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  1. They also seemed to think it's a given that Aarons is gone.
  2. Agree with this to an extent. I think it honestly depends on what the clubs goals are. Is the goal to stay up - or is the goal to retain as much flexibility as possible if you go down? It's tough to know. I happen to believe Emi was sold because 1) the fee was too good to pass up but 2) he didn't perform well in the Premier League in 19-20. Aarons could be a similar situation. He is a good attacking wing back - but he is also small for a Premier League defender. The club may feel a cheaper, more physical defender makes more sense this season. I'm of two minds on all of this - we're giving up two of our best attacking players and only scored 26 goals in the PL the last time up. 10 off the pace of the next closest team. But at the same time, we gave up 8 more goals than the next closest team as well.
  3. I love Emi, and he is clearly a better player today than he was two seasons ago, but we saw how he played at the Premier League level in 2019-2020. One goal and seven assists in 36 appearances. All this talk of "ambition" is just talk.
  4. https://twitter.com/blindside_run/status/1182347102405292035?s=21
  5. I, too, believe in Dowell. I like him a lot. Coming through the Everton system he was regularly a better player than someone like Calvert Lewin. My opinion is most of Dowell's issue is physicality. He doesn't have top speed (in comparison to DCL) so he has to be more technical and fluid. Tough to do in the Championship and especially in the Premier League when you are on the skinnier side. I think he has the talent - just needs to grow into his body.
  6. Agree with your sentiment. Not so much about Dowell or Cantwell doing the job of Emi - that I am skeptical of. But I think the club is looking for a different type of player to survive in the PL. More physicality and top level experience.
  7. The question, to me, is whether or not it is better or more "fun" for the fans to linger around 15-17th in the Premier League every season or to occasionally drop down and win the lower league. For the club's financials, I imagine lingering at 17th is by far the better scenario. Keeps the PL TV money coming regularly. I suppose my answer would be dependent on whether or not the club is competitive in the cup competitions.
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