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  1. Ok, first of all, not a quote in sight!  Just a story, however this would be awful!Especially as we dont know if West Ham are about to lose Deano and Green!  But we need to BUILD a team not keep starting again!  We do however though need 2new centre backs at least!
  2. I also checked out that Paddy McCort we were in for then Celtic signed, he has made 2 sub appearances since the summer move.  Could we get him, if Lappin, Chadwick and Eagle go?
  3. At the beginning of the season, I thought the left was well stocked, Lappin, Wes and Patty.  However Wes has proved himself more of a "in the hole" player than a left winger who will give us width.  Patty has moved into the centre and is doing better and Lappin is hated!We are now playing bell out there and he clearly would prefer the right although Crofty has made that his own at the min.So along with 2strikers a centre back, do we also need an actual left sided player?
  4. [quote user="Eggy"]Play Lupoli and sell Russell never really rated Russell and certainly not as a striker. He''s not in my team on Football manager. Lappin is though where is he?[/quote]He only isnt in your Team in FM as he is easy to sell and with Binya and Morton available for 290k a dream centre mid partnership you dont need him!As for heroes, they take time, but Luopoli and Lappin are already getting part status of Anselin and Mulryne, the players we would put in team / bench but the managers refuse to.As for new heroes, give it time, they will come!  Well hopefully Ched comes back in Jan!
  5. [quote user="CT "]then I wont post on here until the next time we lose. I really want us to beat/draw with Reading today and I hope by doing this I act as some sort of lucky charm.Oh and I wont post back here under different names.... I keep my word unlike certain people COUGH WE8WBA COUGH[/quote]Speaking of coming back, did Cluck ever come back under a different name, as didnt he get banned?
  6. Agree with you completely on this one.  After the Ipsh*t game, I noticed our next 3 matches Watford, Reading and Charlton.  I was expecting 6 points if we wanted to improve already that is down to 3, as Reading away will be tough, but completely agree we must beat Charlton!  Also I am fed up with the excuses, we have played better, blah, blah, blah......But against Charlton we must win or my support for GR will go!
  7. [quote user="lincoln canary"]agreed top bloke, hope he gets to manage here again one day kinda feel like hes got unfinished business   [/quote]Maybe, but he certainly deserves a better job than Northern Ireland!  But for now, I think anyone coming here its gonna be a tough job, as Doomcaster says, we dont have a penny!
  8. Worthy left this club in far from the best circumstances after an otherwise successful era, but at the end with the protests and all it wasnt nice and I agree it was right for him to go, but the way in which he departed you could forgive him for holding a grudge, but fair play to the guy he has consistently backed Norwich with Clingan and havent I read he encouraged other players to come here?  Then I read this from Glenn on bbc website:At that stage he was just completing his A licence and today he''s just about to complete his pro licence, which he''s been doing with the Northern Ireland FA. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/h/huddersfield_town/7775201.stmAnd makes you think Worthy is Yellow and Green all the way through, still helping out our players and staff.
  9. [quote user="cityangel"]These are the ones out of contract in June Fotheringham – Chadwick – Spillane – Eagle – Lappin – Croft –   [/quote]I forgot about Chadwick, Eagle and Lappin, though none of them are a real loss other than that I fell we could of sold Chadwick and Lappin last summer and got some much needed cash!Eagle - not sure what GR is doing there, gave him a new contract and has he even made the bench yet?
  10. [quote user="Tim Allman"]This has just appeared on Skysports.com. A host of clubs are tracking Norwich winger Lee Croft ahead of the January transfer window. Link here http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12876_4615192,00.html   [/quote]Oh great, and we wouldnt be able to get more than about 500k!If the board wanna keep selling all our assets, then we need them contracted to even do so!
  11. [quote user="lincoln canary"]croft likely to be atrracting interest aswell, if he is out of contract in the summer he can start talking to other clubs in just three weeks time![/quote]I think / hope he can only talk to foreign clubs then but can talk to others at the end of the year.  But yes the whole Fozzy and Doc saga this summer was a mistake, if key players are able to go on a free i think it forces the management to have to plan for that too, we dont wanna do that, we have 2 good right wingers, so we should be crossing that off as a position we need and focusing on forwards and defenders!
  12. Now due to the fact that we have got a new squad every year for the past couple, we shouldnt have too many contract issues especially as we dont own many players.But I think I am right in thinking Croftys contract is up this summer?  Or do we have an option to extend?  Also Fozzys is as well - guessing he wont sign after losing captaincy and first team place.Spillanes is as well?  How is he doing at Luton?  Surely worth coming back?But my main point is, we need Crofty to sign on again, he has really learned his trade here over the past 3 seasons and is now more consistent and becoming a key threat for us, pushing Bell onto the right and forcing out Chadwick, we therefore have to get him to sign on.  We need to build a squad not spend our time replacing key players constantly!
