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  1. Agree, even Louis Thompson played there in pre season? Hannover highlights were all down our right.
  2. New contracts; We seem to have made a clear intention to keep the squad largely together, despite Alex Neil''s earlier statements. What has surprised me is that we haven''t given Olsson and Bennett new deals. For me they would of been the first names over tettey and Jerome, let alone Whittaker and turner! Both who should of been sent packing in my view . Do we think they have rejected / stalling? As both would be looked at by premier league teams? Anyone heard anything about these? Selling; An area we need to do more of. What are these consultants doing? We still have players who couldn''t get anywhere near the team last year - when we need to freshen up. As stated I would change the defence, but who has to go; Vadis - hasn''t played really in 2 years. No point. Mulumbu - 1 year left, big money. 4th choice mid at best. Maybe keep, if all the others go. Andreu - never played. Lafferty - ditto. One of the 3 1st team keepers. Now people might not care, but between them I wouldn''t be shocked if the wages didn''t add up to 60-80k per week, even despite the wage drop. Which is 3-4m a year! The other sales are debatable but for me, we just have to sell the above as add no value at all to the first 18 (mulumbu could stay assuming all the others go).
  3. Press putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 IMO. We do need to sell players - badly. Neil himself has said we need to freshen up. Just midfield alone (even with o''neill gone): 1) tettey (30 plus) 2) mulumbu (30ish) 3) howson (28-29) 4) dorrans (29) 5) Vadis (injuries) 6) Thompson (good enough?) 7) Madison (maybe more attacking) 8) mcgrandles (doesn''t seem good enough) 9) Andreu (who?!) 10) Ben Godfrey (not sure ready, but why sign if never to play) Not sure have missed any. But my point is if he wants to sign one, it''s fair we need to shift along 3 or 4 of these guys - wages must be huge. Brady and Redmond almost sell themselves. But Andreu and Vadis - people will earn their money selling them. The club has been awful at it over the last few years. Players leave when their contracts expire. We don''t get value for them. For me this is smart. Let''s not forget we still own rvw, bassong etc. All on high wages and aren''t prem players.
  4. AN rang the changes last night to give some players a chance and rest some of the key players who have done well. Senior players who havent been on the bench or played yet: Turner Lafferty (ok he has had some injuries) Players who havent featured much: Elliott Bennett Tony Andreu Gary Hooper AWOL: Grabban - has been discussed a lot. I would happily lose him. For Turner and Lafferty, I assume both are as good as gone. Bennett and Andreu. Its not positive, they got a few mins at the end of the game, but Dorrans and Howson both got the nod over them. Dont seem in favour. Hooper - transfer speculation and not being on the bench last night suggests he is out. Hasnt seen action. AWOL; has been discussed to death and dont think anyone will cry if we get 6-7m for a back up forward. Overall I sense Bennett stays around, but that it doesnt look rosy for the rest (if we get offers). Would happily lose most (Grabban and Hooper take the cash and sign Austin....). 3 Strikers would then be RVW, Jerome and NEW forward. Everyone else seems to be in a good place and we have competition, assuming 1 forward and 1 centre back arrive.
  5. in putney end - friend dropped out - available for face value: 35?
  6. I have seen people posting on here from NYC before. I am moving to NY and wondered if there are any good bars to catch the games. I am loathed to go to bars where they only focus on the big 4 playing ''soccer kick ball'', so any advice on decent establishments would be greatly appreciated as am gutted to be missing so many games of the season we return to the premier league!
  7. [quote user="GJP"][quote user="sgncfc"][quote user="GJP"] [quote user="gissing canary"]Martin is a must sign up ASAP if you ask me, Doherty and Russell have been useful, but doc in championship - not sure if a great idea again.  [/quote] Both Doc and Rusty would be a higher priority than Martin, for me.   [/quote] There are some unbelievable comments on here sometimes, and this one is right up there with the best. A wind up surely? [/quote] Well I''d see it like this... Doherty and Russell are both experienced and proven at Championship level. They may have been stuck with some poor managers and poor quality team mates around them but they are established performers there. To think otherwise would be a bit silly. Chris Martin has got 7 League 1 goals this season. And the way some people go on about him you''d think he was Ronaldinho. I''ll say it again (as I''ve said many many other times) I think he''s a talented player but I''m not going to get carried away after a few games. If we get to the end of the season and he''s got 15-20 league goals you''d think fair enough, good season, no complaints. But we''re halfway through the season, he has 7 league goals and he''s still got it all to prove. And look at it this way:Gary Doherty is the best central defender at the club.Darel Russell is the best holding midfielder at the club. Is Chris Martin the best striker/goalscorer at the club? No. Having said all that...assuming we get promoted (which I''m sure we will) I hope everyone who plays their part for us is rewarded and is given the opportunity to show it again next season. [/quote]My point was not that we shouldnt sign Russell up, but that he is unlikely to agree until / if promotion is in the bag.Re: Martin, true only 7 in the league, but he is easier to sign up and what we dont want is a WBA or Nottingham Forest situation, where you are a league higher and trying to replace key players last year as well as add.Remember Notts Forest got promoted and lost clingan and commons and i think one more and then struggled.  Also WBA lost philips and gera, 2 key players and again struggled.I would rather have Martin as well as someone else, not instead of.As for Doc - been discussed enough on here - I like him as a guy and a decent player, but at top end of championship, i think his mistakes dont cut it.  Yes he is better than nelson and many of the other defenders who have been through Colney in recent years, but as Martins coloured boots dont make him ronaldinho, Doc being better than juan velasco and semi doesnt make him good enough for the higher end of the championship.
