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  1. Difference is I'm not obsessed with you and your possessive little Brownie Pack. You need to grow up or get a boyfriend.
  2. The fact is that the club didn't learn a thing from our last abject humiliation in the PL and simply repeated their errors. Too many Poundshop lightweights and too much self belief that they can turn pigs ears that other clubs have 'strangely missed' into silk purses. A shiny new training complex may well lure them in but I'm not seeing too many PL quality products hitting the first team of late or funds coming in from the sale of the ones that aren't making the grade.
  3. Happy to dish it but can't take it eh? I call that sad. Very sad indeed.
  4. Max can see that the Canary ship is sinking and he won't want to go down with it again. Top marks for his loyalty. A special lad who deserves the great career that beckons.
  5. The game is in the hands of snowflakes and Southgate's attitude says it all. A millionaire shepherding a bunch of other millionaires with nothing more on their minds other than enhancing their brand.
  6. Just one of many parasites destroying the game.
  7. Valid point and it will be interesting to see what happens. Breathtaking tripe.
  8. In your opinion? Some of us have been around long enough to tell a con job when we see it. Maybe you and your chums will see such things yourselves one day as 'maturity' isn't a thing this place has in abundance.
  9. I think he is on his last legs now so sadly will end up one short. Still a great career.
  10. 'Distant' supporters see the club very differently to locals. Failure is always easy to accept if it doesn't cost you money.
  11. Delia wouldn't have got away with what she is doing now 20 years ago when the fanbase was more savvy and ambitious. So much for no one being interested in taking us on to bigger and better things when a broke basketcase like Derby has suiters lining up. I would have Ashley here in an instant but with two old duffers clinging on by the skin of their teeth no one with any sense will come near. Not yet anyway.
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