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  1. [quote user="Canaries Utd"][quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]I wonder what the delay is on the new kit? Could it be we were waiting to see what division we were in before choosing what kit manufactuer to go with? Canaries Utd seems adament it is going to be Errea, there is supposed to be news this week, I''m thinking we will find out by Thursday, I will be a bit disappointed if it is Errea but as long as it looks ok I''m not too worried![/quote] Hello ''Give Peas a Chance'', i even questioned my source at the weekend too, asking if he was sure, the reply was a definate 100% yes. If it isn''t i''ll be totally amazed. I really think Norwich have missed a trick here, if they had them ready to roll on the last game of the season and before the parade i''m sure they would have made a bomb. Of course people will still buy them, but at at time when emotions were running so high, they may have missed out on an extra sale or two? [/quote] Agree. The timing is really bizarre. Either there has been a delay for whatever reason in manufacturing the kits, or there has been a last minute change of kit maker for whatever reason. My theory would be on the delay in manufacturing, especially if we have got someone poor like errea making the kit.
  2. [quote user="youngcanary"]sorry for potentially ending speculation about his socks but I believe theatr just Xara socks as you can purchase training wear from the club that is all black with yellow details. so I reckon they are just Xara socks that he gets from the club to get kitted out each day at work.[/quote] ^^^^ This
  3. I had cut outs all throughout the game here in Canada. It also kept skipping back a few seconds and repeating bits of commentary. Also it''s a right chore to play the canaries world vids. I have to sign out click play on the vid which then prompts you to sign in then it will play. Having it remember your credentials is a complete non-starter.
  4. So pleased I have the day off tomorrow, been so busy pushing out these HST updates for our clients!
  5. According to the Mirror he was also linked to Fulham in November, the article doesn''t give much detail, but he must have something about him?http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Fulham-ready-to-bid-for-Stockport-striker-Oli-Johnson-article30043.html
  6. Hey, I also live in Canada i am currently in Kingston which is a couple hours down the road! If i am ever up Toronto way i would deffo meet up for a beer! :)
  7. I am just waiting for my visa to come through and i shall be soon moving to Kingston, Ontario. Perhaps we should start a Canadian Canaries group! lol
  8. Instead of Forest, Blackpool and Doncaster should be the ones we are looking at for a choke: Blackpool fixtures: Sat 11 13:00 A Preston FLC Mon 13 15:00 H Reading FLC Sat 18 15:00 A Charlton FLC Sat 25 12:30 H Nottm Forest FLC May Sun 3 13:15 A Swansea City FLC Doncasterl fixtures: Sat 11 15:00 A Ipswich Town FLC Mon 13 15:00 H Preston FLC Sat 18 15:00 A Plymouth FLC Sat 25 15:00 H Crystal Palace FLC May Sun 3 13:15 A Wolves FLC Both teams have a very trick run in!
  9. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Bryan Gunn is doing fantastic, give him a new contractBryan Gunn still has a lot to learn, I think he''s out of his depth..We''ll alternate those each week. [:|][/quote] Thats is a true enough statement Mr Bump, but surely when it''s obvious that a tactical error with not bringing on the the subs sooner was made, we can''t criticize the decision?
  10. [quote user="The Chirp"]jeeze. gunn''s god until we lose... every team loses games and every team has off days. another day it might have worked and you''d be saying great decision. [/quote] I agree to an extent, but Gunny was clearly at fault with his subs today. Plan A wasn''t clearly not working so by 60, or even 65 minutes, he clearly should have changed it up with Lee on for Mooney, Cody on for Carney, with them to up front and Gow moving out to left mid, he left his changes far far to late today, if Cody would have had maybe 25-30 mins to run at them, (something no one else did yesterday) then we may have tested them a bit more, cos hoofing it to 2 big men clearly didn''t work.
  11. Cam, What does Allardyce have to do with anything? Sorry for my ignorance.
  12. People are missing the blindingly obvious...Safri didn''t get back from international duty till Friday night at the earliest, plus the fact, as usual he was carrying a nock!
  13. Check it out http://www.canarystore.co.uk/mall/CanaryStore/topic/topic-37697-1.stm  Wasn''t hard to find
  14. Thats completley harsh and unfair. Even though the clubs current predicament is unacceptable, the fact that it is unacceptable highlights how far we have come as a club. When Worthy took over we were looking to avoid relegation to Div 2 ffs, and were getting  16-18thousand fans per home game. Now, 5 years on, our aspirations are to be a team challenging for a place in the Prem and stay there, spend over a million on one player (wasn''t so long ago that spending those sort of figures on one player was a pipe dream) and nearly every home game is a sell out, with a waiting list of 2thousand, if that isn''t progress then i don''t no what is. No doubt this will be misconstrued and i will be accused of being a "Worthy lover" (the clubs current situation is hurting me as much as the next fan, and it is not good enough) but for someone to suggest that we havn''t progressed at all under Worthington is total BS, and is a very short sighted, and naive opinion
  15. i can''t really make out the lyrics, its a kind of rocky/indie type song, but the only lyrics i can make out is when they go " la la la la" lol anyone know what im on about?
