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  1. I've always loved forum warriors who attack fans for chatting about what the forum is about when all they have to do is not read it if it upsets them. As for this being a Norwich forum, of course it is, but if it is not a place for respectful rival fans to come on and talk about a Norwich related player which BG is, then it would be a poorer place for it my friend. I don't think I've typed a word that should have caused you to lose feathers but each to their own I guess and I hope the sight of Billy cheers you up this season.
  2. Oh dear..now you've gone too far! Did you actually watch the Champions League Final? Mount is our most important midfielder and that is in a squad with Kante, Jorghino (please stop diving J man) , Pulisic, Ziyech, Havertz (future superstar) , Kovacic,im not including Drinkwater! I know its become very fashionable to attack him but in the Euro's Southgate's absurdly defensive tactics meant he was isolated to a ridiculous level against every decent team and flogged his guts out for us anyway. I love Mase...he plays the game with a fantastic attitude without a hint of arrogance and is a huge talent. Tuchel does not suffer players who he doesn't rate - ask Tammy. Back to BG....Please don't break him! In a twisted way I would love to see him play against us and see if he can show Tuchel what a mistake he's made... I've never agreed with loan players not being able to play against their parent clubs.
  3. Indeed we are....Did you notice how his first touch was so often forward and put him instantly in the body position to play the pass with his second touch? Compare that to Kalvin Phillips in the Euro's who everyone is raving about when his first instinct was always backwards. Don't get me wrong I love Phillips work rate but he is so limited compared to a talent like BG. Enjoy him. We want him back when you've polished him a bit.
  4. Afternoon guys...Good to see you back. Looking forward to seeing you again this year as you play decent football and nobody needs any more West Brom's in the PL! Chelsea fan here as expected coming on to wish you all the best with Billy G. You have secured a gem and if he stays injury free you will see the quality immediately in the same way that James Maddison shone - in truth I am really shocked we loaned him out. Billy has amazing awareness for his age and you will quickly see his head is constantly on a swivel and most importantly he is always looking to keep possession but play forward wherever possible. His anticipation of space is superb and he hardly ever gives possession away. Defensively he is rarely caught out and was easily MOTM against Liverpool last year - no mean feat with those 2 midfields! He is mobile and likes to dominate the central third of the pitch and will link your play together and impact every aspect of your team play. He has been compared to Kante but I don't see that myself as he doesn't run with the ball in the way Ngolo does but If I had to find a comparison for him I would genuinely say he reminds me of a young Paul Scholes. Before I'm physically attacked clearly he needs to add goals to be in the frame with a great like Scholes but he has everything else and operates in a similar fashion. He now needs to add those forward runs that Scholes and Lamps were masters at and I'm hoping to see him develop with your team this year. You certainly play the way that should allow him to flourish. Wishing you all the best for the season guys - a proper club, proper ground and that Delia clip still makes me smile every time! Chatting to a mate of mine he said he would compare Billy to Modric in his early days at Spurs...well, if he becomes half the player Luka did I'd take that!
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