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  1. Wow. Lots of analysis here on the new crest and why they did it. Honestly surprised with the negative comments. I don’t really care why they did it. For me, it looks way better than the old one, a fresh take on the old, subtle changes but a total tidy up of what was a hand drawn effort. I get the nostalgic factor, but that badge will live on forever. The new one will too. Move on folks and embrace change, when it’s being used on the shirts, Carrow Road etc it will have context. It’s gonna look classy.
  2. Actually, I think they have nailed it. After studying it for a few mins and taking it in, when going back to the old badge, it suddenly looked very dated, which it is. It’s cleaner, sharper…..modern and they have kept the principle of the original badge which was really important. Much improved, and guarantees premier league survival
  3. He’s one of our better players, one of the few ‘game changers’ we have. So yes, you are doing him an injustice……in my opinion. Perhaps Farke was the problem….and why he’s now sacked? Webber sees all, just a thought.
  4. Good to see the majority in this tread can see how this appointment probably panned out. No idea why some appear to consider it was a mess, frankly no one knows the facts so why make stuff up? Either way, we have a new manager who starts afresh and should have every City fans support. I’m optimistic about our future. Welcome Deano!!!
  5. My god….everyone just making stuff up. Just calm the f down. Seriously. No one knows sod all, but they want you to retweet, watch ssn, listen to talksport, then place a rubbish bet, even the journos on the pinkun are basically quoting other news outlets. No idea
  6. This is exactly what’s going on. The fact that many believe all this drivel is hilarious None of the media outlets have a clue!
  7. It may have been lined up. Then the Villa job turned up, which would have certainly delayed proceedings if say Lampard was the target and had already tipped his hat? Eitherway, it will all unfold over the next few days, it’s a pure guess right now where the betting companies are making stuff up by feeding Twitter accounts and Talk****e….to fill their coffers with pointless bets.
  8. Over the last few days, I’ve gone from gutted about Farke, to understanding the need to move on, to not terribly impressed with the idea of Lampard or the Norwegian dude, to Lampard actually being quite a good fit for our needs not only as a manager, but as a football club. I’d rather him than any other names mentioned thus far. I’ve read this board for years, and I still love it when someone confirms a tip-off…..brilliant stuff if correct! PS my source recommendation….Leon Thomago Ketchup with poached eggs on toast……no one will be disappointed!!
  9. Just on losing a stand while construction underway. There is an option that retains the terrace of the main stand, (which is just concrete with seats on it, no need to remove it as any new structure could be independent from the existing) while the new upper tier and new roof are constructed behind. Then, once works behind are suitably progressed, the roof of the existing main stand is removed, and then a link terrace formed to join the two plus new internal facilities, this final phase planned in the close season. It’s pretty much a standard way to extend stands these days to not lose attendance. The best recent example is Liverpool’s new extended main stand, very clever sequencing. The fly in the ointment may well be the depth of Carrow Road behind, it’s not exactly generous before it meets that new road (whatever that’s called) and as I mentioned earlier, this may end up being a hindrance in final main stand capacity, and a full new build might therefore be their final conclusion. And also, the angle of the existing terrance is quite high, which adds further problems in regards to overall height and depth. A new design would have a similar rake to the lower terraces in the the ground to maximise the space available. I’ve been hoping they do this for years, I agree it’s a must have, and I think it will happen sooner than some think. I recall they purchased the required land a couple of years back, I’d imagine after this some reasonable options have already been completed. It’s now a matter of getting the costs and finance right…planning permission and suitable programme.
  10. The space around the main stand will always restrict the actual capacity of it. It’s about 4000 seats right now, can probably go to about 8000 or to 10,000 if they get clever with design giving us around 31,000 to 33,000 as capacity. But there is scope to add on the South stand too, but I think once main stand works completed that will be it for many years. A move from Carrow Road only happens if we have a massive financial injection. I’ve always thought 35,000 is our max requirement too, Carrow Road could get to that number.
  11. All the steel was made in Norfolk. There was uproar on the shop floor. The very large steel lattice beams that sit above the roof are hollow circular steels. I was told at the time flags, scarfs and shirts were stuffed into these. I’ve never been too sure if it was true, but I’ve always assumed it is because I walked that factory and I promise…..they said it was happening!!!!! So the highest thing flying above that dump is the yellow and green…..pahahaha!!!!
  12. All fair comments, and I guess it depends what kind of new stadium you want in regards to specification. Spurs nearly hit the Billion, and the new Stamford Bridge was coming in over a billion, hence why it got cancelled. Brentford more reasonable at about £4300/seat. New stadia design has moved on somewhat since those stadiums where built, they are as budget as you can get. Think Cardiff city too. Now a massive focus on seat space and view, executive package opportunity, customer experience everywhere, stadium technology, AV, lighting and also an architectural design that makes the stadiums have a wow factor…..all adds up. My thinking on budget was one of likely grandeur, if we had deep pockets who wouldn’t want a stunner of a home ground? Good recent examples are Fulham’s new stand, I think that’s about £80m on its own, but the design is of a very high standard. In my view, if the board wanted to move house, it would be only worth it if it was built to make it really worth moving and taking the club to the next level…..hence the high cost. But I know it won’t happen 100%. Focus is on option 1 of main stand redevelopment. I was actually involved in Colchester’s ground, that was as cheap as chips and it looks it too. (Warning, the next sentence may make some of you cough up some sick) I was involved in the two new stands at Portman Road, they obviously were cheap…..although I did try to screw Sheepshanks. And got banned from their boardroom for submitting an invoice in yellow and green. True story!!! I can only publicly apologise for my involvement there…..been meaning to get that of my chest for years!!! Dark days !! Also Luton Town, plans are a big government grant plus redeveloping a massive site and using that to support the funding of the stadium. All options possible really.
  13. I’m all for a new ground, time to keep moving forward. I did the Carrow Road tour a few years back. Thought it actually looked tired and needs a serious renovation. New main stand is a must, I actually work in the construction world specifically on feasibility studies for major infrastructure projects, you never know, I may even have a client in Norwich one day…….hhhmmm. As a sensible budget, a new ground could be built £7000 / seat so 35,000 capacity should be £245m. New main stand say with 12,000 seats to roughly match a 35,000 capacity would cost about £65m. £5,500 / seat. But there is a much cheaper way to build this that is the way to go. See Fulham, Liverpool and Leicester plans as examples, could get it down to about £40m that way. Anyways, until the rich Chinese investment rolls in it’s not happening.
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