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  1. i agree, there should be some money. plus with this new mark kid, and the other midfielder, we can scrap at least 2 of those useless midfielders.  etuhu, and hughes would be my prefered too, as otherwise we have loads of midfielders. and i cant agree more, the main thing we need is a CENTER BACK, someone decent, i would spend a mill or something, all good teams r built from the back, and we have the ginger pele!!!  
  2. Well said jas the barclay king, i read this board regularly though dont post much, and of the 3696 1st wizard has posted, i wonder how many are actually of any use or optimism? i normally stay out of the arguements, but the squad is full of dead wood, but u cant insult all your players constantly. I will give grant till this time next season before real judgements.  of the players he has signed, chadwick looks good, ashdown put a bit of pressure on gallacher for a bit, brown - we will see, again meant to be raw, and needs teaching, marshall is a good keeper, and this new guy, hey if he can pass then he is already 10 times better than robinson. the squad is full of rubbish grant is not to blame.  when we see the squad for next season, then we can judge more. and please 1st wizard keep some of your grant out, delia out opinions to yourself, what were you hoping for, us to win every game and all the awful players to start playing amazingly and us to sign world class youngsters for free?  get real, we can be a premiership club, but its gonna take time to get rid of all this rubbish on our budget.  
  3. well said!  not only does he seem like a good guy (didnt celebrate against burnley, cos the rest of the team was a joke).  he is the goalscorer that we have craved for years.  He is at this level almost guaranteed 20 a year, and i think even in a struggling prem side he would get about 10.  just hope we can keep him, cos he is pure class and seems like a hard worker too.
  4. thank god for that!  its crazy, we need to spend money on the rest of the team, he cares, and creates stuff, and it would cost us millions to buy a player of his caliber.  when 8 of the guys couldnt hold their heads up against burnley hucks still tries, he should be given a 2 year deal, and kept here till he retires.  
  5. the current england boss, was hired as number 2 from man u to middlesborough. WORTHINGTON who in all fairness did great for a while with us, was hamiltons (oh yes the worst manager) assistant, Stuart pearce, aidy boothroyd, jose mourinho was bobby robsons assistant, and i think porto might be glad they hired someone without tried and tested track record! everyone has to start somewhere, its not like bowen is unproven, he has been an assistant for probably around 4 years, he has learnt the game, and has to be given a chance.  people would have probably been upset had we hired aidy boothroyd last year!  and now look. also whoever is appointed, i will back for a while, true i would be upset with blackwell or robson, but people should remember that some arsenal fans booed and protested at the appointment of arsene wenger.  bet none of them admitt to that now! i think bowen is our man, and get rid of livermore, bring in someone like crook, (not iwan, as needs a few years coaching first) and let hunter carry on his seemingly good work behind the scenes.  
  6. i would get rid of robinson as well, not good enough at this level, moves the ball on but no more.  and even then often backwards.  also you forgot: MLJ - he will go, as no club offers a new contract to a player that injury prone. Mcveigh - keep for now, as a good servant, and with a manager who might use him well could be of use. also thought a but harsh on colin, I really like him, last season he was awful, but watched him this season and think he is ok, and getting better.  
  7. Has anyone been to york? I lived there for 4 years, its much smaller than norwich, and with a tiny catchment area.  If there was a massive city where Diss is, then that would be more realistic.  We are a much bigger club than all of them, york has a tiny ground. I cant remember who said it on this board, but someone said a long time ago, that we are between 15th and 25th biggest club in the country, so the UEFA cup years were over achievement, and some recent times have been under. You look at premiership attendances, we beat many of them, a lot of the time, fulham, portsmouth, people have stopped going as much to blackburn, bolton, wigan and reading. People some times expect too much, I think most managers even great ones get only 60% of signings right. some people expect too much, but lets not let off some times when we can expect a reasonable amount.  
  8. Loan signings? I dont think we should even be thinking about them.  Last season they just underminded the players we had, cost a lot and gave little (lisbie, rehman, jj2) i remember the right back wright being ok, but hardly did much confidence for colin. we all remember back to huckerby, but personally I think most are not worth it, we have missed out on bendtner and some others, and feel that many of the others, will be so similar to what we have.  we need to sign a big man, we need a left back/center back (hopefully someone that plays both) and we maybe need another center mid, unless you can get a koumas type, ( a player not wanted by his club) then i think its a waste of time, look where the loans we have had over the last few years are now.cooper, jj2, and the rest, ok excluding crouch and bentley, but most of the rest are not good enough and seem to cost a lot of money and give little most of us would say we have about 1-1.5 to spend on between 2-3 players, 4 if you include a goalkeeper (personally I wouldnt bother, as we could get a keeper quick smart if we got an injury otherwise just a waste of money, if one gets injured a keeper will come to us thinking he is gonna play, think of all the premiership 2nd or 3rd choices: poom, mhyre, are 3rds, we can wait for a keeper) But as for the rest 1-1.5 is ok for 3 players, we have missed out on some, but i would rather see it spent on bringing ones in, not wasted on loans.    
  9. I agree, everyone says Andy Reid is big too as weel, but tottenham have said he is one of the fittest players.   Some players r different shapes, and if he is good then who cares.  Give the guy a chance, I cant wait to see a decent winger, actually doing something, and he is young and not a journey man!  so give the guy a while before getting on his back.  
