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  1. Who is this Gilmore you keep mentioning? He sounds quite decent. Is he better than Gilmour? Is it Happy Gilmore? - as he could indeed play 'in the hole'
  2. Over-run because our midfield and forwards didn't close down the likes of Jorginho. Doesn't matter what formation you play, not fulfilling such basic things will always end up in defeat.
  3. Thing is he isn't even paying the attacking football we saw last time round in the PL, and we're still getting spanked
  4. The fans caused that did they? I forgot that was the period in NCFC's history where we had a go at managing the club.
  5. Lament, moan, grumble... What's the point? Why bother supporting a team when you're already consigned to eternal misery after 6 games?
  6. ...should've just placed the bet online, saves the hassle of the trip and dealing with the cash.
  7. Gotta say I do like the look of PLM though. Off the ball he's disruptive in the press and pretty good in the tackle, and has clear quality on the ball. In the long-term iI do believe he will be an improved version of Mario.
  8. As others have said, Williams is so frustrating. A right footed wing back is defeating the point of the formation.
  9. Never a penalty for all the time in China. The most minimal contact and wasn't in control of the ball. Atrocious decision after a solid start
  10. Most adults have had the vaccine, and fever is not thought to be a common symptom of Covid among those who have been vaccinated. Also, the temperature guns used commercially aren't terribly accurate.
  11. The transitional play and how we cut through the lines was a joy to watch
  12. If ball passed back with any body part other than foot then it can be picked up
  13. The most annoying thing about the Sky commentator is the breath of air he puffs after every sentence - he's like an asthmatic runner
  14. Always nice for me to see Stockdale play around the EFL and PL since I used to watch him play for my original hometown club Darlington FC - so he's done pretty well
  15. He's already preparing for our games with them next season
  16. Good call - usually more of a gap but it's pretty much the same today. Cheers
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