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  1. I'd agree with this - he has come on immeasurably since his Premiership season where he was shoehorned into that wide right role and barely played in his favoured position. The Sargent of this season would have scored goals with the sort of service Pukki had.
  2. We've got two of them in Duffy and Hanley. Unfortunately for all concerned they've been asked to impersonate Bobby Moore instead of Jack Charlton. It would be nice if we could actually sign players to fit the system. Or fit the system to the players we have. Watching Duffy or Hanley try and play out from the back is the footballing equivalent of watching one of those Final Destination films where you know something calamitous is inexorably edging closer - you're not sure what or when or who - but you know it's inevitable.
  3. He strikes me as somebody that could possibly be benefit from being played more centrally or in a different system - perhaps wide in our previously classic 4-2-3-1 in a Cantwell / Buendia style inside forward / three quarter role. As others have commented, he has some worthy attributes but isn't suited to whatever you would call Wagner's system which seemingly needed pace out wide* *although my understanding of how he initially seemed to want to play it - with the wide forwards moving inside ahead of the strikers to allow the width from advanced full backs - wouldn't need this, it isn't how it seemed to pan out over the season.
  4. We were. What was particularly endearing - if I remember correctly - was that when he was about halfway through his time here Naismith said in an interview that he would happily play for Rangers (Newco) for free whilst simultaneously still drawing his salary from us and refusing a free transfer on the grounds that nobody was willing to match his NCFC contract (although entirely his perogotive given that we threw silly money at him in the first place - I'd have done the same, albeit without saying the playing for free bit ...)
  5. Absolutely agree. Particularly with reference to Wagner's system. It was more to stave off the potential counter argument of Hanley having pace against my agreeing with @Christoph Stiepermann's original point. Plus I liked the Swan analogy...
  6. Absolutely this - it has been a repeated rant of mine on here for (seemingly) years, despite Hanley's semi-mythical pace being one of those facts that everybody seems to know but nobody has ever seen. The footballing equivalent of a swan being able to break your leg ...
  7. Wasn't there some talk of Toffolo earlier this week ? Or did I imagine that ?
  8. All good points but I do get the impression with Webber that a lot of the questionable decisions did seem to creep in once he said he was going - it was almost an ego-driven scramble to secure his own legacy rather than the longer term thinking that characterised his earlier years.
  9. £5m compensation package written into his contract. £10m with his backroom staff - at least according to a Wednesday supporting mate of mine (no idea if that has been reported somewhere or if it is just wishful thinking in his part mind you ...) He has done a great job there though.
  10. Don't think it was. They were discussing both and I'm pretty sure that comment was about Barnes.
  11. To be fair, much as I would like to I can't disagree with that. The commentators summed it up when they were discussing how fit Barnes was a few minutes later and suggested that Wagner had said that he was fit enough to do what he had been asked to do. And then added "whatever that was." Holt could wind up the opposition but could actually play as well. Barnes just seemed to be there to start a fight and one pass aside contributed absolutely nothing. That said, surely you must have better things to do today after getting to the play off final than come on here to comment ?!
  12. A Webber style appointment - he would only give 96.35% of himself to the job given his other commitments and we know that wouldn't fly with the divorcees ...
  13. My all conquering University League Sunday team (mainly compromised of post-grads) was Steaua Needarest. Inter Ya-Ma, Blink One-Eto'o and Real Sociopath were the other printable puns I can remember (it is 30 years ago now ...) Cannaerun Neymar and Teenage Mutant Ninja Skyrtels made me chuckle more recently.
  14. Aside from the fact that he instantly reminded me of that annoying bloke in every pub, you have to admire the front he put up then - the armband and smile and the little eyebrow raise to the keeper. Exuded confidence. Probably gave the impression he was about to do something special with the spot kick - top bins or right in the bottom corner. But if I were the keeper there, I'd absolutely have gambled on standing still expecting a little dink or something similar from someone that confident bordering on arrogant. And as it was put straight down the middle, he'd have probably saved it.
  15. Yes - all gone a bit Birmingham-y Championship team on the edge of the playoffs ? Bit of money to spend ? Reliance on attracting loan signings from the Premier League ? I'd imagine Lampard's application has already hit the Hull Chairman's inbox ...
  16. I've rated Rosenior ever since his punditry on the Football League show - has a great tactical understanding. In fact I think I suggested him as a potential option when Smith went. By all accounts he was the brains at Derby during Rooney's tenure (damning with faint praise I realise) and he has done a decent job at Hull. Albeit he went down a little in my estimations after some of his post-match complaining. He's spent about £12m plus some loan fees and recouped about £4m on a Hull team that was closer to relegation than the playoffs last season. Half of that on Philogene who has certainly appreciated in value. So I'm not sure that they spent a fortune per se. I'll be interested to see who Hull think is going to come in and do a better job. As posters have suggested on other threads, 3 of the top six spots were pretty much nailed on before the season started and it is only really the Binners that are a surprise in the final table. So take them out of the equation and he has got Hull as far as anybody could reasonably expect this season IMO.
