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  1. yes ,i,ll go with dv,s team ,just keep martin and jerome out of ot
  2. been noted that nelson oliveria is in the movistar squad for for the final 9 riders out of 14,for this weekends start of the tour of france,could ncfc on tour,
  3. should mr farke come to city,as it has been stated he will bring just 1 other coach with him,therefore would alan irvine have a chance of getting onboard with them would be a shame to lose him,he has done well for the 10 games with city,could be a big help with the training to concentrate on
  4. having watched bbc look east to night,steve naismith was talking about the championship,and afterwards steward white said that naismith had said them and not us about getting back to the premier league, sw did say read between the lines ,any way enjoy the summer ,start again in august
  5. another game gone by the wayside,anyway ,why is it that ncfc players cannot take there dogs for a walk because they cannot hold the lead,otbc
  6. had radio 2 on and ken bruce played this by phil lynott called yellow pearl,could get everyone going,be sure to turn the volume up when you have the earphones -otbc
  7. its time for worthington and some of the players to go good job they are not full time workers like a lot of us they would have ben sacked months ago   remember after the boro game flemming said things might TURNfor  city   city could not TURNa tap on
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