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  1. I have followed England home and away to almost every game over the last 20 years, and would say this is the best squad we have taken to a tournament, better than Qatar given Foden’s current form and Bellingham’s continued development. I don’t think we will win though - against the best sides, Southgate’s tactics let us down - as someone says above, we should have beaten Italy in Euro 2020, and the same true vs Croatia in 2018, both times trying to defend a one-goal lead rather than killing the game off. Think we will have a better chance in 2026 after Southgate almost certainly leaves this summer.
  2. Why on earth would Robins want to leave Coventry to come here? Total squad overhaul required and no money to do it, a confusing ownership structure vs very clear 100% single owner at Coventry with a clear vision.
  3. Fair enough - am happy to be proved wrong on 31st August with the players who remain - but let’s see.
  4. Parachute payments don’t end every summer.
  5. Clear conflict of interest for Zoe given her CSF role, but I don’t imagine that will concern her a jot, if indeed she has even realised the conflict exists.
  6. Someone who worked at the Club at the time. It’s up to you if you believe it, but I can assure you it is factually correct. Stuart joined many months before his wife did.
  7. The last bit is certainly false. Stuart joined in May 2017 and Zoe didn’t join until Autumn 2017. She was a consultant under McNally, and she left prior to his departure in May 2016. I have no idea who reported what but these are the facts.
  8. She had to switch to Webber when she became a Statutory Director of NCFC and had to register with Companies House.
  9. ?? She signed last year’s annual accounts off as Zoe Webber, so I would say that is her professional name (as well as her actual one). She called herself Zoe Ward until she had no choice but to call herself Webber when she became a Statutory Director of NCFC.
  10. Nope. She was never an employee until after Stuart joined.
  11. Except that Zoe absolutely was parachuted in after Stuart. She had previously worked as a consultant under McNally but hadn’t been at the Club for a year when she was employed after Stuart had joined.
  12. At least a player may possibly both provide value whilst employed by us and have a sell on value to help recoup salary. Sadly, neither are the case with Mrs Webber.
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