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  1. I honestly don’t know how it started. And I had/have no intention of trawling back through 400 pages of fish puns to find out.
  2. I think at the time there was some offence taken by some comments made with regards to why Emi would sign for us, and the obv reaction to that was to hit back. Whilst I can’t speak for other people on the forum, I for one would love to see Norwich stay up, and do brilliantly. I respect the way you play football, and the way you do well despite such a small budget.
  3. Hey, don’t knock it mate. 100% of the members currently browsing your forum are Villa fans.
  4. Make that 3. Congratulations on this signing. There was a lot of clamouring from our fans to get this done last season. Quoted prices were in the region of £25m. Form has dipped considerably, assumed to be a mixture of injury and disillusionment. Genuinely pleased for you guys, and I hope he turns out to be great signing
  5. You're right. He certainly has an error, and a a bit of nastiness in him. But he does a lot of really great stuff. He was still a part of one of the best defences in the Premier league though. And he brings something to our club that goes above and beyond just what is out on the playing field. He's a leader, and we desperately needed one of those. And that makes us forgive a lot of his short-comings. I can see why other teams supporters wouldn't rate him though, because defence is the kind of position where it's hard to have a good highlights real. For us, £26m (including add-ons, which you quite rightly point out is the more accurate fee) is an absolute bargain.
  6. What I wrote: What you wrote: What I wrote: What you wrote: You didn't need to mention in your post regarding what the Big 6 were trying to do. You were responding to my post about it, wondering why I was being derogatory about them. The rest of your post I agree with. Go read my original post. It is not about Aston Villa vs Norwich. In fact, I clearly state that I wish for you to do well. I like the way you operate. I love the way you pick up these obscure players and turn them into brilliant players. My entire post was about WHY Norwich fans would rather sell to Arsenal (especially considering what they had just tried to do) than sell to Villa who are comparatively the devil? That was it. Nothing more.
  7. In your opinion, where do you think we would’ve finished if we spent £8m?
  8. Wesley £22m. Slow start, but was picked for Brazil squad and was starting to pick up form before that thug Mee snapped his knee ligaments. 6 premier league goals before his season was ended. Not too bad, and a relative bargain compared to a £45m Joelinton. Tyrone Mings £20m - England international and part of a very good Villa defence. Maguire cost £80m and Stones £50m. Not bad business. First team player. Douglas Luiz - £15m. Brazil international. Good player. First team player. Matt Target £14m - An absolutely brilliant signing, and he’s been brilliant. Should be at the euros. Absolute bargain. First team player. Ezri Konsa £12m - utterly brilliant signing. He’s better than Mings, and will get even better. First team player. Nakamba - £10m. Has played well whenever called upon. Good at breaking things up, but little else. We needed squad depth, and he provided it. I appreciate he cost more than your record signing, but certainly not a poor signing. Trezeguet - £9m. 6 goals, plenty of assists, and an engine that goes on forever. Whilst not a runaway success of a signing, certainly not a failure. Also take into account he has 4m Instagram followers, he raises the profile of the club on the international scene. Still involved in the first team until his recent injury Samatta - £9m. Yes. Horrible signing. Done at a time where we had our only recognised strikers knee smashed up and desperately needed to buy when no one wanted to sell. After a promising start, was obviously out of his depth. Has been sold since, likely at a heavy loss. Anwar El Ghazi - £8m. Just scored 11 premier league goals, at a strike rate better than Mo salah, Rahim Sterling and Marcus Rashford. Bargain, would double his fee if sold. First team player. Tom Heaton - £8m. Was brilliant until he tore his ACL. We needed to buy, and we bought superbly with Martinez. Would still be first choice were it not for Martinez. Has just been signed by Man Utd as back up keeper. Bargain. Bjorn Engels - £8m. Was first choice, then he disappeared. Injured? Falling out? Not clear. But was brilliant, then got shown up for a lack of pace, and then he was out in the cold. Poor signing? I guess so. Jota - £4m. Not really £4m, more like a swap. We gave them a player that never played and was always injured, and we took a player that hardly played. Was released after one year. Kortney Hause £3m. Is he a brilliant player? No. Is he worth £3m? My god yes. He’s been very good when he’s needed to fill in. First choice backup DC. so £140m badly spent? I think we got a lot for our money. I’d say £80m was brilliantly spent. And £17m was wasted (Samatta and Engels). The remaining £48m was ok in terms of value for money. Our squad was by far the weakest of the 3 that came up, but we were the only ones that did stay up. As for the dodgy goal that kept us up - you’re right. A huge stroke of luck. But there were some really bad VAR decisions that cost us points. Nothing quite as bad as that though, but it is what the footballing Gods willed.
  9. Despite having some very good players there in McGinn, Luiz, Sanson, and Ramsey, you’re absolutely right. Our midfield gets bundled over game after game. We have Nakamba, who’s very good at what he does, but poor at everything else. That’s where the Ward Prowse links are coming in, but personally I think we need someone stronger and bigger. Our attack will be very very good, our defence is very very good, just need some depth in both. Our midfield is a problem. Good players, but lightweight. We need a hard tackling DCM that can play, but they’re like hens teeth.
  10. That’s the biggest problem with trying to compete. People forget that if you don’t have the depth in your squad, it only takes a single injury to lead to disaster. We lost Grealish for 11 games, and we went from quite honestly believing we’d crack the top 4, to relegation form. That’s ONE player in that position. We supposedly had a superstar on loan to cover the creative role - but he was rubbish. The Buendia purchase was partly to mitigate against that loss again. (I hope to god he’s not the permanent replacement and that Grealish is being sold)
  11. I have to admit I was disappointed at the end of the season with his lack of willingness to let the kids have a go, it was clear a few weeks from the end that we we safe from relegation, but Europe was out of reach. It was a perfect opportunity to let some of our youth have a run. He continued to play a failed ross Barkley, and a couple of pros who were clearly going to leave at the end of the season. We brought on a couple of teenagers from our youth cup winning side in the last game of the season, and one looks the real deal at 17years old.
  12. We came up together. You were MILES better than us. You stormed the championship, playing beautiful football. We needed a record breaking winning streak to finish 5th and get into the play offs. We spent £140m and stayed up by the skin of our teeth. You went down with a whimper (although I understand that was a calculated decision by the club) If you can bring equivalent amount of investment through your academy then I will applaud you loudly.
  13. Sorry, my response was to that chap in particular and laced with frustration. You guys have done brilliantly with your academy recently and kudos for that. we’re now trying the same, and have started recruiting the best young talent around the country.
  14. You’re absolutely right. But how do you fix it? This FFP is a farce, No one pays any attention to it, and when fines/sanctions are put in place, clubs just go to court and get them overturned. The real way to fix it is to have a spending cap which is the same for every team, not based on anything other than a set number. No books to fiddle, no stadiums to sell to yourself, etc. But the problem then is the top players will just move to where there is more money - Spain, Italy, Germany... and suddenly the English game loses its reign. Its an unsolvable situation. And until something changes, it’s obvious to compete you HAVE to spend big. And if you’re not going to compete, then why bother at all?
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