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  1. if your still there on august 9th i will fill you in on all the gossip as im visiting the big apple then if not head for nevada smiths at 74 third ave between 11 &12 streets as they show english football OTBC
  2. i drive the new yellow council dustcart around gorleston and bradwell you cant miss it its got a norwich pennant in the windscreen OTBC
  3. What a city team with no mention of Martin O,neill one of the best players ever to pull on the shirt i can still rember him scoreing the winning goal boxing day 1982 in front of the city fans .My first away derby match just as good as this seasons which i hope will be my last for along time unless we get relegated because they are never gonna get promoted OTBC
  4. I cant belive only one person has mentioned sun tan easton but the ones who stick in the mind are the hamilton bunch de vard de veld or something cottee walsh .OTBC
  5. have heard that bighead royle has been sniffing around him to sign for the scum as they are loosing players left right and centre, but being norfolk born and bred he will probably tell him were to get off OTBC
  6. totally agree with your coments 100% but ive just heard beckham on radio thats he not going to resign as england captain and is looking forward to playing in the upcoming world cup qualifiers so it looks like we are stuck with him. i must say how impressed i was with ashley cole he seems to have grown up at last. OTBC
  7. No way we have just got rid of one poser ie Easton OTBC
  8. ive heard he has joined local drama group and he has been picked for the forthcoming production of The murder she wrote ,his part in this is as a Corpse .Picked obviously for his ability to to remain motionless for long periods of time .OTBC
  9. personaly i would like him to sign for colchester as my son supports them . As i take him to see them play oblivously not when city are playing then i would be able to see god play from time to time .They are very good footballing side also he would not have to up root his family as it is only an hour and half down the road .OTBC
  10. Definatley not this man could start an argument with himself , i saw him in both play off semi finals all he was doin was winding up the opposition , lucky not to be sent off in both legs so i doubt worthy even consider him. OTBC
  11. he has to report back to the police on saturday acording to anglia tv , the game kicks off at 12.15 so it doesnt give him much leeway . OTBC
  12. Not what your expecting! Young Darren Bent was arrested yesterday for [suspicion of possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause violence] after an air pistol was fired at a youth in kesgrave, last night he was bailed to report back to police on saturday pending enquires . Shame thats the day they play the first leg of there play off semi , come on you hammers OTBC
  13. At the end of the day basically he wasnt good enough , sorry clint you are the weakest link good bye but by the the way theres a years wages to sofen the blow . go spend it on a makeover OTBC
  14. Just been listening to Talk Sport and they have just anounced the winners of manager of month ,the comentator Kinghorn on talk sportwas trying to guess who from each division had won prior to the chap from nationwide anouncing them . It was done in reverse order conferance first thru to div one ,they guessed conf thru to div two ok . Then the talksport chap Kinghorn says theres only one candidate Ian Dowie , no says the chap from Nationwide ,he only won 5 and drew one during april . Silence then kinghorn says well who? man from nationwide says Nigel Worhington his team won six out of six during april .Kinghorn then thanks the man from nationwide and goes on to something else.Well all i can say he well done nigel you deserve it along with the other coaching staff. OTBC
  15. yes its being shown on sky sports
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