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  1. [quote user="Sherlock Holmes"]Half full vs Half empty Most of the players you mention are on Hire Purchase and due to go back to their won clubs in January.  Not exactly building for the future is he? [/quote]I agree in some ways, but disagree in others, yes 8 out of the 12 summer signings are on loan, which is alarming, however first of all, some of the best ones so far are permanent, ie Clingan, Dejan and Wes.  With Bell highly anticipated.  It would take an astronomical investment to buy 12players in one summer, huge!  But This is the first step.Out of the 8, only 5 are regular first teamers - Troy, Grounds and the Korona guy are not.  And how much of a future do Kennedy, Lupoli and Antoine have at their parent clubs?  Bruce said Antoine was available on a free, Lupoli''s goal record in Italy is poor / dreadful, and celtic have a fair few centre halfs.  If the players decide they are desperate to stay, we could sign them up relatively cheaplyand be part of the building - certainly the case with Lupoli.
  2. It should ideally have been done to them both last year, but certainly will see them soon, I would like to see them both back after 40+ games, but I dont think GR is interested, especially as I think Spillanes contract is up?  And Martin has only a year left?  But should do them wonders, if Martin can get 20plus goals too, it would be ideal him fit, motivated and back next year on form.
  3. Come on who does good football coverage?itv just love man utd and only analyse the goals, sky - hate them and the murdoch press, setanta, hey they are learning and true, the news is dreadful, but in fairness to them in the last 6months it has improved a huge amount!
  4. Post if fairly clear really, with Wes and Patty on the left, and Crofty, Bell and it seems even Patty preferred on the left, surely those 2 have to go, to raise funds to buy 2 strikers, and/or making Lupoli and Kennedys loans permanent that way if we get any injuries Glenn can do what he loves best and get more loans!
  5. Get in, we have more points than Derby!  Its still rubbish, but I am a firm believer than Glenn can manage and that after a few months with bell back and a settled team with some strikers we will be around edge of playoffs between 12-7th.
  6. Let also not forget, yes he was at a big club, but he is very young still and in terms of games, he must have played the majority of them for us, when a player has had about 30-40first team games then you can expect them to be more consistent but until then its tough.
  7. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]DEJAN..was absolute class today...blurting out orders and organising...think he should be made club captain...imo fozzy goes invisable far to often and isnt really that vocal on the pitch....DEJAN FOR CAPTAIN????[/quote]I like fozzy, and wasnt at the game, but I agree, it sounds like we need someone else in mid, as those 2 r too similar.  So dejan as captain would be a good idea.Also I look forward to bell being back by the sounds of crofty.
  8. Obviously we have 6months to decide, but by the sounds of things Kennedy has been quality so far.  Now they have Loovens, and seem stocked in the area, we could sign Kennedy permanently? If so any ideas if there is an agreed fee or anything?  That would give us 4actual centre backs!  But still no idea why we have that Tottenham kid, if he plans to play Omazuzui at CB.  
  9. [quote user="YankeeCanary"]We should emulate "The Charlton Model". This was a favourite quote on this forum a few seasons back. Charlton had done the yo-yo....twice promoted to the Premiership & twice relegated commencing in 1997/98. They then followed this with seven continuous seasons in the Premiership until Alan Curbishley left, before being relegated to the Championship the season before last. Their performance in the Championship last season looked like they would be in with a shout of the playoffs at least before they began to fade in the last couple of months and finished mid-table. Now, as per Pardew''s comments, they are needing to reduce their wage bill by moving out some of the higher earners. The news today was that Jerome Thomas has been loaned out to Portsmouth for the season. The question I have is that Charlton''s size and scale is not unlike that of Norwich. They certainly have had a more successful period over the past decade than we have. They had seven successive seasons to earn some good Premiership money and yet, they are needing to reduce their wage bill. I mean to say, on the latest news, we are speaking of Jerome Thomas here, not Wayne Rooney. Perhaps we can have some of the more astute critics ( I say this with tongue in cheek ) of the Norwich Board explain why Charlton might find themselves in this position.          [/quote]Thank god, 3 sensible posts in a row!  I agree completely - football as a business is not a good one.  And many of the "billionaire" owners in the premier league will find out soon, unless setanta can get a lot more customers soon!   As if they cant afford to bid soon, then its back to just sky bidding, and the TV money will drop big time  even for the premier league!But for us, its a fact, you have to sell every year, southampton have sold Walcott, Bale, Jones, Baird.... Cardiff have sold Jerome, Ramsey, Loovens, Chopra...... Watford, well the list goes on.  Its a reality we need to face.
  10. [quote user="always shit on the old blue and white"]chris martin will soon be recalled[/quote]I would like to think so, but I cant see Roeder backning down with him.  Its a shame he is only on a 3 or 6month though.
  11. There are a few easy signings to get you straight up: Pablo Piatti - 250k - offer him any wages he wants, and you can easily sell for 10mill in about 2-3seasons.Adrian Ropotan - 500k - beast!Daryl Murphy - 250k - 20 a season.Niculae - holds it up for murphy, might not come first season but 250k.Brian Mclean - 500k - better than the DOC!Don Cowie - 250k 18 passing in the championship!Hernani - 1mill or 750k - that is pretty much the whole budget.Trust me get Piatti, and just enjoy.
