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  1. If you've looked at our past we've spent 60-70 mil on absolute rubbish so we could afford both but shouldn't, but I do think it's probably one or the other, I'll also give feedback to the members on grandoldteam that 'aero' isn't the greatest nickname! Anyways, I'm getting you off topic on the Dowell forum, sorry about that.
  2. Hmmmm... first team football and Carlo, also barca have sergio dest, and bayern have pavard and kimmich infront of him + england as well
  3. Yeah, you would think villa wouldn't attract him as you're going to the premier league anyways and next season villa would be fighting with you, I don't rate them, lucky as hell and that would be a sideways move for him. Also if you can compare Buendia to a player right now, who would that be?
  4. Add Everton fans to that as well! What a player he is, the next James Maddison, a better one as well, Moshiri empty your pockets, emi is coming to Goodison!
  5. Hello, I use that forum and peek in here for a few reasons: 1. To see how Dowell is doing and saw the assist for that goal in the 7-0, he is really a prospect and glad he's doing so well, apart from ross Barkley tho, we've had no good youth coming up, maybe Gordon, on loan for Preston right now. 2. To sneak around and see your opinions on Aarons. Seen his stats but in the forum and when I've watched he's been unlucky, the worst one was when he crossed it to your player 4 yards out and headered it wide vs Wycombe. Would love him at Everton as Coleman is getting along now and we need extra pace and creativity. 3. Buendia, would love him at Everton, he's got everything and just looks like a world class player waiting to happen, to your despise I can see him going to Everton hopefully, just the creativity we need and a good mix of youth and experience as well. We also have cash to spend due to great owners all the time and he seems a good buy. Leicester could also pinch him like they did to Maddison, you've had some great player brake through to sell on, one is Godfrey who is amazing and one of our best players this season
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