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  1. It is an interesting turn around. In fairness they have been sooo poorly run for many years, and finally they have the chance to get behind something. I get that. I fear we have currently reached our ceiling, which is why we are seeing empty seats more often these days and the atmosphere is flat, but looking at some prem and championship games, there is evidence of people voting with their feet….football has lost its competitiveness…..unless you have suddenly come good in league 1 it would appear.
  2. Huddersfield were losing play off finalists last year. Turned out we beat them without too much bother. What? They are now bottom of this seasons league table, but they came fourth last year, this is madness, it can’t be true?!?
  3. Good report. I’ve settled myself mentally that we are a playoff contender this season, you never know, things could click and players coming back, setting in the uk find form, but as you say, looks a push too far as things stand.
  4. I mean, give the guy a break. I get the point he’s making, his teams did play decent football. Obviously, this team can play decent football too, but the mood of the team, fans, club is all negative right now. Why….because ‘what’s the point in getting promoted’, they / we can’t see past another season of pain. That needs fixing mentally with everyone, we need to feel, as a full collective, that the prem is where we belong, which is a super tough fix, any manager will have this same issue to sort….I’ve no idea how they resolve this very clear mental block. Out of interest, anyone seen the Arsenal documentary on Prime and like me, wondered if our club has anything like that kind of positive atmosphere behind the scenes? Would be interesting to see.
  5. I believe Webber has enough in the bank to not be hounded out, yet. Players have been bought to develop, however I’m sure we all agree that as a minimum they should probably already be a top quality champs player given our recent promotions. I need some convincing on that now. And I struggle to make my mind up to say if there is a blame to be set one way or the other, but I lean to given the recruitment and where that sits, Smith should be given time to see what happens. I also question on who could come in and turn us around to the point of a top two team, current quality looks more like top 10 / play off push. I guess this is our reset moment. I recall Emi when he first arrived….time required, if some of our fans can handle that situation.
  6. Pace. Where was the pace of play, pace of the pass, pace of movement. It’s gone.
  7. Might be a controversial thing to highlight, given the circumstances. But the delay of this fixture has been very detrimental in both terms of available players and the form of both teams. Couldn’t have been worse! Tough night I fear.
  8. Thanks Chelmo. I’d assumed something like this.
  9. Do we know the actual reason Krul was dropped? I’m not complaining about the call, I just may have missed someone providing the details?
  10. As a club, being in the Premier League is (currently) 100% a financial necessity. Others have pointed out the obvious risks of not achieving this, however I’d suggest next season, we may well be receiving two relatively established prem teams to contend with and dare I say, a local derby to boot, where form can count for little and they may be rejuvenated from our last 14 years ‘toying’ with them……the league will be tougher for sure.
  11. Good suggestion, they only stop that if a ruck starts to roll towards injured player!! And rugby stops the clock with no injury time, which I like too.
  12. Great OP. I totally agree. No more words required.
  13. I didn’t see it. But if we did what the Watford players started to do from the 55th min last weekend, I’d be mortified. It’s become part of the game, like diving for a pen did - that’s been addressed in some ways, yellow card for a dive and I think we see less of it now. The pretending to be injured, waiting for the medical staff to get on the pitch, time to heal and use the medical sponge needs to stop, I never believe the correct time gets added on either at the end. last season I think Southampton had one player fall with a broken limb in the 60th min every game so their coach could have a mini team talk with the rest of the players. Pathetic. Ideas to stop it? A team with a stretcher run on and get them off for treatment within 30secs?
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