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  1. [quote user="Hucks6"]Strange Steve Evans. The Rotherham manager wants to look at himself he must be the only telly tubby manager[/quote] I guess you didn''t bother reading the article for yourself before ''contributing'' - he actually took the p#ss out of himself in the quote.
  2. [quote user="Gipsy Lane"]He''s scored 200% more goals than lafferty and in less starts![/quote]   We don''t need no education!
  3. [quote user="MancCanary"]....i think the signing and then non-playing of Becchio just about tops this Bassong situation....[/quote]   I think the Becchio deal made perfect sense: we offloaded a player (SM) who was unhappy and potentially disruptive, Leeds did likewise. We got a player who could''ve been a success, but the manager(s) decided he wasn''t up to the job upon closer inspection.
  4. Minimal report filed on the night, but not with the usual links on fixtures or home page. http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/under-21s-match-report-manchester-united-3-norwich-city-0-1831986.aspx
  5. I know exactly what you mean. I''m not one for finger pointing and holding grudges but am finding it really hard to shake the feeling that Snodders greed/hunger cost us big there!
  6. It didn''t take long for someone to misspell his name - Olly Mehew.
  7. No way! He has a record of signing players at their max worth and leaving clubs with squads worth a fraction of the cost to put it together.
  8. Thanks Jimmy, sounds like they have been a bit fairer with ratings this time. Will buy if they have the classic/simple mode again.
  9. How does the starting squad look in terms of quality, could you screen shot it for me please?
  10. Do you know the joke he apparently told?! Is not at all racist.
  11. Irony: Norwich winger Nathan Redmond has insisted that there will be no hangover from an on-field shoving match between England Under-21 team-mates Ravel Morrison and Wilfried Zaha. Redmond acted as peacemaker as the pair argued during the 5-0 win over Lithuania last night. "That''s all sorted now. We don''t talk about those things outside the dressing room," he told the Mirror.
  12. Aha, missed that one. Guess it''s not as exciting news as potential signings, and slipped down the MB quickly....   Pls delete mod.
  13. Yes? http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/surman-loan-958436.aspx
  14. [quote user="Houston Canary"]Lappinitup, I picture a jaunty little heel click with fingers twiddling an imaginary "air" flute. Martin Prince from The Simpson''s comes to mind. [/quote] With Wes doing his little Irish jig (Blackpool video) :)
  15. [quote user="lake district canary"]If you are going to win a cup these days you are going to do it with squad players.  You are not going to risk overusing key players.   So if your squad is good enough you will win - if it is not you won''t.   So - Choice 1 - play your squad players and hope they are good enough Choice 2  -   play your strongest 11 and hope they are good enough - and don''t get injured. We played a weakened 11 yesterday in a 442 - and were not good enough.   If we had played our strongest team in a 4441 and won  we would be celebrating - but would we win on Saturday against Wigan.    We have to think that the priorities these days dictate that the League is the most important thing to focus on.  if you progress in the cup, all well and good. Imo the FA cup is much more interesting because - if we continue to do well in the league and secure premership status early enough, then the risks that can be taken by fielding a stronger 11 in the fa cup games are much more worth it.   Get through the third round and secure enough premiership points and then go for the fa cup with a stronger approach.    Capital Cup?  Too early in the season to take risks - that is why top teams don''t push it too hard - and we are a top team, currently in the top 12 clubs in the country.      We should recognise that and move on. [/quote]   Pedant alert: the above is only one choice between two options. Anywho, was the team really weakened that much? A number of injuries (Ruddy, Whit, RB, Tettey, Turner returning), only rested Garrido and Patches. Garrido has played probably played too many games to play 3 more in a week, and some believe that Patches goals/assists contribution is too low to guarantee selection.
  16. [quote user="City1st"]Watch it live on the internet [/quote] Where pls?
  17. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]I see the pubs have opened [/quote]   Go and have a beer then you miserable f#ck [B]
  18. Does anyone know of a live stream for tonights game online please?
  19. Only until January at first, now confirmed on Bradford''s official site
  20. To sign players on freebies there will be a larger signing-on fee, so I should think around £3mill was still spent given the slight over estimates on other transfer fees.
  21. Think Smith is possibly bending over behind Hughes. Two most worrying things from the photo: - Fatty Patty lookalike at the back; - Nelson is about to get a nasty surprise from behind....
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