  8. Just wondering how everyone at the clubs contracts are looking now.I think it is something like this?  I could be wrong on some - not sure about Wes?Martin is a must sign up ASAP if you ask me, Doherty and Russell have been useful, but doc in championship - not sure if a great idea again.  Rusty would sign probably on condition we got up.  Semi, and the others whos contracts end now?  scrap if you ask me.2010:Fraser ForsterGary DohertyJon OtsemeboorDareel RussellJamie CuretonPaul McVeighChris Martin2011:GK: Rudd, Michael Theo....Def: Drury - not sure about that one?  Wiggins, nelson, Askou, Spillane?Mid: Hughes - or did he get 3 years? Gill, OTJ, Whalley, LappinAtt: Holt? Cody, Wes?2012:SmithTom Adeyemi
  9. I think we will try and sell:Michael Theo....Jon Otsemeboor - contract runs out soon, plus russell martin in and maybe spillane back?Matt Gill or OTJ - lets be honest they are 5th and 6th choice, behind rusty, hughes, smith, lappin, tom, and dawkins is a midfielder?  and keeps making the bench?whalley - good as gone.JC - as above whith whalley - only wages will be a problem there - didnt even see him in carpark at walsall game - did he travel?weould like a centre back - nelson will be out of his depth in championship and docs mistakes will be more heavily punished.  russell martin - as good as signed.
  10. Really happy with some permanent signings (finally) - still think we need a few more centre mid (maybe), 2 strikers, and a full back - but what concerns me the most is the lack of serious squad cull.  Fotheringham + David Marshall, was a good start, neither seemed devastated. Lappin deserved a new contract - he handled himself well - he may not be the worlds best player, but worked damn hard despite everything that happened to him - deserves to stay, plus can pass and with one of the new big boys (gill or OTJ he could play centre mid). Same for Matty Patty - think will be good at this level, as well as championship and to be honest, if needed he will play anywhere across the midfield - very important in this time. These are the types to players I want us to keep from last seasons team.  I still think we need to scrap: Jamie Cureton, Darrell Russell, Dejan and probably Jon Otsemeboor.  Its the same reason I dont want Bridges here and potentially McVeigh.  The only reason the 4 I have listed above (I know Russell is off - hopefully) will get in the team is because we are at a much lower standard - not because they care that much or are willing to fight.  I think this is a huge error in this divison, more so than the championship - yes its about ability (hoolihan + whalley) but its also about fight and desire to win. Do i think Jamie, Rusty, Dejan and Otsemboor, let alone Bridges have that?  No.  McVeigh I just cant decide on - never appeared to have it, but maybe one last chance he would slim down and give it a go, but I remain to be convinced. Look at trialists we could get in place - ex Barcelona B and a the big danish centre back, these guys sound like they want to prove themselves and have some ability too. All I am saying is dont keep players who were poor last year just because think they will do well this year - many are older and will just get worse! I havent mentioned Sammy as would love him to stay - like would of crofty, but can understand them leaving. What do others think?  I know some people want Jamie to stay + Otsemeboor, Rusty is universally hated it seems - but Dejan?  I just want a squad of people I like and I think are good eggs.
  11. Just looked up and cant see any mention of it being on sky even though a sky type time kick off? Sorry if been discussed before, but can anyone shed any light?  
  12. Does any one know what Colins plans are Alan Lee, as sounds exactly what we have needed all season?
  13. [quote user="AJ"]Leroy cannot possibly be loaned back here this season.Evans is on the fringe of the City squad, and has featured in some games recently. I doubt either of them are likely to come here again.[/quote]Evans played against Chelsea today and although looked average at that level, Caicedo was so bad they cant let him go on loan as is needed.
