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  1. I dont whole heartedly hate the board as many do on here, but I do agree, this is a huge make or break summer.  Glenn is a first season man, can he step up?  where has all the earnie and etuhu money gone?  these are huge questions, that need answering.  I am not shocked we havent signed anyone yet, and let not forget its 3months till the new season, so no rush.  But even from moderates like me, there will be a huge backlash if we see a similar squad for next season.  We NEED new defenders and attackers, the mid pair get it unfairly hard, but centre backs with an ounce of distribution, and players on the flanks that can pick a pass, and people who work hard and score, are essential!
  2. Completely agree, quick and runs a lot, something we need, some movement up front, and with a big man, and ched on loan with Jamie, would be a good front line, better than Dave, Brown, and Jaime anyway.
  3. No one on here will deny Grant was nothing but an awful manager, but if you look at his signings, they have shocked me that they werent that bad, true he couldnt coach them at all.But Fozzy, Semmy and Gilks, were all free transfers, and comfortable at this level, ok, not world beaters, but for free good players.Russell - 400k, and ok, for that.  Marshall - £750k - again ok.Jamie - one of my least favourite at 750k, but has got over double figures for goals, so not all bad.Even his so called poor signings - Brown, Murray, Brellier and Big Dave.  We made a profit on Brown, only lost 200k on Dave, and the others were free, and went for free.Lappin at 75k, after his goal at Celtic, we will easily get 250k - IMO.Chadwick - 250k, and injury prone.My point about this, is not that Grant was any good, but that working with such a budget is so hard, Grant only really made Dave as a terrible signing, then he scored against Tottenham.  Everyone else was average, rather than great, but for me it shows how hard it is going to be for Glenn.  There might be some money available, but we need 6 or 7 class starting players, to get up, to do that with even 3mill is asking a lot, and I see the money being 2mill tops, and thats very tops.  I like Glenn but remain unconvinced about a few things, this is going to be a very very hard summer, as there arent that many top freebies around.  It shows from Grants attempts, and Roeders absolute reliance on loans, that this summer is gonna be so so tough!
  4. I agree, with what you said, I also think its been one of our smarter signings in recent years.  Paying 600k for a 20year old winger who can chnage games.  He was only young when we signed him, and he needed time to gain experience, he is also a guaranteed resale value, which Dave, Brellier and Murray were not!  From a Prem League academy you normally guarantee a decent resale.  I think we should be looking a more players from that background.
  5. I believe Gallacher has gone, but add Eagle, Halliday and one of Spillane and Martin and its about right.
  6. [quote user="yellowngreen"]Jimmy  Nice A*** [/quote]Sadly for Jimmy, looks like Jordan Capri, not his girlfriend.Although I am grateful for the Web team getting rid of Cluck, as the board often just turned into petty wars, I will miss him, as some of them were very funny.
  7. Velasco will need to be given a bit of time, but looking forward to hearing what he is like.Gotta love Jamie!
  8. I agree, its cos we lost, so he wants to show players they will be punished for it, also with Eagle, its probably because he trained well and Glenn wants to show players that training is key.  Martin maybe much better but if Eagle trained hard for weeks, and Martin skill gets on bench its a poor example, but this sets good targets for players.
  9. No official thread??I feel good about today, but I said that last week, so I am saying nothing as dont wanna do a Doherty, but whats the team today?Marshall, Semmy, Pearce, Doc (shows Roeder thinks he is first choice), Camara?, Croft, Pattison, Gibbs, Hucks, Jamie, Ched.
  10. Yeah, that is not a pleasant feeling at all!4 and Russell sent off, so who plays in CM now?
  11. [quote user="lucky green trainers"][quote user="gissing canary"]He is an awful manager, his defence was Naysmith (2mill ex prem), Cahill (5.5 prem) Barsley (2.5mill prem), and Killgallon (2mill) for the first half of the season, and he had 8strikers - including 2fresh signings at 6mill!!  and he said not good enough?!?!  The guy is a capital loser, but then is Blackwell much better, he moans more than any other manager I have ever heard in my life, other than Steve "contract talks" Bruce.[/quote]blackwell bombed at leeds and luton didn''t he???[/quote]Blackwell is rubbish - at Leeds he just moaned about money, and at Luton he did the same thing.  The guy is a waste of time in my opinion.  I mean as Brian Robson says "my record speaks for itself".  And for both Blackwell and Robson it does!   With other managers out there, I dont know why clubs keep going for these losers!I mean Sheff Utd and Big sam were a match made in heaven!
  12. True the board would be tight, but with the stupid premier league money going around even our lot would splash it.  Look at Al Fayed - tight for years with Coleman, then gives Lawrie "I only scout Northern Ireland" Sanchez over 20mill!  When we went up, we spent including Ashton around what 6-7mill?  Derby prior to Jan had spent well over 10, I know they bought rubbish but Miller, Earnie (who did they ever scout??), and Claude Davis cost cash.  The thing to do, is to go up, scrap all short term debt, and buy young quality that will stay with you even if go down, and spend well, 10+ mill, and on players who will stay, then see.  As long as we dont do a Derby and embarrass ourselves I dont mind.  Last time we put up a good fight, but this time have more of a contingency plan - and dont sign old rubbish - Jonson, Helveg, Charlton, Stuart, Ward.  I mean we still rely on Doc, and the Ashton money has been great for us, even though it dissappears a lot.  More younger players, hungry and give them games, and see, I say, put dont spend a riasky amount, use it to clear all this short-term higher interest stuff and build for future.
  13. He is an awful manager, his defence was Naysmith (2mill ex prem), Cahill (5.5 prem) Barsley (2.5mill prem), and Killgallon (2mill) for the first half of the season, and he had 8strikers - including 2fresh signings at 6mill!!  and he said not good enough?!?!  The guy is a capital loser, but then is Blackwell much better, he moans more than any other manager I have ever heard in my life, other than Steve "contract talks" Bruce.
