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  1. i would agree , but personal abuse towards him aint fair.He has done a good job for us in the past and that should not be forgoten.But i think he is down a blind alley not knowing which way to go , a lot of his own doing .We have no natural width in the side which is worrying as a striker of Ashton ability would thrive on that sort of service .We have become a very ordinary side over the last few months , so i think worthys time is up, a shame really as he is a genuine nice bloke .So over to you Delia its time to be profesional and not sentimental LETS BE AVIN YOU.OTBC
  2. i met mr holland about four years ago at a game at colchester playing his old club bournmouth ,i introduced my self as a norwich supporter . i asked him if he had talked to city about a move to carrow road,he said yes but he chose his then present club because it was nearer his london roots. he sounded quite genuine , i talked to him through out the half time interval about football in general .OTBC
  3. claiming Drury was the weakest link, is why you have got a lot of stick craig not because where you sit or how old you are or arn,t OTBC
  4. Your avin a laugh, Drury is one of our most consistant performers . I guess you are one of these people who only see what you want to and not the whole picture , by not getting help from huckerby tracking back he has to do a lot of defending by himself .so get off his back he doesnt deserve critism unlike some players OTBC
  5. I think it must have been in the late eighties at the rear of the barclay ,for those who dont remember or to young it was built on a large grass embankment.I will set the scene ,the police used to block the road with a barrier for about ten minuets to allow the away fans to leave the ground this day it had snowed quite heavily .There was this policeman on top of the grass bank obviously keeping an eye on the fans behaviour. The fans were getting quite restless having to wait in the cold, so they took it out on the poor policeman on top of the embankment showering him hundreds of snowballs .Trying to evade the missiles he lost his footing ,slididing all the way down the embankment covered in snow to the biggest cheer of the day .OTBC
  6. i think you will find the chelsea fans were actually singing we,ve got abramovich you,ve got a drunken bitch , refrence to to her lets be avin you rant when she appeared worse for wear OTBC
  7. two years on henderson is still the same player cant pass or tackle , yesterday first time he came into the fray he was ten yards in front of his marker recieved the ball facing the opposing goal second later by the time he had got it under control hre was closed down and looses possesion . there after, no one was prepared to pass to him for fear of his inability to hold on to the ball .its about time we shipped the lad out maybe worthy who i have defended in the past will go with him OTBC
  8. we have to loose by two clear goals to be bottom, but lets not think like that as im sure we will come away with a victory OTBC
  9. ill put another name in the mix Phil Parkinson the Colchester manager he regularly produces the goods with a shoestring budget and they actually play decent football .OTBC
  10. i have to agree with your coments , Drury was the difference in the side today he very rarely wastes a pass and gets up and down the field with ease . Yes Mcveigh played well and created the first goal ,if you noticed he played a little deeper than Ashton and moved either to left or right side to find space . Win at Watford on Tuesday and Worthy will find it hard to bring hucks back into the side against that side that play south of the border .OTBC
  11. Just wondering why the club have not arranged this as im sure there would be a good responce from those of us who are unable to get a ticket or is there some contractural obligations to SKY , im sure i read that this was originaly one of the televised games but the police moved it back a day for security reasons and SKY dropped it am i right OTBC
  12. im flying in on saturday morning from florida to hopefully be in time for the kick off against palace  im on holiday at the moment so does that count ! 
  13. Im not too impressed with the fact that we have switched the coventry game as it now means that i will miss the first three fixtures. As my wife works in the education system means we have to take our holidays during the first few weeks of the summer holidays so as to miss the least amount of games, one maybe two if im unlucky but this is just really anoying. ive spoken to a few other friends and they are in the same possition surely the club should of canvassed the views of the fans before they agreed to coventry,s request . I will just have to hope the home game against palace is shown on sky and moved back a day so i dont have to suffer three missed games OTBC
  14. I wore mine last year to the tampa bay buccs stadium to a pre season game versus miami dolphins what a stadium, a mock battle ship at one end of the stadium which fires its cannons every time the home team scores awsum.But it no way compares to fortress Carrow Road.
  15. To a certain degree i would support what you are suggesting but i would prefer to keep the two as long as there heart is in it, and are performing to the best of there known ability . But if worthy has to shuffle the pack yes they are two who could be used to generate the funds to get the right replacements .One name that hasnt been mentioned and would cause a few raised passions is acertain midfielder who is currently yet to pen to paper at the moment is Tommy Miller at our friends down the road .What revenge that would be as there would be no fee to pay as in the Marshall saga .I must admit he has always impressed me when ever i have seen him play (god it hurts me to say this, wash my mouth out ).Spoke a certain towny supporter about this morning, as if it was all ready on the cards and he was gutted .Also i would like to see some one in the ilk of Jagielka come in but i fear he is join to the hip with our friend colin Warnock so it would take an extremely big fee to get him .Only time will tell heres looking forward to next season OTBC
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