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  1. That's the main concern for me. This is behaviour that he deems ok to actually be viewed. What goes on when the camera isn't on?

    Also widely known that psychotic behaviour start with animal abuse and is often indicative of other misgivings. Says a lot about this person's character.

  2. I want to keep it short rather than rambling but the point I want to highlight is the furor of the BK8 sponsorship deal at the start of the season.

    It was made incredibly clear that after the outrage surrounding the sponsor's Instagram by the club's hierarchy that the Lotus deal would equate to considerably lower finances for this season. It's almost inevitable that a large proportion of fans complaining about lack of signings are also those who were aware of the moral trade off. 

    This then goes towards the envious glances towards the North East and the clamor for Norwich to seek out similar investment despite the extreme human rights question marks over this regime.

    The main question is, as fans is there a place for conscience in football when competing at the top table? Would Norwich fans genuinely seek to do anything to make sure such a takeover didn't happen or does the end justify the means?

  3. I think Barden showed he is the future NCFC number one and hopefully he will have a speedy recovery as I was comfortable with him deputising for Krul. For the Watford game I would like to see McGovern play.

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  4. Are we deluded to think it's a given that Pukki will just want another season in the Championship on reduced wages?

    His loyalty can't be questioned by Norwich fans and neither can the fact he scores goals with so little opportunity and this is highlighted by the company he keeps in the PL top scorers list below even in the most depressing season for a decade.

    I would say more than most, Pukki is clearly a family man and also an intelligent man and the negativity surrounding every Norwich performance will clearly be making the enjoyment of playing for us somewhat reduced.

    Add to that, we are in a world cup year (we all know the comments from his national coach after our last relegation) Are we going to see Pukki want to move to a team to secure not only premier league football for himself either as a back up at higher level team (Leicester / West Ham) which he clearly has the talent for, or a side with finance such as Fulham and secure one last big pay day on a longer contract at that wage.

    For me, I wouldn't begrudge him and although I would be absolutely gutted I don't think it's as unlikely as a lot of people seem to think.



  5. Apparently one of a number of clubs in for QPR striker Lyndon Dykes. 

    With an eye on the championship it would make sense as he's a handful but for me but also highlights where we are as a club.

    Would you be happy with him joining?

  6. 35 minutes ago, Mr Angry said:

    UK population 68.5 million, COVID deaths 147,000-0.21% of the population.

    Canada population 38.25 million, COVID deaths 30,085-0.08% of the population.

    Australia population 26 million, COVID deaths 2,134-0.008% of the population.

    So we've had 2.5 times as many deaths per population as Canada, and 25 times as many deaths per population as Australia.

    Anyone would think their populations are more widely spread apart over a larger area of land.

  7. 21 minutes ago, Iwans Big Toe said:

    The only people being ignorant I can see here are those that are resorting to throwing insults insults from the safety of their keyboard and those that will only be happy if others give up their freedoms because of their fears, not realising that their freedoms will be next. If you are so desperate to live under a totalitarian regime, there are plenty out there. Australia and Canada would probably suit. If they aren't harsh enough for you, try China or North Korea. 

    Get out of your left wing echo chamber, look at arguments on both sides. Try having a reasonable debate, without resorting to name calling. If you still don't see anything suspicious I can't help you.



    You mention reasonable debate but you're responding with the same sensationalist attitude mentioning regimes.

    Please explain clearly what you think the benefits are to the 'rich and powerful' from hammering the economy.

  8. 1 minute ago, TeemuVanBasten said:

    Think you are overestimating the importance or reach of this forum.

    I think it's well documented that the players are aware of the forums. Also bear in mind whenever the club tags a player on instagram and the comments flood in, they receive a notification for each one. My point is that is these players had thrown the towel in, then by all means make the feelings known. When a player is clearly struggling with form and confidence I think this can be extremely damaging. I think you're underestimating the impact of the mental aspect of a player's life now.

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