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  1. You should listen to UEA's Paul Hunter, he's an infections expert and is quite reassuring.
  2. Oh dear, are you seriously willy-waving over some comments you made on a forum? There were many singing Sorensen's praises at that time.
  3. Yep and made Ronaldo look like Richard Madeley
  4. Agree with both here, hopefully Dean can see it too - and I have hope since he's given Placheta a chance
  5. I absolutely love Sorensen every time I see him, so calm and makes great decisions which is crucial at this level.
  6. ...wondered how long this thread would last before a mis-informed conspiracist turned up!
  7. What type of player is he? A better one than McLean or Gilmour imo
  8. Some plank on Canary call telling us to go for Origi who apparently we could get for £10-£15m
  9. Alright you've made your point! Williams actually had a good game
  10. it's just embarrassing... embarrassing for yellow belly to have tried this role play, and embarrassing for those who believed it.
  11. If you're in Dubai, wtf are you chaining yourself to a football forum for. Following on from my previous post - if this is a joke, it's been going on for too long and was never funny. If this is serious, you need someone to come and get you from your bedsit in Brandon and have you sectioned.
  12. I can't work out what is meant to be serious or a joke on this forum
  13. Renskay ...however I can guarantee that you would be appalled that if a Muslim individual showed signs of sympathising with terrorism that you would be appalled if nothing was done about it until it was too late.
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