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  1. It does appear a little opportunistic as Farke was sacked before Smith. But hey, an attribute of a good leader is to be able to spot a good opportunity and exploit it. The icing on the cake is that you didn't have to pay any compensation
  2. Villa Fan in Peace.. I have always liked Norwich due to the fact that a girlfriend about 30 years was a Norwich fan, hence I pop in here every now and then. The change on this forum is nearly as big as the change on the pitch. Farke, although he did great to get 2 promotions is very quickly becoming a distant memory. When u guys got Smith there were an awful lot of under impressed yellow fans. I like Smith and I posted on here that I think he is a perfect fit for Norwich and that I think u guys will really grow to like him and the football he gets Norwich playing. It is great to see see two good Premier League performances and roll on The Toon, you have to be favourites to win that. After all, it is Newcastle that are now the laughing stock of the PL that can't muster up a win or a decent performance. I hope the good times continue and u manage to avoid the drop this season, I think you now have a fighting chance this season. It should be an enjoyable ride to next May. Best of luck against Newcastle
  3. Villa Fan in Peace... Does that sentence need the bit in bold Only kidding. Great result for you guys today. The table looks a lot healthier and there will definitely be a new belief with the players that you can actually stay up. A perfect start for Dean, I think going behind early, playing crap in the first half and giving him the opportunity to show what he and Shakey can do will have won over quite a few people underwhelmed by his appointment. A draw against Wolves and 3 points against the Toon and you will be looking forward to Spurs and just praying that Ole still has a job
  4. Villa Fan in Peace... Good luck today. I hope Deano gets u off to a winning start and u leapfrog managerless Newcastle in the table. Deano has a lot of support from Villa fans and the vast majority of us want him to keep Norwich up this season.
  5. HaHaHa I would expect to see a DM arrive in Jan so. I am assuming Dean agreed some funds for Jan
  6. I think Villa has taken a much bigger risk. Deano has experience of a PL relegation battle and if he doesn't keep u up then he has experience of a Championship promotion. This is perfect for Norwich imo. Also, Deano is a really likeable bloke and is great at improving the whole atmosphere at the club. He makes u feel that everyone in the club is pulling in the same direction. He also plays entertaining football and can very quickly get the fans onside. Gerrard to us is very high risk. No PL experience as a manger and this is a huge job for him. As you say, his management of more high profile players may need a little patience, if he pisses off the players early on then he is screwed. If he messes this up it could ruin his chances of ever managing Liverpool so massive pressure. I am nervous but there is a little excitement as the man is a born winner and if he can reproduce anything like what he did for Rangers it could be fun. I am really not looking forward to visiting you guys. It has a Dean Smith win written all over it. I don't mean this in any condescending way as we have just sacked Deano, but I think he is an absolutely perfect fit for Norwich and I can se him becoming a hero at Norwich. And best of all, you can keep him for a very long time as there is no risk of him leaving to join his boyhood club as he has just left it. If Stevie G gets us into top 7 and a half decent run in Europa then he will be replacing Klopp in a few years
  7. Villa fan in peace... As requested by the opening post, my thoughts are that Deano will play 4-3-3 and as someone suggested above, he will play Cantwell on the left. So the front 3 would likely be Cantwell -- Pukki -- Rashica. He will try to get Cantwell to cause issues on the left and by doing so free up some space for Aarons to push forward and form a good right wing partnership with Rashica to get the ball into Pukki. You will also see more shots from midfielders and I expect your attempts on goal will increase. I am not sure about what midfielders you guys have but he will probably try and play with two DMs to try and protect the back 4 a little more. JWP has scored quite a few against us and he is a little too good with a dead ball so I expect discipline will be quite good to avoid giving free kicks. He will also want to play big CBs (if u have them) as there will be balls flying into the box. He will want to get off to a good start and I expect you will get a fair bit of press but not as much as he would like, he will be a tad conservative. Saints beat us 1-0 in Deano's last game so he will want to avenge that and I actually think you guys will win this game. One thing I really like about Deano is that he doesn't sit back when u go 1-0 up. He will go for the 2nd goal and his teams tend to be very good on the counter attack. Good luck at the weekend and I hope u get the 3 points. You next 3 fixtures are all winnable and definitely should be looking for at least a point from each. I think you will need to pick up 5+ points from those 3 games as you have Spurs, Man Utd and the visit of Villa following that. They will be a much much tougher set of games.
  8. Villa fan in peace... I am not sure what Farke was like with youth development but bringing youth through is a big part of what Smith does. Jacob Ramsey is only 20 and Smith introduced him to the 1st team last season and this season he has started 5 or 6 games. There are another few kids that are on the Villa bench every PL game and are getting a run in the team. For a club that is looking for sustainability this is a really important attribute that Dean has and I suspect this was a significant factor in NCFC deciding on Dean as your Head Coach
  9. Villa fan in peace... It is funny reading our forum and reading this one. We have both sacked very likeable managers and are both getting new ones. So many fans on each side saying the new manager is not as good as the outgoing one. Would it not make sense to actually see them in the job and what they do before making this decision. The arguments against Gerrard are no PL experience and against Smith are related to money spent. The bottom line is that Gerrard has better stats to Smith albeit in a weaker league and Smith has better stats to Farke in the PL. Farke, Smith and Gerrard are all decent managers / Head Coaches. There comes a time in a clubs progression when a new manager is required. Smith's time at Villa was probably right to leave but the time at Norwich looks definitely right. NCFC gave him lots of time, 2 seasons ago and this season to prove himself and he failed. You are getting another very likeable manger who is good too. He will be a breath of fresh air and I wouldn't bet against him keeping you up, I hope he does. But, as I hope that Villa fans give Gerrard I hope u guys give Smith a chance too. You may be very happy supports next May if u do
  10. Yep we missed JT but we also missed ROK (Richard O Kelly) a lot. He was Dean's assistant at Brentford too. He is a proper old style coach and very good. There are rumours that Purslow wanted to demote ROK to youth setup and this was the start of the disharmony at Villa, ROK decided to leave Villa instead. If Dean becomes your manager and if ROK joins Norwich too then I think that would confirm that Purslow was getting involved in the footballing matters
  11. Villa's play showed a marked improvement when he joined us. He didn't do half bad at Leicester either and a lot of people put their PL title down to him as opposed to The Tinkerman. He is good imo
  12. I am happy that we have Gerrard in as our coach now. Things needed to change a bit. But I am also sorry to see Dean Smith leave. He was a good coach and he created a very good atmosphere at Villa. He also got us promoted, to a cup final and kept us in the PL. If you look at any Villa forums there is a huge amount of respect for Dean. Many fans are not happy he has gone and prefer him to Gerrard. It is very unusual to have a club sack a manager and have so many fans continue to talk so highly about him. There must be a reason for this
  13. There was something wrong at Villa with regard to transfers. We replaced our Dir of Football last season too. I think Purslow wants Villa to have a certain image and he wants a manager and players that will help build that image. Deano is not the image Purslow wants, Gerrard is exactly the type of image Purslow likes
  14. Also, Dean is 50 years old and Villa has been the first job in football he has ever been sacked from. He must be doing something right,
  15. I am reading the same about Gerrard too . But it is argued that this is said about all managers
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