  14. I am not sure if its cos I have never liked "rent-a-quote" Holloway, or if its the fact I dont like Mandaric, but I really wanna beat Leicester and convincingly tomorrow.Holloway annoys me, and the fact he used his bbc column to have a go at a manager much better respected than he is annoyed me, as I feel protective towards Glen.Also we are eeking out results, which is great, dont get me wrong, but I would like to win convincingly and it would be a nice middle finger up to Holloway at the time he really needs a result, and show them they arent the huge club they sometimes think.So come on boys, Semmy back, Jamie, Hucks maybe get on earlier, I feel good about it - so come on boys just do them, put a couple past them!!
  15. You are correct - as long as registered (on loan) you can change the form of registration - but I think it depends on the type of load.  I know man utd did it in the premier league with howard, hence all the fuss when he didnt play, but am never sure about all these emergency loans.
  16. Plus Daniel Sturridge is not fit!Sven likes to play one up, and he will get another striker or two in the summer, so maybe, he was talking about miller returning at one point.....
  17. [quote user="Tom NCFC"]Pick which transfer you think is the best one and which one is the worst! The best transfer of the day goes to Middlesborough for signing Afonso Alves. He scored 36 goals last season and is just what Middlesboro need! The worst transfer of the day goes to Fulham with the free transfer of Jari Litmanen. He got released from Malmo after playing 10 games through a peroid of 3 years and an ankle injury has been hampering him all season so how he will help Fulham is behind me! Your turn! [/quote]I dont think a free transfer can be worst signing, will be a punt till end of the season, so not a cost really, though had they spent mon ey on him I would agree.For me the worst is Rasiack, I mean if you thought we needed a striker, Bolton lost Anelka, who was there only player to run behind defences and got Rasiak instead!
  18. The money is lies!  People think our board are bad - I read what someone posted on here about the ipswich takeover - and my god there board are appaulling!
  19. Dont get me wrong, I wanted Worthy out badly at the end, but I think people are way too harsh on him.But your arguments, highlight beautifully the complete lack of material you have for them.a) just an opinion, no evidence, and its the title of the post.b) I agree, I believe Glen might be able to go further, but as yet he hasnt done it, and always has a great first season, but his seconds are a little more concerning.  I think he got about 40points and came 13th with Newcastle - Duff, Martins, Milner, in his second season!  Worthy got what late 30points???c) An opinion, no way of knowing.d) Lucky???  Whoa really re-writing some history here - play-off final in the season we were tipped to go down.  Then winning the title 2 years later.  We barely got the transfer targets we wanted, Hulse, O''Connor.  He signed Emblem as captain, and got injured straight away.  I am sure loads of other teams would want a manager who gets lucky and gets a title!  I dont think Tottenham or Newcastle would mind!I agree he ran out of ideas, but maybe energy and should of gone earlier, but we were one game away from staying up, and gave us Hucks, Ashton and Earnie!So far on permanent Glen has signed Pattison, and got rid of back up rubbish - Good work.  Worthy sold Lee Marshal (he went on to big things) and signed Drury and Holt!I like Glen but put it in perspective, O''Neill would have been great had he stayed, but "if only the ball had crossed the line......" - its ITV style rubbish, ifs are easy to do!
  20. Just looking at the league table, and we have scored the joint least in the league with 28 goals, tied with Scunny, Leicester and Wolves.  Our defence has conceded the 9th best, including half the teams int the top 6 having conceded more than us.  We are averaging less than a goal a game conceded which is pretty impressive, only 5teams in the premier league have managed less than a goal a game conceded.  Maybe the defence is harshly treated on here?Yes we need a centre half, but it is becoming very clear from the table - as I was surprised that we need some more goals other than Ched, and that for next season we really need some power up front, with no dion, ched or hucks!
  21. Yeah its only time before Lappin goes.  He will depart in the summer with the exodus of ex-academy players.
  22. No, Keagan scrapped the youth system when he was their first time, and since Glen moved on from the position, the youth directors have come and gone at Newcastle.  They are merely putting in place the required modern coaching set up.  To compete they need to have a strong reserves, youth policy and global scouting network.  Keagan does well with first teams, but everyone that talks about him as a coach says he does very little else.  Its a good move in my opinion, as long as they dont go down the Spurs (Comoli) road, as he is rubbish!
  23. Yeah loads of newspaper talk about the guy and us today, but not much on here so far.What kind of player is he?  Big man, small man, off the striker??
  24. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]There''s little doubt in my mind And I believe it is incumbent on all true fans to keep up the pressure on the NCFC board to ensure that it does not all end in tragedy with another Windass moment. Are we approaching The Tipping Point of the Delia regime? Come on the board - time for a switch to more ambitious prudence. Catch this tide at the flood or perish. And that''s the way I see it. One love. OTBC Sorry, but what??  I like Glen, he has done well, but its early stages, worthy got us in the Premier League, and was manager during the time the Jarrold and the infill got constructed.  I know he went on for too long, but I don''t think we would be anywhere near where we are now if it wasnt for Worthy.  O''Neill was great, but not here for very long, and we didnt get promoted under him, and beat Man U and Newcastle under him!!     [/quote]
  25. Libbra lives I am just shocked you care so much!I know what you mean about the board, but come on there are people on here who have managed to clock up thousands of posts in a year, or dont support the team.  Dont worry about what others write, there are still others of us that read the posts and think people say sensible things, but dont necessarily say anything.As for the transfer rumour thing, its just because of the half term where we had hundreds of new posters all with rumours and it got boring, but other than that I think people should share them and feel free to do so.
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