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  1. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]of course theres always a chance that any new manager might just say "enough is Enough Bryan" and remove him from the football club entirely..... it has to be considered.. but id hate for it to happen. jas :) [/quote]I doubt the board would let it happen, they are more likely to move him back upstairs.  A manager in my opinion shouldnt be able to fire everyone, yes he needs his team, but no continuity and the cost must be crazy! 
  2. Anyone else see match of the day 2?I was shocked when I saw him back in the Fulham line up as I like Roy Hodgson and couldnt believe he was good enough and there it was classic Dickson, passes to the opposition, sloppy and gives away a goal!  Thats the guy I remember!
  3. Good post, so glad you said that about Boothroyd and Ince, really not bothered by either of them, would rather Ferguson or Robins, both seem like pretenders to me.
  4. True there are 18games left I think, but I think its clear the 3games including Barnsley are concerningly huge.Southampton and Doncaster are down their with us, and these must be considered 6pointers!  Plus after this we have a run of some teams that are higher up, ones we can I believe beat, but pre-Barnsley confidence levels would have seen us lose, should we pick up 9points (3down) I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to push away from the trouble and kick Southampton and Doncaster down, which would give us some much needed room.So come on Gunny, it would buy us some time to get the right man and maybe some players coming in would come in to a better environment.
  5. [quote user="rum-ole-boy"]he was good enough when he was banging them in under Grant[/quote]But what did he do for Granty at the beginning of last season, turned up fat and looked lazy in games.
  6. [quote user="IBA"]Football MUST be played the right way. THATS why people love football. It IS the beautiful game. Only the shallow, the young, or the armchair fans cite ''results at any cost''[/quote]Hey I am young and dont want to have to watch that awful brand of football.  Its so painful to watch and I mean even Bolton fans after 6th in the league hated it!  But I do fear getting relegated.
  7. I like the idea of your list, but Keane is on there when he can only cope when he has huge amaounts of money and complete control.One man not on the list, who I thin k is the most underrated in the league is Dave Jones, for a club which sells (like we do but much more) he has performed wonders and continues to do so, true they havent got promotion, but when every year you sell a top player like, Chopra, Loovens, Gunter, Ramsey, Cameron Jerome, and the team he has assembled has been done on peanuts.  True they havent won anything, but had he had any money, like he did at Wolves I am sure he would have done amazingly.
  8. [quote user="Orange Crush"]Manager Fotheringhams possible teamsheet-                           Marshall Fozzy          Fozzy        Fozzy          Lappin Fozzy         Fozzy        Fozzy           Fozzy                   Fozzy        Fozzy Gameplan... I would say, kick it to Fozzy. BUT- which one? Ahhhh... NOW I see, he''s a GENIUS! [:D] [/quote]Genius, but surely rodent would be back to help on the touchline then for his stirring motivational speaches?
  9. Get in, he wants to come back, you can tell!With all the coaching staff gone, let him pick the team on sat?
  10. [quote user="norfolkchance1"][quote user="norfolkchance1"]Glenn Roeder, I think we''ve just passed the "welcome to league 1" sign on the outskirts of oblivion with this appointment, the bloke has made a mess everywhere he''s been.[/quote] Just look back to the day he was appointed how underwhelmed everyone was. Please get someone with a track record this time Please!!! [/quote]Everyone was underwhelmed, but as someone who posted on this one, you have to support the new manager.  But I agree, Aidy does ok with no cash!
  11. [quote user="Eric Gates is a hermaphrodite"] [/quote]Love it!I am shocked the board moved, not like worthy who was palls with them, they clearly didnt like Glenn either, I wonder if he spoke to them like he did us?
  12. I will admit to knowing little about him, other than a big striker who can head the ball.Is he any good, as is not playing for Celtic and we seem to have a good understanding with them, get rid of Antoine and get him?
  13. We clearly need to raise money for either player purchases or loans.  We clearly have almost no assets and cant sell the few players who are currently playing, but just wondering what we can get, going on Football Manager wage estimates: Chadwick has gone, and if FM is right, he was on 5k, so not bad. Antoine, FM estimates about 6.5k a week is our contribution. Lappin, could we get 50k or something with contract being up, estimated wage on FM about 2.5k. JC could or should we get about 200k for him?  Would you take it?  plus might be a wage of 5k off budget? Kennedy gone, but probably 4k wages. Lupoli is the most curious, FM puts us paying all his wages of 12k, but I cant imagine that, and would like him to stay and get games anyway. Personally I dont see anhy of these departures taking a thing away from the first team, or even the first 15.  I figure we might raise 250k and knock off 23k a week of wages, with Kennedy going back too, which through to the end of the season (22weeks roughly till end of may), that would be £506k saved, roughly.  Although all these figures are very rough, surely with 750k saved, we could get a couple of players to add to the first team?  
  14. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"][quote user="gissing canary"] Its easy to criticise, but harder to come up with any actual answers!  I agree we are crap and I dont like the loans and some of the things Glen says, but there is NO money and NO ONE wants to spend any.  So go get yourself a billion then takeover! [/quote] YEEAAHHHH!!!!!! [/quote] Thanks, great choice of name by the way.  
  15. I could never see us paying money for him, but sadly if in the summer or Jan a big offer, 3mill plus comes in for Marshall then him for a nominal fee or something and 1.5 on rest of the team and 1 for the bank manager, might be the reality we face. But I agree he is a scumbag who i would never want wearing the shirt, but he can just about goalkeep, when not in pub carpark fights.  