  16. I personally think its to early to say, but 1 thing is for certain, the Doc will be there or there abouts, because don''t forget, the club take into account the number of player of the month awards a player wins, and that contributes to a players overall total at the end of the season. The Docs total currenly stands at 3.
  17. We can''t extend Davenports loan till the end of the season because season long loans have to be done before the end of the summer transfer window, any loans after that can only be upto 3 months long, and i think im right in saying you cant loan a player 2 times in one season when the duration of the loan(s) is over 3months
  18. More of an observer on this site, but heres my two bobs worth... I don''t think it was as dire as some people are making out, yet was still a very very long way from reaching the standards of what our squad should be reaching. I don''t think Nigel Worthington is a bad manager, and some of the personal abuse he is recieving is un called for, i just think we are at that stage where we have gone stale under him. Yesterday, with the lack of quality in our play aside, i thought we lacked any real meaning and conviction, especially going foward, the organisation was extremely lacking at times, (for example when we got a throw an the players were standing there waiting for Green to take it), and maybe bar Ashton and one or two others, we lacked any real passion and desire to win it. These are things that should be coming from the top, and if they are coming from the top, why arn''t the players doing it? Worthy has brought us foward a long long way in the past 5 odd years he has been here, and will achieve success in the future at other clubs, but im afraid its time for a parting of the ways, with a fresh foward thinking manager coming in. The rot has well and truely set it, and the only way to get rid, is to exterminate it.
  19. "well unfortunately we all know what Worthington is like if they talk out of turn they are dropped if they dont play his way they are dropped." Umm excuse me, but isn''t this a good thing? But ok, lets go by your logic for a little while here, dropping players because they talk out of turn, or don''t play the way a manager wants them to is a bad thing in your opinion, and shows signs of a bad manager...... Well Alex Ferguson, getting rid of that Jaap Stam, Lee Sharp and David Beckham, for talking out of turn or not playing the way Fergie likes, yeah i can see your logic, Fergie is a rubbish manager, never won a thing has he.... Bobby Robson, Dropping Dyer when he refused to play left midd for Newcastle a few seasons ago, yeah his an awful manager aswell .....
  20. [quote]Oh I forgot to add, lets move heaven and earth and get Dario Gradi in place of NW. I think he''d jump at the chance, and I''m sure Ashton wouldn''t object. Unlike the 4 or 5 players Worthless signed, wh...[/quote] Yeah because 2 of the new players that "Worthless" has signed havn''t set up 2 of the 3 goals we have scored this season have they?....whats that....oh
  21. Worthy is usless? HAHA...If lady luck had been smiling on us, we could have been sitting here with 7 points under our belts now. WTF could Worthy have done differently against Crewe that would have resulted in a win? Was it his fault McKenzie missed 2 sitters and various other chances, (remember Ashton''s one in the 1st half when it was still 0-0) went begging...erm NO! Was it Worthy''s fault that Bywater pulled of 3 stunning saves ( 2 McKenzie efforts and Hucks lob towards the end of the game), even though we played poorly, we could have still walked away with 3 points. Finally, was it Worthingtons fault that when we are 1-0 up, with 3minutes to go before HT, the keeper decides to play hot potato and gives Hucks the ball up the creek without a paddle...erm NO! We played well Saturday, against a team who will be right up there at the end of the season, and we imo were the better team. People have to realise we are in a period of transition. 3 new midfielders and a new right back are not going to just suddenly gel with the rest of the team, if by November we are struggling, then its time to panic, but certainly not after 3 games...
  22. If we managed to get Bentley, i think his talents would be best utalised in the Chelski formation, simlar to what Zipper suggested... ................Green........................ Colin....Fleming....Shackell....Drury ......Marney....Safri....Bentley... McKenzie.......Ashton........Huckerby Remember last season around the Bolton game where we were playing this formation, Bentley caused havoc, and thats where he had his best games for us, he would also give us some1 who is comftable on the ball, and can pass it along with Safri, who also has the class, and Marney also has the workrate, id love to see that line up, even though Bentley and Hucks on the left would leave Drury a tad exposed. I also firmly believe that a year in the CCC would do Bentley the world of good, beause then he would have to add to the physical side of his game, which at the moment is one of the key aspects of his game that is lacking, and he would no that if he didn''t work hard for the team, Jarret and/or Hughes could come in and replace him if he wasn''t doing the bizz...but anyway this is all irelevant cuz i reckon he will be of the the "ammers"
  23. [quote]Lots of talk about Flem and Doggers however my concern as well as the centre is Drury who was a legend but seems to have lost his way. Maybe his confidence was knocked in the Prem but he does not see...[/quote] Thats quite some acusation there in the first line buddy! lol
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