  17. I'm excited - IF Wagner sets us up to play to our strengths (instead of his default trying to unsuccessfully park the proverbial bus against any team he views as a threat) then we stand a decent chance against any of the other three sides, none of whom are in dazzling form and all of whom have exploitable tactical flaws (much like ourselves.). Should be some exciting, nervy games across all five matches. But that is a big if. If you can't get excited about being in the playoffs - even if it leads to the masochistic delights of another season in the Premier League - then really just give it up. The club needs it if we aren't to lose the players that currently make it worthwhile watching us in the Championship and really what else is there to look forward to ?
  18. Do we reckon we could get Timmy back from Luton for a spot of penalty saving sh*thousery coaching for Gunn ... ? Either way, we should be able to make a few quid with sponsorship on Angus's water bottle... 🤔
  19. I hadn't heard that about the Bromley skipper - great story. That is the kind of mindset you need in a shootout though. Either balls of steel and complete confidence in your own ability or a total lack of awareness of the implications of it going horribly wrong ... The latter possibly the reason why Idah takes a decent spot kick.
  20. Or become a meme for all eternity if it didn't go well ...
  21. He has been pretty good for Scotland. Oddly those are exactly the reasons I wouldn't be keen on Barnes talking one.
  22. Looking forward to Kenny being unable to resist a reflexive trademark point to call where he was going to put his pen before inadvertently slicing it into the opposite corner. But Sarge, Sara, Nunez, Kenny, Rowe. Then depending on who is on the pitch Fassnacht always looks to have decent temperament, Sainz has the technique. Then hide behind the sofa if it gets any further... For some reason I have a very bad feeling about Barnes taking one. Don't think he has hit a ball clearly since he has been here.
  23. Agree with the first part of this. Probably agree with the second as well. Which is not to say that he isn't / won't be a good player, but aside from his goals (yes, I know ...) his overall play isn't that great, and he evidently can't last 90 minutes. He has had an excellent break out season, without his goal scoring we'd be mid-table at best, and there is the small matter of a couple of away goals against some team or other but a lot of that inflates his reputation with us rather than necessarily indicating a career to be spent in the Champions League. As @Nexus_Canary suggests, I'm not sure that he fits in to our best XI in terms of the most cohesive team. Lots of potential - and my opinion isn't intended to denigrate - but I do feel he is a bit overrated by Norwich fans at the moment. If anybody offers anything like the money that has been bandied about on this board I'd be both surprised and tempted - we have a number of players more crucial to any future success IMO. My personal nomination would be Hanley. Originally signed as something of a panic buy /stopgap he was 3rd choice for a fair bit of his early time here, yet somehow subsequently found himself a virtually automatic pick for a while and even captain. As a spectator he appears to me to be a remarkably non-inspirational captain who doesn't seem to organise / communicate to the team (especially evident when he has a youngster playing alongside him) or rally them in a crisis. He makes the odd eye-catching last ditch tackle - largely because he is so often out of position - and despite his "legendary" pace, opposition players seem to ghost past with relative ease. For a big, physical centre back he doesn't win as much in the air in our box as you'd hope and in the opposition box on the rare occasions he does win anything he apparently has a head shaped like a 50p piece. In possession he is a liability, either being caught in possession, giving the ball away or more often being so pedestrian that he slows everything down and ends up dropping team mates in it by taking an age to play a short pass and allowing the opposition press to catch them. Yet people were still wanting him back in ASAP earlier in the season. That horrible injury is not how I would wish any long-serving player to effectively finish here, but we desperately need a more mobile ballplaying upgrade (so not Duffy or Batth ...) and Kenny makes a far better captain, at least to an outside observer. Mathias Normann was another - did some basics right early season and was suddenly viewed as pivotal (although that season was so grim that anybody showing anything was likely to be over-lauded.) Difficult to go much further back as you tend to forget who was rated but then proved themselves over-rated and unworthy later or with hindsight. Maybe Leroy Fer ? Darren Kenton perhaps given his post-City career (perhaps unfair due to his injuries and the leaving on a free sour grapes ...) I suppose it depends on what you value in players - I like a modicum of tactical intelligence and often passing to members of your own team, whereas others like full-blooded tackles and / or the occasional 40 yard Thunderb*stard. The Fox versus Goss debate you might call it ...
  24. Given how iconic that 3rd goal has become I'd actually forgotten what a nice finish the 2nd one was. But blimey. It can't really be 14 years ago can it ?!
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