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  1. Very true - I still believe with Skipp and Buendia last year we would have gone down though
  2. A year on and the 34m for Buendia looks a great sale when you see an established Leicester team only getting 40-45m for Maddison who is far more proven in the premier league
  3. Sara and Nunez will be key components to supporting Pukki going forwards. 4-1-4-1 formation with Idah sometimes getting the nod and us playing 4-1-3-2 The less we play with Rashica and Sargent the better. The more with Sara, nunez, cantwell, dowell the more pukki will score.
  4. I dont think our squad is any better. The keys to that success was having players that were a class above the entire rest of the league. Those players were Skipp, Buendia, Pukki. Currently we only have Pukki and he is 2yrs older and getting to the end of his career peak. Hayden is a good signing but still not imo the level of player that Skipp is. Buendia was the absolute star player of it all and we haven't and very likely won't come close to replacing him unfortunately. The best we can do is hope we sign one of the best CAMs for the Championship to supply Pukki and bring goals to the team themselves (much like what Fulham did with getting Harry Wilson to provide the ammunition for Mitrovic).
  5. Not much to read into this video imo. He's hurting as he's frustrated with his own 1st half performance. It's clear to me that Sorensen is not a CDM and is best played as a CM. Therefore he is best played alongside someone who can also play the defensive work (PLM is most definitely not this). Sorensen with Hayden or McLean would suit him much better. I was very impressed with how Gibbs played last night. Always making himself available and very comfortable to take the ball in tight areas.
  6. Interesting you suggest Tzolis' movement is 'average' as the one main attribute I have been extremely impressed with from Tzolis is his movement in-between the lines out wide and coming in centrally. I believe that Rashica and Tzolis can be used as rotation and sometimes on either side to great effect. I'd go as far as saying Tzolis would contribute 10 goals and Rashica 6-8 goals which is massive.
  7. He reminds me of a certain Tim Cahill in terms of very strong aerial abilities and the position he seems to play which looks like a CAM / no.10
  8. Spot on there if we play 3 in the middle then we need two quality signings to force McLean to the bench.
  9. 1. A CAM to play as the creative midfielder ahead of Hayden 2. RW / RM to be the attacking outlet on the right The rest I believe we have loads of options for. For me it's important we sign sheer quality in the above two positions ( a la Hayden quality whereby they would walk into any Champs side ). Krul, Gunn & McGovern Aarons (I expect to be sold to pay for these signings), Byram & Mumba Hanley, Zimmerman, Omo, Gibson Gianoulis & Mcullum Hayden, Sorensen, McLean, PLM & NEW Rashica, Tzolis (loaned out), Rowe, Springett(loaned out), Hernandez (sold) & Cantwell (sold) Placheta (loaned out), Dowell, Sinani (sold) & NEW Pukki, Idah, Sargent, Hugil (sold/loaned out) By my maths that gives us a senior squad of 24 players with every position having good cover. Even the fullbacks we know Sorenson/Mumba can play either side etc if stretched
  10. Is there any signing so far in the window that a championship club has got their hands on that has a bigger CV and at their prime age like Hayden? Rupp and Drmic wages will pay for the loan fee and wages I'd imagine as both would have been on decent wages. So all in all we have recruited a first teamer in and got rid of two senior fringe players. Great business so far imo, focusing on quality over quantity as we already have abundance of quality for the league within our ranks.
  11. I'd play Tzolis in the starting 11 when we kick start the new season. You will very soon know if he's going to be an asset or not in the Championship. I personally believe he is an exceptional attacking talent who has had a horrible start to his NCFC career by learning a new cou try and culture at the same time being part of a very unsuccessful side in the prem. Give him freedom in an attacking side in the champs and we will reap the rewards of many goals and assists from him.
  12. I was more annoyed that whoever the captain was in the Liverpool fixture didn't control the situation for the penalty.. where was he?! You step in and go 'no, Adam is the pen taker so back off and get ready on the edge of the box incase it rebounds'. Likewise, Adam Idah should have been more forceful in taking the pen.
  13. £12m?! Wow you really do rate him.... He has just one year left on his contract and has failed in the last 12 months to get into both a championship side and a rock bottom relegated prem side... I personally would look to say to all interested parties, for 5m pounds sterling and all up front he is anyone's.
  14. I would guess Adshead would be on something between 1-2k a week which I don't this is too high for a club like Gillingham.
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