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  1. I think that last night's performance is a good indication of how much we rely on Sargent. Without him, Wagner 'goes negative' and we, as a team, collapse. Unfortunately we have a fragile underbelly and have had for some time now. We need Sargent, more than any other player and perhaps also the manager.
  2. Perhaps if we hadn't been 2-0 up, but we were. There is now way to disguise this result as anything other that 2 points dropped.
  3. Nope. Will worry about them when (if) we get there. First things first.
  4. It's also on the Red Button, I believe.
  5. Never have forgiven Everton for their performance against Coventry that season we got relegated.
  6. The problem wasn't letting Idah go, rather who he was replaced with.
  7. Cannot answer that one. What I can say though is that he has subsequently tweaked the system. We no longer play with out and out wide players, but have Sainz and Sara playing 'inverted' roles. Whether that was by design or accident is anyones guess, but we are more successful now.
  8. Depends on how many and which players leave in the summer. Any replacements will not have any affinity with Wagner.
  9. I think people, In the main, recognise the injury problems that we have had. Although, probably, other Club's may have had similar issues. The problem that I have with Wagner is that 18 game (or whatever it was) sequence before Christmas when he seemed unprepared to change his tactics and system despite the players required to play that way being injured. There was little doubt in my mind that when those players regained fitness (or had remained fit) we had a squad and team capable of competing at the top end of the league.
  10. Apologies if that is indeed the case. I don't follow Scottish football but when I have 'dipped in' to Rangers matches I thought that he had been on the bench.
  11. Nope. He's been on the bench a lot recently.
  12. No more than what could reasonably be expected. If Wagner is to be given credit he also has to take some blame. Unfortunately he has been unable to sort out our poor away performances, along with the team's tenancy to 'drop off' whenever we get in front in a game. Today's performance (good as it was) and result (even better) provided an indication of how we should have been playing in more games this season. If we had, a top six place would probably have been assured and we may have been competing for an automatic place.
  13. Best picture ever of a Norwich v Ipswich match. It apitimises everything it means to us as supporters.
  14. Go. Like a number of positions, we need to be looking for better players. Whether we can get them is a different matter.
  15. Whilst we have some good individual players, they have the better team. Unfortunately. The relative league positions and overall performances emphasis this. If we are to get anything out of Saturday's match our 'good' players will need to step up to the plate whilst hoping that Ipswich cannot exploit our weaknesses.
  16. So are you advocating a change of manager?
  17. But then it is his job to do something about it. His 'in game' management is atrocious.
  18. Which then suggests that Wagner is unlikely to be here next season, whatever position that we finish in at the end of this one.
  19. I didn't say that he did, but he most likely would have been consulted on whether to sign them.
  20. As just mentioned on the Ipswich v Southampton match on Sky. Big managers make big decisions in order to try and win a match. Something that Wagner can never be accused of, unfortunately.
  21. And who helped sign those players? Wagner cannot be excused for some of the dross we signed this summer. Whichever way it is looked at, Wagner is partially culpable. It he is to be given any credit then he also has to take the blame.
  22. For me it is not about the loss and more about the performance. Beating Leicester was always going to be difficult but the minimum that I was expecting from Norwich was a good performance. Particularly given the run that we have been on. Once again, having taken the lead, we were prepared to invite Leicester on without the means (or ability) to offer any attacking threat on the break. An inevitable result on the back of a poor performance (or tacktics?).
  23. Some good players, but we don't have a good team.
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