  13. Easy Yellow Rider, i agree its not exactly a Marquee signing, but away from home, we do sometimes need someone who can do something different, even if its only from the bench.  But the key thing here is, he will be on low wages (he cant command more) and its a punt, might work out might not, like that Spanish right back, cheaper than Antoine and probably hungrier.  Its an odd one, but a risk worth taking.  As GR said he got his permanent signings right, so in OUR financial climate a few punts are better than getting Derveld and De Waard on long term deals as right now that would screw us, so punts like this are ok.
  14. Well no one guessed that one!odd, but surely better than Antoine and OK?  I guess he is damn cheap too, like that Spanish right back, so just a punt in the dark.  I think its like GR said about the loans, if doesnt work out no biddie, its getting the actual signings right thats important.
  15. Says it all really.  For me a good jan off the pitch, would be securing the season long loans of kennedy and Bertrand.  Although ryan has been off form lately he knows the other players and we need kennedy now dejan is out and troy is rubbish.I hope we sell Lapin and Chadwick too, we need the money / the end to paying the wages, both are good players and deserve to be playing somewhere else and that wont happen here!Send back Antoine and stop paying Troys wages, hopefully some League 2 team takes him and pays!  I am not sure about OK but he seemed like a decent squad player.The dream would be to Leroy and another "big man" striker, hopefully a real signings not another loan, although we would be down to only 4 or 5 loans, which for Glenn isnt bad!
  16. Good call, he did poorly in prem but was still wrongly treated by Derby.  Plus he knows about working with no cash at all.He would certainly be top 3 candidates.
  17. [quote user="Wally"]Come to think about it, mike walker and Robert fleck both came back too![/quote]Thanks for answering that for me, let alone Peter Grant coming back.
  18. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"][quote user="gissing canary"]Just signed him on football manager, (got over 3mill for transfers in second season, they got that a little wrong) and says he is from Norwich, he is meant to be pretty good in real life, anyone know him?  Know why he doesnt play for us and if he is any good, can we sign him?  As it seems to be we specialise in bringing players back these days![/quote]   You''ve never heard of Chris Cohen [:S] Didn''t you watch the Forest game? [/quote]I have heard of him, but other than one game and football manager i know very little about him.  One game does not make a good player, as we know about our current squad.
  19. Just signed him on football manager, (got over 3mill for transfers in second season, they got that a little wrong) and says he is from Norwich, he is meant to be pretty good in real life, anyone know him?  Know why he doesnt play for us and if he is any good, can we sign him?  As it seems to be we specialise in bringing players back these days!
  20. Kennedy I would sign though, looked ok, and I have always thought our weakness was having only 2 centre halfs, both shack and doc last season looked so much better when they had competition.I would personally keep betrand and omozuzi if we are not paying much in wages - which i doubt we are and other wise if we get an injury (like semmy has now) then we would be screwed, but other than lita and lupoli yes, but the rest can go.I personally think a few loans is no problem, and i think our midfield is ok, defence is ok with the loans offering competition, but IMO, we have 1 problem, Strikers!!!!!We own 1 striker and he is 33 or something.  We need to sign over this window and the summer 4strikers, and real ones too, not koroma at 18 or someone being played out of position and on way down.  Just look at McCormack and Boothroyd at Cardiff!!!  I would love Lita to be the lead one and others to play with him, but time will tell.
  21. Warren Buffett as dream owner.  The guy is so smart and knows business, plus not short of the odd penny.Wenger for manager.
  22. [quote user="Mook"]I won''t dig out the thread (cos I''m not like that, honest!) but I was reliably informed on here by many posters that we would not be conceding goals any more as we won''t have a certain Mr Doherty in defence.Perhaps it wasn''t all his fault after all?![/quote]Or shacks for that matter!I think the defence will improve, think, its an all new back 4 since last year, needs time to settle.
  23. Now I wonder if Eagle can go somewhere for a few months, surely he is about 21 and only got 5career games?  Would do him good?
  24. [quote user="AndyJR"]Not sure - maybe he just can''t get in the team?[/quote]I think thats it, as someone said, he is 4th choice!  As is lappin on the other side - they both need to go IMO.  GR goes on about having Prem class players to get there, and neither of them are, get rid, use every penny to get Lupoli, inc wage budgets!
  25. [quote user="helsein"]Have David Bell ever played in the Championship before?[/quote]I think he played against us at Carrow Road too, but not 100% sure, I remember Vine be amazing that day.
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