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  1. Thanks for looking, but I just realised while you were doing that that i hadn''t changed my location since I moved!
  2. In fact, scratch that. I can get a bus that gets to the station for 8.45 and walk from there.
  3. It''ll be a Sunday service as it''s a bank holiday. The buses start too late.
  4. How is everyone getting to County Hall in the morning? If you''re driving, where are you parking? At this point I haven''t a clue what I''m doing in the morning!
  5. I haven''t seen Ole Solskjaer mentioned at all. What are people''s thoughts on him?
  6. I realise there''s probably not much chance of this but I''m after a pair of tickets for the Chelsea match if anyone can help please.Thanks
  7. I''d be up for having him. Thought he did well when he was given a chance last season.
  8. Yeah I see what you''re saying and I agree, but if we hadn''t signed Francis, Mulryne would have probably played alongside Holt and we wouldn''t be where we are now.
  9. If Damo gets plays for Jamaica anything like he did for us this season, they''ll be a much better team for it! Without him last season we wouldn''t have got anywhere near automatic promotion. As much as I like Mulryne, he''s just not upto Francis'' standard.
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