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  1. Ironically up to that point he was probably our best player on the pitch at LB!
  2. Hanley seriously underdelivers from his corner opportunities
  3. Team is simply not good enough. The passing. The shooting. The defending. Even the lack fight in the 50-50s
  4. VAR is annoying as ****, but we wouldn't have been happy if Leeds have had a pen for that
  5. I'd have Tzolis on for Placheta and Sargent on for Pukki... as if it makes any difference
  6. No Zimbo had the near post area covered, Gibson came across for no proper reason
  7. Is that what you say to those with the normal amount of digits?
  8. Must be tricky fitting all 6 fingers in - let me know if you need any help with it.
  9. Idah - constance presence in holding the ball and pressing. Good finish too.
  10. This 2-striker setup seems to be working a treat. Greater presence in the air up front and better pressing in more areas. ...oh, and Kenny who?
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