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  1. I am also retired, working part time 2 hours a day, before this I was an account director for a large newspaper group, but like the rest of you on here I am hardly qualified in any way shape or form to be an expert on the economics of a country of 68 million people, most people could not tell you the financials of there own home let alone alone where the Uk will be in 5 years time.
  2. The latest from football gossip. NEWCASTLE TO SPEND, SPEND, SPEND Newcastle United are going to single-handedly keep this January transfer window interesting, and there is a trio of links this fine Thursday. The first comes from Jason Burt of the Daily Telegraph, who claims that the Magpies have made a fresh bid to Sevilla for centre-half Diego Carlos. The figure mentioned is £40m, though the really interesting number might be the wages they would need to offer the Brazilian to leave a La Liga title race for a Premier League relegation battle. Second on the list is Todd Cantwell, with one Italian journalist claiming Norwich are willing to sell for somewhere in the region of £15m. Quite why Italian journalists have the scoop on this is anybody’s guess. And there’s talk of a very ambitious £80m move for midfielder Amadou Haidara of RB Leipzig, though closer examination of the Daily Mail story shows that the £80m includes wages, which is a little misleading. He will definitely cost more than his £33m summer release clause, though. The Mali international has also been strongly linked with Manchester United.
  3. So many experts ,,,, and what do you all do for a living !!!!
  4. Norwich truly are an unfortunate team, half the squad every game is missing like Covid, muscle pulls, sickness, and then every game its the referee he is you know a bit biased towards the opposition and is no more then a cheat (employed by the FA who of course don't want Norwich in the Premiership so they FIX it shoosh dont tell anyone) , then its the pundits who as you know all hate Norwich and stir up trouble by saying things like Norwich are a bad side which we know they are not, they are just unlucky, even changing the manager has resulted in 2 points in the last 5 games while other clubs like Manu 10 points,Villa 9 points, Newcastle 5 points, and good old spurs with 10 points, when will all this bad luck end, well lets all hope for a Christmas present and that the new year will bring lots of good luck.
  5. Its like saying I'm going to win the Premium bonds then even after 20 years you realise its not going to happen,
  6. I have never seen a Side like Leeds actually give Norwich the ball and say score come on look we just passed to you. they were truly awful yet still no win..its over and out....
  7. Come on I must win the score prediction, I said 10-0 was close...
  8. methinks it will be a close game, could be the start to the season , so lets say Chelsea 10 Norwich 0...
  9. Ok its more than a 6 pointer but any way methinks it will be 1-1 !!...
  10. I think we will win the next 6 games on the bounce, then we will qualify for Europe, we will get Messi on a free transfer and he will play for nothing, when we play they will scrap VAR just on our games, any one want to add to the fantasy football wish list, just a bit of fun, ..
  11. I don't understand why the board of directors are not on the list, So Farke after another championship title says to Delia and co I want to sell my best players cos we don't need them in the premiership ?, then he says I want to buy dross or get loan signings to cover the gaps in the squad ?, everyone knows the answer is that Norwich under the current board have no ambition and are quite happy to yo yo up and down and be the laughing stock of the football world.
  12. If that upset you stay well away from Football 365 then...
  13. Come on you bed wetters , the win is coming, Burnley it will be.. Or is it just that Norwich fans prefer championship football ?? seriously ask yourselves that question cos you know who you are, you say it all the time, the blood and thunder of the Championship, Oh and at least we will get a win !!, looking at the fixtures Burnley and then ???.
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