  14. Pattison - probably wont happen, but would be the one for me, but not in favour anymore.
  15. Currently top in my second season, sold marshall for loads and funded the rebuild half way through the season.  But start straight away, the team you start with is awful, sell whoever you can!My team:GK: Heaton - freeRB: Omozuzi - freeLB: Peter Masiella - 325kCB: Glauber - freeCB: Dimoande - 100kLW: Ross Wallace - freeRW: Don Cowie - 180kCM: Celso Borges - 300k - rubbish first season, second is walking itCM: Appiah - freeCF: Eugene Selez... - 1.8mill - got on loan - the best player ever!  will get 35 in a season on his own!CF: Sturridge - freeI only have croft left now!Other highlights are michael morton CM - 60k, Ryan McGowan - 250k - amazing, truely amazing, Darren Ward - free, Dean Shiels - 250k, got 18goals in first season, better than JC!  Carlos Tordoya - 100k - good status - couldnt get in team, sold for 800k!Trust me I scouted everyone, for hrs - very sad, but my team is so young and is ridiculing the league at the moment.  Robert Lewandowski - is another amazing striker - 750k! 
  16. Dont use the editor!just sign, morton, appiah, celso borges, mcgowan (hearts), hamed doimande (ivory coast) don cowie, peter masiella (south africa) for about 1.2 mill you can build most of an amaziong young team that gets better and better!  second season, I am destroying the league!
  17. [quote user="Mr Magoo"]I know that we have brought in a couple of loan signings, however none have really solved our defensive problems. We are back with Shax and Doc a pairing that was not working for us last season let alone now that we really need solid defence. From what I have seen Grounds is prone to errors in every match and is far fom reliable. We continue with bloody Fotheringham every game, Cureton has continued to have chance after chance. Plyers such as Lappin and Pattison continue to sit dormant in our squad and the feeling that certain players are guaranteed a place is still present. We continue to lose or at best scrabble together a point and yet Gunn carries on in the same vein as Roeder post match saying that we are playing well and deserve more, both claims are bollox, we are not playing well we are getting wht we deserve, and the lack of mbition shown by the appointment of the hall of fame may well be the final nail in our championship coffin.......[/quote]I kno0w we dont have much time, but by all accounts we were unlucky at Preston!As for defense, butterworth has only just joined, look at Steve Clarke at West Ham, it took a while for his defensive skills to work on them, so I think we will improve.  I am so scared of relegation, with the games in hand and everything, but what did you want, us to beat a team (Preston) with amazing home record in the playoffs and Bristol City doing much better?  Give him some time, I beleive he can get us out of this, and true about Pattison, but is Lappin really that good???
  18. [quote user="SpanishCanary"]Anything we get tonight will push us away from them will take a point right now[/quote]Agree completely!the point is great for confidence and everything, but those 2 losing is huge.
  19. On trial at Charlton available on a free, I would love him, gone off form after the potential he had about 2-3years ago, but big lad can put himself about, young ish and oh FREEEEEEE surely worth a go?
  20. I think for sure, we need some experience though medium term, but for now we need another centre back till end of the season.we also need a striker, despite worryingly having 4 of them, cureton, omar (is he still here), lupoli and cort!  crazy!
  21. Things you would - I have been given a fantastic opportunity at Ipswich and they are buying out of my NCFC contract.
  22. We wanted experience of a relegation battle and championship experience, I give you Bryan Robson...................................worst manager going!
  23. [quote user="CT "]So if we end up getting relagated then we shouldnt blame him?[/quote]We all know who to blame for it, THE BOARD!  He loves the club and would do all he could, its the boards decision and their fault if they appoint him and it doesnt work out, like holding onto Worthy too long, Grunty and Glenn although he did his job for a bit.Hell if someone turned up at half our doors and asked us to look after the team for a game we would take it, he would do anything for the club and it would be them to blame for putting a nice guy out of his depth.  Plus relegation isnt a certainty you make it out to be, if we win next 2, would be much more positive! 
  24. Simple really, the guy is a legend, Wiz and others dont want him, true he doesnt have experience and he isnt my first choice, but we need to get behind any manager coming in, to the end of the season or whatever.From the appearance on Radio Norfolk, I agree with what they said, I dont want him to become vilified if he does get it, certainly not straight away as some people on here seem to be doing, I think he will get it if he wins next 2, if so might deserve it.He isnt my first choice, but neither is this bizarre Bothroyd loving that is going on - the phrase one trick pony applies. I will give 100% support to whoever gets it, until it becomes clear otherwise.
  25. [quote user="Delia S. Tickers"]There''s a "reply" button at the end of each thread, you don''t have to press "new topic" every time.[/quote]Well made point!   And any new manager coming in would appreciate any striker or defender signing we could make, as long as they are fitter than Cort!
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