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  1. Right, I don''t support Norwich but I don''t want them to get relegated next season as my housemate supports them. His name is Ricardo Becqett and he has just signed for Moonface Utd for 6p and a battered sausage. I would like to suggest some players that my team no longer need who will guarantee survival. They are Carragher, Diao, Diouf (aka Denpo), Smicer and Traore. There you go, guaranteed mid table finish.
  2. .....would Norwich be on the verge of promotion? Based on that opening day game Bradford I would say....no.
  3. YO! IT''S ABOUT TIME! Rick Flair? Surely you mean Ric Flair? I bet you think you weigh 51 stone but actually weigh 31 stone, haven''t left the house for 25 years and wear masking tape on your bonnet. John''s not mad.....tik tik! You couldn''t compete with the directionless Diao if promotion depended on it.
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