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  1. i was at the game on saturday as i am for every home game and i was surprised that doherty was in the starting line up to be fair.i dont know how serious nigel worthington is about getting our team back to the promised land but fall out or no fall out if you want to achieve this you need your strongest team and that includes shackell and not docherty,if he is better than shackell then why did he spend most of last season on the bench.i am not negative as a rule but the longer we play doherty i think this will harm our promotion hopes because of the amount of fouls he commits around the box. ( didnt worthy take off andy hughes for persistent fouling in pre season) should have done the same sat with docherty better teams will punish us from those situations
  2. to say we were a disgrace i think is harsh if we were that much of a disgrace we should have gone off the pitch at 4-1 but as usual we gave them one hell of a shock in the last ten minutes,now call me what you like but that team performance at the end shows what the players thought the fans deserved and the people that have posted that we were a disgrace should hold their heads and look at what that comeback will give the team in the way of confidence.NOT CHAMPIONSHIP YET YOU MIGHT JUST GET A SURPRISE then we might see you eating your words.keep the faith its what we deserve faith and belief after all we are supposed to be a tight family club.i am not saying we do not need more new faces but i still believe we have a chance
  3. selling huckerby ? what football team do you watch week in week out if you remember we did not pay 1/3 of the 3 million that you say so what makes you think that we would get that for him ,and in case you had forgot huckerby creates chances and why would we go and risk 3 million on a new striker and then go and sell the player who will probably help to keep us up by creating chances for mr ashton.dont mean to be blunt but would not be very good buisiness to me .sorry if this sounds offensive not ment to (keep the faith)
  4. i think leon is already showing norwich city what why we brought him to the club,he works his guts out in every game and alright he may not always get the results that his work rate deserves but as soon as he puts a few away we will all be saying that he is the man.i myself am a huge fan of leons and will always give him praise as i think he is one of the hardest workers at the club doing his best to help us survive .
  5. i myself sit in the snake pit and i have to agree with all the comments made on this particular subject and really get p****d of with one particular steward and boy does he think he is the dogs n**s.i think that if you pay your money to watch a football match then as long as you are well behaved and there is no aggro you should be allowed to stand as long as the people behind do not mind ,and lets face it the most noise comes from the barclay and snakepit so what  difference does it make.i know these people have  a job to do but they are not police and as far as i can see they incite more trouble amongst the fans towards themselves by being exactly what somebody has already said (little hitlers). we need all the help we can get in this league and the team needs the supporters to get behind them and not spend most of the game being told what to do by power crazy people
  6. just got back from the game and i must say what a game it was too ,i thought that the all round team will to win such a big game shone through today and once we got back to 2-2 there was only one team capable of winning and anybody else watching must have thought the same as me that was by far the best game of the season at carrow road to date. i thought that bently ran the show and if he can produce the quailty that he did today we will be playing in this league for a long while and not back in the fizzy league with the binners.everybody had an absolute blinding game and lets hope for more of the same at chelsea next week and turn those big time charlies over as well(heres hoping anyway)  
  7. there is alot of speculation about dean ashton and others and everyone seems to have the same opinion that he is mustard but will he be prolific in the premier league as he is in nationwide i have my doubts but hey maybe wrong.Does anyone think that we have the quality across the park to provide service for any new striker,after today i think we work our socks off but the final third of the field lacks lacks imagination at timesas the lack of crosses and shots proves.Really hope we pick things up for bolton game we need another win hears hoping hey
  8. like many others only managed to listen to the game today but was disappointed with what i heard.i am not giong to say worthy out as i believe that he still has something to offer as a manager but i wish that he would have spent the recent budget on players that he is actually going to play.he has openly admitted through local newspapers that gary docherty is not up to the fitness level that the club expects which begs me to ask why buy him in the first place(a panic buy i think)and to be honest what i have seen of him this season i dont think he is worth the fee that we paid for him anyway.what has safri done either he has shown that he can control a game from the middle of the park yet gary holt always get the nod.I always have had faith in the team and every home match that i go to i always think the same but just lately i begin to question the belief of the management team and team selection,heres hoping that i am wrong and that we give southampton a rite beatin next sat  
  9. I agree with the comments made on this subject as i to was angry at the way we played on saturday and on the way home found myself asking do we deserve to be here in the first place, then the same as most people you calm down and think of the bigger picture and think that we are premier league and the scummers are not which gives more satisfaction than anything.I still stand by what i said saturday about the terrrible choice of subs and just hope that in future we can capitalise on these situations and go and get the long awaited 3 points that we deserve.I enjoy every match day and always hold out hope of survival in this league but i feel unless we get something out of the next 2 games that would make survival very hard (heres hoping)  
  10. i can only hope that after being at every home game for the last four seasons that what we produced on the pitch today against a very poor blackburn side was nothing sort of disgraceful.i really do not know what nigel was thinking about when he brought the little choir boy on(Henderson) at half time,he could not cut it in the first div let alone in the premier, and as for subbing leon again what has the bloke got to do to get a full game i feel that he will be slightly p****d off considering that mcveigh didnt touch the ball for the time he was on the pitch.i feel that today summed up what happened at cardiff on2002 play off final ,off with performing players to shut up shop which once again did not pay off  
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