  10. for me, bradley has not seemed good enough for man city at all.how many games in how many games?i would like to see jarvis given a run of games rather than spend a mill on him (we can get 2andy hughes for that, haha)but think we can get some better players for that, like halford, and i think we need right winger more than another small man (forget his size) he plays as a small man, and we have eanie (awesome at it), leon (awesome when fit), jarvis (wanna see have a run) and hendo, so another one?  i say money well saved, get rid of hughes and get a decent central midfielder, and suddenly our srikers will seem a lot better when the ball comes to them on the ground, or from a decent winger!
  11. i am not worthys biggest fan.but i dont think he was good enough at all, we need quality, not players who could not hold down a place in last years squad!old and only gonna go downhill in my opinion, we dont need another thorne!
  12. does anyone know where we can get a compilation of andy hughes "highlights" for the season?someone got the highlights of the crewe defender, and i wondered if there might be a similar one for hughes?
  13. ok so I am not worthys biggest fan.   but simon charlton, give me a break.   he was a bad signing, and played out of position, when he moved for first team football, it was a parting shot, no more.   i say good to see him go.   does anyone remember when worthy got rid of yves de basilis, he talked about how worthy only liked english players, people forgot that very quickly.   it does however leave us with only 1 senior left back, and to be honest I fear for the kids coming through, as midfielder, centre back, or right back will probably be forced to play there at least once next year, and then worthy will be shocked why they dont play so well.  
  14. I agree, we need at least 3 quality midfielders, if not 4 with safris injury proneness for next season.   etuhu should definately be one of them.   and he should be given his fair chance, I think he is a player playing on confidence, and will get better.    but we still need at least one other central midfielder.    keep etuhu, safri, and one of jarrett, robinson, and hughes, probably for me robinson, then get one good one.    and scrap the other too, asap.
  15. hucks is doing what an senior player should do in this time, come out and call for support to help the team, and settle some of the more nervy guys.   And he is never gonna criticise worthy, cos then he wouldnt play again.   he didnt have a go at the fans he called for support, the guy wants to win, and be cheered, its good in my opinion.   he has said he never wants to leave cos he loves it here, and therefore he will want to win stuff here, i say leave him alone, cos next year when the team gets sorted under a new manager in my opinion he will be one of the key assests the team is based around.  
  16. come on now, if people want a top managerial record, look no further than the derveld saying managerial skill of bryan hamilton!now he is real class.
  17. when discussing managers, can we not mention managers who are clearly rubbish and everyone at the clubs they have left admitts it, ie, souness, and keegan. new managers say about every club they go to after those guys leave, about how unfit and poorly trained they are. I am fed up with journey players, old, no passion, and desire.   So y would we want a manager equivilent?   the reason boothroyd, newell and others are doing so well, is talent and hunger, granted coppell has done so well, but lets get some spirit back. BOWEN, combines coaching experience, passion for the club and hunger. good summer routine, and we can be quality 2006/7, no doubt about that.
  18. [quote user="TwoSheds"]Does it really matter anymore![/quote]   What? i am not gonna say havent been disgruntled this season, and annoyed, but saying does it matter? yes it matters, next week you will probably say someone is poor, or something. people wanna discuss the team, as have every other week, now because no chance of promotion you arent interested?  
  19. ok, so things were worse in the past, but that does not been worthy is defendable now. the fact is, we got better, and yes he did it, but he is now making us worse, the last 18 months he has proved he has no real plan anymore, therefore he must go in my opinion, just because we have seen worse is no reason for him to stay employed!! he will go down foundly in my opinion, after returning us from the abyss, but now he has to go, as we r heading back there. i will never cheer norwich to lose, i will always be disappointed, but this is now unaccpetable.  
  20. yeah i agree, i think he can do a job and is still young finding feet in the team, but he has for a while been less than good.the point i was making was that if louis-jean is fit, maybe colin needs a little while out the team to find his feet.its done wonders for safri and helveg in the past being out the team a while, so you never know.
  21. surely he must be injured?i dont know, but colin has been awful, still young but terrible, surely if fit worthy would have played him, if he was fit?not sure he will be much better when fit, but anything to get colin to sort himself out a bit.
  22. Ok so everyone agrees we need players, and most of us want some more young hungry players, to build for next season, as this season does appear to be a right off.But... I really dont want over pay for players, in my opinion we over paid for hughes, as missed out and other targets and time was starting to run out in the summer so we over paid.Now although i want halford, davenport and earnshaw here, i dont wanna see us paying over the odds.If we dont sign anyone i will be upset, but rather that than overpay like we did on etuhu and hughes, both in my books panick signings, or bring in old players who wont be here next season, i say we get it right and stick to our guns on prices.Earnshaw 2mill yes.3mill or 3.5mill and think we are massively overpaying.i dont want anymore 30somethings on loan, wait and get the signings right.What does anyone else think, as I dont believe we will get relegated, or promoted, so better to pay right prices,a dn get the right players.
  23. has anyone got that link about the ashton story of mystery benefactor?
  24. Thank god some people on this board are finally talking sense.We are having a bad season, yes i hate it, yes i want certain people out of the club, but stop being a norwich fan?We have seen worse football, and will again one day i dont doubt, but I will always be a Norwich fan, its in my blood.I live near stamford bridge at the moment and its sickening.Go support them or another glory team, IF you are a norwich FAN then you always will be, if not who cares what you think, till we get back up in a couple of years sign someone else good, then u can get his name on the back of your shirt.
  25. i would love him here, but have a feeling west brom will want at least 3, and dont think he is worth that, 2.5 tops.
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