  16. [quote user="Ali Dia"] According to an interview I just watched on Sky.  ''Progress'' from the team he inherited, he says......  What a f**king joker. We really better hope that Southampton sell from what little they have in January, and that Charlton don''t start picking up points. Progress!?  Naive as f**k.  The arrogance...... [/quote] Has everyone forgotten just how AWFUL we were under grant?  Murray - It was more fun on the training ground when we were losing and people like that, god Brellier, Dave - all terrible.  I wont say Glenn is perfect, but you figure out with the complete lack of money how the hell we could get up there?  And Delia and Co are trying to sell, but no one really wants to buy, so they are hardly gonna pump money in. Its easy to criticise, but harder to come up with any actual answers!  I agree we are crap and I dont like the loans and some of the things Glen says, but there is NO money and NO ONE wants to spend any.  So go get yourself a billion then takeover!  
  17. [quote user="Mister Chops"] CF - Sibierski (on loan) – good player Valesco (on loan) – above average RB - Henry (on loan) – good player Dubious ratings, to say the least. [/quote] I agree with you about these being dubios, but agree with original post.  The lack of money, we have made a profit in both transfer windows!  With players constantly leaving and more money needing to be found, I agree GR needs to be given time, as long as we dont slip into relegation, I dont mind, he has to be given the opportunity to build slowly.  We need to move away from this IN/OUT process the whole time.  
  18. Worst attitude ever!  When al;l the U21 team were together year before last, they were all talking about being together and trying to win games and do well.  The interview I saw with him was "If I do well, I will get a big move, for ME." Scum and would prefer Leroy or someone else who cares!  
  19. [quote user="jim blair"]http://www.greenun24.co.uk/content/greenun/sport/football/championship/ipswich-town/story.aspx?brand=EADOnline&category=IpswichTownFC&tBrand=GreenunOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=IPED23%20Dec%202008%2012%3A25%3A37%3A993[/quote]   13players out nof contract? That is crazy!  I thought we didnt own many, if they dont secure a lot of them, thats barely a playing staff - oh well!  
  20. Personally, I like his touch and crosses, with a good aerial striker and another solid aerial defender his set pieces could become a real threat for us too.  And I dont mean it in the Bolton / Stoke way but the Aston Villa way, they score loads by it but play well too.  I agree he is out of position, but he is settling after an injury, I agree with GR he will come good. Give him time.
  21. [quote user="CDMullins"] Thought this was going to be a unrealistic ;Mark Hughes to be our next manager''   however its a even more unrealist Ched to return!! [/quote] Agreed Ched is more like than Mark Hughes, but does make Mark Bowen cheap and out of a job, I know who I would like as Norwich assistant!!
  22. [quote user="Nuff Said"]I''m probably wring, but I seem to remember reading or hearing somewhere that when they ran 100 meters races in training at Colney the Doc was second or third quickest? It might have been a couple of years back mind you. My biggest concern is that he can''t stop wrestling with the opposition, and reguarly gives away free kicks because of that, but otherwise he''s a solid player, and seems the best choice as captain we''ve had this season. [/quote] You could be right on that but dont know, maybe just appearance, but seems slow over that all important first 5-10yards, or he thinks he is as thats when he seems to do the most wrestling.  I remember the Burnley came most a couple of seasons agop when the guy lost him and he rugby tackled him. As someone else said he was / is better than shax but sadly at the moment every player seems to get it at some point, Doc, Hughes, Fozzy - last season was lauded now hated, Drury, Jamie, Crofty.......  The thing is playing in a struggling team with no confidence with all the changes even our better players, where I PERSONALLY put Croft, Drury and Doc will struggle but get the right players with them, then we can improve.   
  23. Doc last season and on and off since we came down has been our best defender - remember he won player of the year and last season was better than Shax.  But we all know Docs weaknesses, prone to errors, lack of confidence and PACE!  I am still unsure if Doc could be a centre half in a promotion winning team, but thats another question, when we get a team anywhere near it we can worry about him then, as shown yesterday he is key to our survival. My arguement is that when they have partnered this season, I understand we have kept our only clean sheets, I might be wrong but I think its what was said on radio norfolk yesterday?  Doc is now older and has played a hell of a lot more games for us, but I think his pace and less than youthful energy concerns him and makes him prone to his errors even more, like when he is chasing someone back to goal, it tends to be his prefered time to foul.  But with Elliot next to him, maybe the youthfulness and Doc now feeling he needs to lead more but having someone who is better on the ground and quicker over 10yards allows him to go about HIS game better, which as shown yesterday is his aerial prowess. What does anyone else think?  Also on football manager I got Elliot on a free at the end of this season, are they right, if so could we really? Also I am not saying we dont need at least one centre half in jan but should be consider Elliot a CB rather than full back?
  24. This is the problem with our defence!Marshall, Betrand, Semmy, and Omuzi are all fairly young.  Doc and Drury are quiet and need confidence and occasionally being told what to do, for me we need a dominant centre back and natural leader then give it to him/
  25. Out:Chadwick, Lappin, Antoine, Troy, Omar Koroma, Eagle, JC, kennedy - as sounds like he is out for ages anyway.In:Lita, Ched, Bertrand till end of season.2 centre backs, and at least 1 other Striker.If Lee Clark thinks we are in for a run to get in the prem then the other striker will need to be Samuel Eto or Messi!
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