine as long as we stick to chanting "We want worthy out..." But it''s interesting that the club are worried.
  3. I will be joining in with the one after we play Derby.I haven''t been able to join in with the others, because of having to get home.But against Derby it''s just my sister and I, and we''re getting the bus home. And the latest one of them is 11PM. So got plenty of time to protest in a couple of weeks. Can also stay for a little while, after Brighton.Unforunately I''m not going to Hull, if I could then I would, I just have no money. I''m thinking about an organised protest on a Sunday outside CR, that would be a good idea. As long as it was advertised enough.
  4. Haynes, definately. after seeing it from a close up on SSN, Haynes definately pushes it in the goal with his arm.
  5. If McVeigh doesn''t start tomorrow, many of us are going to be very angry. Going by what the official site says he should pass his fitness test. But if come 10:30AM, and the teams are announced and he''s on that bench I will be extremely angry.I would have thought that if, Hucks, McVeigh, Earnie and Johansson all play, Earnie will be the main upfront player with the others aiming to get things into him, and playing around him. With them taking it in turns to go back for corners and stuff.Man, I am excited. Can''t wait! Should be great, such an atmosphere. Oh and anybody who''s in N&P please sing, I get annoyed of being the only one up there singing.
  6. He should be starting, no doubt about that. Has been our best player for the last 2 months.
  7. Thought i''d get in on the act (lol).GreenFleming, Rehman, Doherty, DruryMcVeigh, Safri, Etuhu, HuckerbyJohansson, EarnshawObviously some can be switched around. But that''s the group of players who i''d like to see play.Going by what Worthy has said on the official site both McVeigh and Drury should be fit to play.
  8. We have 2 out of 4. So lets wait and see on the other two. As it seems we haven''t had a press conference about these two.
  9. If that''s true then that''s great. But do we really need McSheffrey? We have McVeigh and Hucks (as someone else has mentioned) I would much prefer Jerome, as he''s more of a target man, the type of striker that we need.
  10. Rossi should have come one, simple as. I was actually expecting Rossi for Etuhu, considering he was so rubbish. Obviously couldn''t do so because of Robinsons injury.
  11. It wasn''t all his fault. The players were tired, and he couldn''t help that. And that Preston haven''t had a full schedule like ours. But some decisions were very bad. Brennan, what is that all about? Should have been Rossi Jarvis! Why on earth isn''t he getting his chance. Maybe he will on Saturday. We also changed our shape. Atleast he bought on an attacking player for a defender, but then McVeigh started playing further back. All very stupid if you ask me. Our starting team was the best he could put out considering everything.
  12. Mostly agreed. Wouldn''t have given the Doc a 9 though, an 8. Ashton deserved a 6, he didn''t do much. But then it''s hard for him & McVeigh when they aren''t getting the ball. Agree with everything else. We don''t want to sign Etuhu!! And Robinson was our best midfielder today. How much are we missing Safri?
  13. We''ll all be alright come tomorrow. Just the aftermath and the rubbish ref that has annoyed everyone. But you are quite right. Before we hit December we couldn''t see us getting anything at all out of any matches, could we? And we were closer to relegation than to the play-offs. But now we''re in a much better position, and 3 points isn''t much in this league, it''s so close. And everybody is beating one another.
  14. He is definately best coming off the bench when we''re away. We brought him on just at the right time. But at home he should be starting.
  15. McVeigh''s stats (as everyone seemed to want them), 9 starts, 8 subs in the league 1 start, 2 subs in the cup Starts(league): Plymouth, won 2-0, set up the og, went off 73rd min Ipswich, won 1-0, went off 79th min Reading, lost 1-0, went off 62nd min Hull, won 2-1 Brighton, won 3-1, scored Millwall, 1-1 Luton, lost 4-2, went off at HT QPR, lost 3-0, went off at HT Wolves, lost 2-0, went off 64th min Subs(league): Leeds: lost 1-0, came on 88th min Stoke: lost 3-1, came on 60th min Watford: lost 2-1, came on at HT Cardiff: won 1-0, came on 10th min Millwall: lost 1-0, came on 81st min Coventry: 2-2, came on 49th min Derby, lost 2-0, came on 17th min Crewe, won 2-1, scored twice, came on 20th min In some of those matches he was great, Plymouth, Coventry, and yesterday at Crewe. In the matches that he was rubbish in, the whole team was rubbish. Anyway, you can all come to your own conclusions.
  16. It''s now 2-2 with Safri going off on a stretcher. Not good news. I hope he''s not too badly injured. We need to so badly.
  17. He was useless, I was surprised when worthy took McVeigh off. Another stupid decision. Lisbie is useless and needs to go back. But Worthy seems to like him (god knows why) and I hope he doesn''t extend his loan. We have enough strikers without him, Hucks, Ashton and McVeigh will work well as a front 2 with 1 just behind. Then we can have Hendo & Jarvis as subs.
  18. Well the way he puts it makes us sound like a horrible lots of fans, and that he doesn''t care about us.
  19. Well if you put it like that, maybe it is true. You could have told us all details in the original message.So if this is true and he is dropped, why on earth does Worthy keep Leon in when he''s playing so poorly and then drop McVeigh when he''s played well? Worthy''s always going on about dropping people when they play poorly. So stupid if McVeigh doesn''t start. And if that is the case lets hope Worthy brings him on half hour-20 mins from the end and he can go and score the winner, that would be good.
  20. You were wrong.Based on that performance McVeigh deserves to start tonight. He was linking up more with the midfield, and did some good 1,2''s with Ashton. He had to pass many players to get the shot in which led to the first goal, and tricked them along the way.Thinking about it we''ve missed someone like him, he''s a totally different striker from McKenzie. And because he can play in the midfield he can link with them better than McKenzie (and probably Lisbie too). He was getting the ball and spreading it to midfield players, then running off upfront, but never got the ball back. It''s some like him that we need, he will also put really good crosses in if we can get someone else in the box with Ashton.He caused a lot of problems on Saturday, and to be honest he''s always been like that when he plays upfront.
  21. How would someone working at the hotel find out the team? Anyway, if he is dropped I will be well annoyed. You cannot change a team after you''ve just got your first win of the season. And especially as McVeigh played better than some defenders, and McVeigh gets dropped but the defenders don''t. Doesn''t make sense. McVeigh was one of our better players on Saturday, and even Worthy said himself that he played very well.
  22. Right, I would, like all of you, like to see Marney partner Safri. And because of what someone posted on another board it is probably going to happen with McVeigh on the right.Worthy always plays a slightly weaker team for cup matches anyway, and this person also said Brennan would be on the left of midfield again, with Leon and Thorne upfront.The fact that, that team doesn''t include Deano or Hucks probably just means he''s resting them.
  23. He''s definately goo enough for the Championship. I don''t think we should take him off just yet, but if we can''t buy anyone else we''ll have to as we''ll need him.
  24. There''s also a rumour going around that, Worthington is going to unveil him as a Norwich player at the press conference tomorrow.
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