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  1. Does anyone know whats happening to those guys?I have always been desperate to see more of those 2, jarvis especially.I thought this season could have been his year, but injuries seem to have dented that, and to me it seems if their contracts do run out this summer that worthy wont renew them.As he never seems to play them, does anyone one know if for sure they run out this year?
  2. I dont think we should sell him, but I have recently been noticing on Match of the Day. and wigan seem to have a real keeper crisis, a real let down in there side.And with Premier league status already secured Green may fancy it, and after francis, we know they can cough up the cash.
  3. Holt? R u kidding me?  at his best, when we made it to the playoffs, thats what we need now. true he ran a lot but better he tries than the rest which dont seem to anymore, he on his old form, would be perfect for us right now.
  4. I have always liked worthy, but he has lost it, they are all his players now, so how can he talk about spirit or anything he has to go, no more waiting. we dont have left over premiership money for long, we need adrian boothroyd. he is a coach, a top one. in theory the team is good on paper, we need a coach to realise that not someone like redknapp or burley who will wanna wheel and deal, but someone good who knows the club and can turn the players we havewith a couple of good acuquisitions into quality, sadly we may need watford to lose a few games first. but we could get him, we are a much more likely premiership club than watford, with large unsecured debt and he would know it, or nike newell, but someone fast.
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