  12. [quote user="Destort"]I''m sorry but footballers seem to be on a different planet to the rest of us. Since when has it been ok under contract to come out and rubbish your wage when the rest of us can''t afford to put petrol in the car. There seems to be no loyalty despite the fact these players agree to the terms in the beginning. He knew he was signing for 5 years and now because he doesn''t like it he sulks. I can''t imagine any other profession getting away with it. This summer just seems to have been dominated by sulks: Ronaldo, Berbatov, Barry, Green... the list goes on. Huckerby had the right attitude acknowledging he earned more than the man on the street and was lucky to do so. I just think something needs to give a bit of power back to the clubs as contracts don''t seem to be worth the paper they''re written on. [/quote]I agree with you in some ways but disagree in others, yes it is incensitive to the rest of the world.  But he is a footballer, and rumours are he earns 20k+ a year, last year he was west hams best and most consistent player.  He did not miss 1min of premiership football, meanwhile, Dyer, Ljungberg, Bellamy.... earn 3time what he does, and they dont try and are never fit or on particularly impressive form.If I worked harder than everyone else in my job and earned a third of what they do, I wouldnt be happy either!  I know he still earns astronmical amounts, but I work in the city in finance, and I know people who earn crazy amounts of money and complain they dont earn more!  People cant hold up Cullum as our saviour and dismiss Green, I dont think Cullum got his 2bill by accepting he earned a "good" wage.
  13. You forgot Spillane in defense I think, by my reckoning we now have 8 defenders if you ninclude him, and 2in every position for the first time in years!  Good work Glenn!!
  14. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]Great, if that is true.  Re-negotiated the loans for more money for transfers. Excellent as long as it keeps Delia at the helm and gives us a few mill for transfers. Like shoite, hardly good for the long term security and future of the club and I certainly can''t see it freeing up anywhere near £20m. And of course all the fans will buy it Delia. [/quote]I would be surprised if this is true, if you have a secured debt at the moment, keep it.  The cost of borrowing, especially going to the capital markets that this would require is going through the roof.  There just isnt the capital out there and if it is, its going to very safe ventures, borrowing more now would be a very bad idea.
  15. [quote user="Jim Smith"]What makes me think that the Hoolahan deal is all but done is that other than today, it was all quiet regarding this.  Radio Norfolk never usually too far off the mark with their information. Looked at Gow''s stats too.  A 6ft goalscoring midfielder. Something we''ve missed since Francis left, who. I''m led to believe, is to be released by Watford.  Now how many of you would take him back?   No. although he is a decent player Francis conducted himself appallingly and of all the players who have left us most deserves a hostile reception when he comes back. personally having seen him on soccer a.m. I just think he''s so stupid he just does what his agent tells him but even so any player who refuses to play a first team game for us is a disgrace in my book. [/quote]Agreed, refusing to play is unbelievable, but doesnt matter, I can never imagine Glen signing a guy like him, with that personality, the days of him, McVeigh and Mulryne are done.
  16. This isnt another resign Hucks post, but was watching this clip:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZRPGhZfsOIAnd couldnt help wondering if we will see anyone as exciting again in the near future?  Towards the end he had lost some of the production, but you could never deny that he was the player most likely to get you out of your seat.  I cant help fearing that due to current money and scarcity of players as loyal and talented as Hucks, that we may become a good team, gaining promotion again, but that we wont see anyone as exciting for sometime.Hucks you are a legend.
  17. I agree, if he shows up minus the belly and when he gets chances in pre-season (which he will) he runs like a trooper, and works his ar*e off for the team, then Roeder will give him a chance, but he needs to show he is a team player not just for himself too.I always liked him, and want him badly to come back, but we need a striker for him to play with as him and Jamie will not work.
  18. You forgot Lappin as well - although to be fair he is gone!If we get We on the left, I would be happy with that as a midfield 9, the expenditure is now need, if we get Wes on defenders and forwards badly!!!
  19. Torres? is a great player, but seems less mercenary than some, so not sure he would move, its all about Ronaldinho, he would come for the pure cash, and can score goals from nothing, torres would need a provider!
  20. They are getting that desperate for people in the photo?4backroom staff, and about 15players would look a bit lonely!
  21. Oh it happened last year, remember all the posts about how many players Leicester had signed compared to us?  Yeah we both got loads in in hte end, but what is the saying quantity over quality, or something like that......Everyone needs to relax, few people other than Jewell are doing loads of business, it takes everyone else time, and with everyone on holiday and all the prem clubs not really moving to after euro championships, it causes a delay.
  22. Ok we havent signed anyone, and normally people pop up at last min and take them, BUT for me that would a great start to the summer, an outlay of around 1mill (what we sold or got off the books in jan) for 2young and attack minded players!If we got Patterson from Scunny too, well I would be starting to be very happy, get in Martin Taylor and then I dont care if its loans after that.  4 season longers and would be all good!
  23. I am still shocked its come to this.  But I think Hull will make more of a fight of it than Bristol, who dont have the resources or cash, hull will buy loads of average for loads of money, and at least try and fight.  Derby were embarrassing this season (all respect to Billy Davies though) and we dont want another one.
  24. [quote user="buddhaboy"]i really dont rate rasiak. he has skill, i wont deny that but the way he applies himself and his attitude is all wrong and i dont think he would be an acquisition.[/quote]Completely agree, think he did his best work several years ago now, before he first left southampton, personally think he is too slow, and JC isnt the quickest, and I would like to see a team with more mobility to be honest.
  25. Sums it up really.  He is honest and cares, I have liked his interviews, and we win when he plays.  Give hima 3year deal now!  Since Holt/Francis mid, we have failed to find a balance, and Fozzy has done very well this year.Fozzy also marks a huge turning point in the summer, a lot has been said about doc - I dont mind if he stays or goes to be honest, ok player, but not great.  Fozzy is our captain, and if he leaves it shows a lack of belief in the squad and ambition from the club.  Perceived ambition, is almost as important as ambition IMO, as you can then pick up freebies and players on the cheap left right and centre, lok at QPR with Ramage and Cerny, thats a couple of mill of players there straight off, a prem league number one goalie, and a prem right back / centre back.  We need him to stay, as if own captain walks after we tried to keep, who is gonna come?????
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