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  1. Probably one of the most sensible posts I’ve read on here. Spot on Chicken.
  2. Any thoughts on Matej Vydra. He’s 29 now. I thought he was a decent shout a few years ago and may be willing to be back up.
  3. Why do we constantly say the youngsters aren’t ready? Pedri - Spanish international. Probably one of the best Spaniards on show at the Euros. Damsgard - Danish International. Ok got the gig under awful circumstances but was a delight to watch, until he scored against England obviously. Rooney - how old was he when he arrived on the scene. Finally our loanee- Gilmour - not very old, very little experience but we all seem happy with the loan. My point being if your good enough your old enough
  4. Gunny, not arguing that you know more of the rules than I, after all I’m just a spectator, however, shirt pull or not that was a reckless challenge and could have given Sako a serious internal injury. Luckily he wasn’t. Thanks for the debate, I’ll leave it at that.
  5. Whilst I appreciate everyone’s opinion and you are all entitled to them, I will stick to mine. Gunny, thanks for the interpretation of the rule, however, I would still argue that to throw, literally, somebody on his back who didn’t know it was coming, he had is back to him, is endangering him. At least in rugby you know you are likely to get it. I agree that there was cover so wasn’t a clear cut run on goal.
  6. Don’t disagree that it was a “shirt pull”. But a shirt pull with that much force it took him off his feet horizontally backwards.Come on guys players have been sent off for much less. Plus he was away from him and likely to be heading for the box. I wouldn’t change my mind if it was an England or A Norwich player.
  7. I agree with you Lakey re Chiellini. More of a rugby tackle and would have been sin binned. Didn’t see the Grealish tackle as I’d given up by then.
  8. Is there always this much of a problem getting in to the forum. I’m a newbie and pretty much have struggled to get on to the message board via the pink un for the last 48 hrs. When I do get on I get to view one topic then nothing. Frustrating or what.
  9. Wasn’t Gibson a replacement forGodfrey, whom you still have as being here
  10. I like option one and wouldn’t be averse to a trial period. What about swinging it on its head and goalkeepers that go down far easily.
  11. Crikey can we get this thread back on track and make a new one for the Origi debate.
  12. Not a big fan of the grey. To me just looks drab and from a distance non descript from any other grey t shirt, polo or hoody.
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