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  1. Farke heaped praise on Hugill and then loaned him out. Farke obviously didn't think Hugill was PL quality. I'd rather have hernandez back. Oh, what the heck, bring them both back and keep Idah, then we would be overrun with striking goodness.
  2. KRUL AARONS / HANLEY / GIBSON / WILLIAMS RUPP SARGENT / GILMOUR / McLEAN IDAH / PUKKI The defence has been solid for the past few games so no need for a change. Rupp has not let us down so deserves to continue. The Sarge had a stinker on Tuesday but his battering ram approach could be useful against some of Spurs less than robust players. Gilmour wasn't great on Tuesday but can't see Smith dropping him and McLean does what McLean does, the dirty work ... hassling, pressing, blocking ... all the stuff that no one appears to notice. The French call his kind of player 'a water carrier'. Without Rashica we're short of strike power and Idah's physicality could be a nuisance to the Spurs defence thus freeing up space for Pukki to do his thing. If things go awry I'd like to see Giannoulis come off the bench to bring more attacking options on the left. This is going to be one difficult match but, if we stick to whatever plan SAS have in mind, we could nick a point.
  3. A draw would have been best, but a Toon win is better for us than a Burnley win. Being bottom of the table is not important right now, it's the points gap that counts and Toon winning stops Burnley going 3 points ahead of us.
  4. Reminds me of when Wilder was 'Manager of the Season' instead of Farke.
  5. I apologise for my tardiness in never having heard of that phrase. Thank you you for your kind comment.
  6. I don't know what that means but if it is an insult I suggest you turn it back on yourself.
  7. We lose 8 out of 10 games and we're s--t ... we are then unbeaten in the next 3 games and we are world-beaters ... we then get a 1-1 draw away from home after a poor performance and we're s--t again. We are neither s--t or world-beaters. We are a team of relegation strugglers who are no worse than those around us. We have the players and now the coach to get us out of the mess we are in. Smith's plans for the match tonight were obviously ****ed up by Rashica's late injury but he made some changes before and during the match and we managed to get a draw. We found a way to get a point. We didn't bottle it and go down with a whimper, we fought back and in the last 10 minutes could have sneaked a win. I am happy with that.
  8. Newcastle's defence is not very good. Rashica could run riot against his full/wing back. Sargent will be able to keep his full/wing back quiet giving Aarons the chance to get forward. Pukki should get chances against this defence and Sargent may get his opportunity too. Their midfield is nothing special so Mclean and Rupp (presumably) can keep them under control leaving Gilmour to do what he does with Rupp lending a creative hand when necessary. Williams should be able to link up with Rashica and hopefully create some opportunities down the left. Gibson and Hanley should have no problems against Wilson but their lack of pace could see them undone by St Maximin. If that guy is on form we could be in trouble. My prediction ... a Norwich win. I could, of course, be talking rubbish.
  9. McLean and Rupp both terrific in 2nd half.
  10. good performance today .... another robust effort from sargent .... mcclean very good at breaking up wolves attacks ... rupp was a more than adequate replacement for normann .... standouts today - williams, rashica, aarons and gilmour .... pukki missed a good chance .... could have nicked it but that's another point in the bag .... bring on the toon !!!!!
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