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  1. Went to the game & was not overly happy. We were second best in the second half. I think I''ll have to put positives then negatives or I''ll just rant! Positives: Ashton, Leon, Huckerby, Green, MLJ, Marney. Good quality players that will hopefully make the difference this year. Marneys cross for Ashtons goal was pinpoint. MLJ looked solid enough (after 1st couple of minutes) and has good pace. When we kept it on the ground we played good football. Negatives: No Shackell, don''t understand this, Fleming looked donkey-like and has no pace or aerial dominance! Doc was better but despite the fact he looked good in the air he gave away too many free-kicks and is not good @ playing the right pass. The best CD @ the club was on the bench! CM not good enough today, probably the reason we did not get all three points. Now I''m not gonna complain too much on this 1 cos Jarret & safri are probably our first choice normally. Now for the big one WORTHINGTON! No Shackell @ all and no Jarret till the 85th minute even though it was obvious that Charlton had had enough by the 70th minute. Taking off Marney, who looked quality and was delivering quality into the box. I''m not like a lot of posters on here that berate Worthy @ every opportunity but I have to question his tactics today. Lastly I would like to say that todays disappointing result might kick start some of our players, bring on Crewe.  
  2. so 2 goals from our right hand side! come on NW get a right sided midfielder!!!!!!!!
  3. Hello, this is my first post on this board but i felt i had to reiterate the consensus on a right sided midfielder. Necesssary in my opinion.
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