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  1. I think this is a promising appointment. Dean Smith ruined any chance of patience when he blamed the fans for what was happening on the pitch.(He'd not done much to bring us on board since he joined either) The new manager needs to bring us all together. Then he needs some time to build the team. We've lost some great players and characters from our dressing room and we need to replace them. We miss Buendia and Skipp massively on the pitch and probably Alex Tettey and Zimmerman in the dressing room. Without some decent replacements, it's going to be a really hard job for any manager.
  2. That was a hard watch, as have most games been under Dean Smith. Still the club are apparently behind him, so I doubt we'll get a new manager for Christmas.
  3. Looks like Dean Smith has got the team playing winning football. The players look so different when they have confidence. If we get back to the prem, then a good start could make all the difference. I couldn't see this happening in the first few games, and I am happy that he's proving me wrong. Nunes makes more of a difference than the stats show and I think we have a special player in the making there. Should be a fun season, I'll enjoy it while we're here.
  4. Hard to say much positive about that. We look so basic with our play patterns. I think that's the difference from Farke, now sides know exactly how we will play and defend accordingly. Nunes looks really good though. Shame we didn't have him in in 2/3 weeks earlier. I still hope Dean Smith can turn it around, but it seems less and less likely.
  5. Massive improvement on the last game. I haven't been a fan of Dean Smith, but he's now getting the players he wants and today was a lot better. Lets see what happens over the next few games. I am more optimistic than last week for sure. If the players get a win and some confidence they could yet come good.
  6. The first 25 mins were really encouraging. If only we'd taken our chances. We badly need a goal and some confidence. But I think I can least see how Smiths plan may work. Some lovely touches from Nunez who's only had 3 days training. We really should be wiining this one today.
  7. This looks to be a signing that is trying to provide the creativity that we are lacking. Around £10 million spent so far.(Rising to more like £13/14 million ?) No guarantee it works, but i'm pretty excited to see how the team/squad will work when Hayden / Sara and Nunez are fit and firing. The competiton it provides for Dowell / Cantwell and MClean can only be good too.
  8. Still a bit concerned.........but I do remember our previous campaigns under Farke when we looked poor when Buendia wasn't playing. So I think we need to give it some more time. Hayden to add some steel, Sara and possibly Nunez could add the missing spark. (I saw it rumoured we are looing for a winger too) I think we need one based on what we've seen from Sinani, Sargeant and Rashica so far.
  9. I would love that to be the case. I just don't have the faith in the manager or our recruits. Maybe if Hayden , Sara and other new recruits are amazing? I love your confidence but I fear it may be misplaced.
  10. Unless the new signings are amazing we are in for a really long season and mid table. Does anyone honestly still think Dean Smith is the right manager for Norwich? I know it's only one game and I hope he can turn it round. I just don't think he is a good enough manager.
  11. I'll be cheering his team on too. I always liked him as our manager, and he left on pretty good terms all things considered.
  12. Dean Smith was(is) not the manager we needed. I would rather we had kept Farke, but we haven't. Despite being told by the media and Villa/Brentford fans and others how good Dean Smith is I have yet to see any evidence of it. Some really bland football and he seems as out his depth as some of our new signings. I started out underwhelmed and it's gone downhill from there. I hope I can look back on this in a year and think I was wrong, but my gut feeling is we got a mid championship level manager and that's where will be in 12 months time. (Not Dean Smiths fault, he's just bang average) Would have been nice to have heard something from Stuart Webber, maybe just to admit he got it badly wrong again.But he clearly can't find a way to spin this in any favourable way. Recruitment of players Poor (In hindsight) Handling of Manager (Poor) Sacking Farke after a win wasn't classy. Then the managers haven't been able to get any decent performances from the players we do have. We're in a worse position than 12 months ago, I really hope the slide stops there.
  13. Nice goaL check out around 3.20 mark. His manager was angry he wasn't considered for Scotland under 21s, and mentioned a couple of "worldies" he's scored this season. Hopefully some of these loan players and our under 23s can feature for us next season.
  14. We need a Buendia replacement or it doesn't really matter who we have in charge next year.
  15. I'd love to know what's happened to Norman. He looked like he had something but since the injury, he's completely lost the spark. Gibson is showing why Dyche couldn't wait to get shot of him.
  16. Can we get Farke back now? Genuinely would have him in a heartbeat for next season. Everyone kept saying how great Dean Smith was but he's is a downgrade - Distinctly average. Dull football in the championship awaits us under him next year.
  17. Var isn't helping, but we never look like scoring. Poorer than our last prem season.
  18. Dean Smith hasn't had a chance to buy a player, but he clearly isn't getting anything out of the team / squad. The football is dire. It does make me fear for next season.
  19. No players with any creativity. Some poor decisions from the officials. We look second best. Just another Prem game!
  20. Don't worry we were told that Smith is loads better than Farke........ I know we have injury/covid problems but this is pathetic.
  21. I was surprised/undewhelmed it was Dean Smith. But now it feels like a sensible enough appointment if they felt Daniel had to leave. (Seems a bit like Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.) He seems decent enough and deserves our full support. Maybe a fresh set of eyes and new boss to impress will make the difference.
  22. If Stuart Webbers shortlist was headed up by Frank Lampard and Dean Smith it's a poor show for a Director of Football. If we do get Dean Smith I will get behind him with support but this feels like a backwards step. Underwhelming.
  23. If it's Dean Smith, I will be gutted. We would be going backwards in my opinion. I had hoped Webber had a plan but if Dean Smith is the plan ....................then we are more screwed than we were last week at this time.
  24. I just saw a Twitter rumour.. Soccerbot is in charge until January.
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