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  1. it all depends on what grant is thinking for next season, with hucks, but its clear the team has been balanced recently. i would like to see one of the youngsters played at left back over mcveigh to be honest.  but i really am glad we didnt get any loans, i do not want anymore wastes of money,.  
  2. the site is greatly appreciated, and hopefully will end the "where can i see..." threads.but i notice u dont have a pic of the ground with the new hotel?
  3. never gonna happen, as he is one of the least adventurous (rubbish) managers there are! i mean come on, what does matty taylor have to do to get an england call? but jas i agree england have limited pace a lot of the time, and i would take hucks!!  but this is the same england manager who wants to play phil neville at left back!!  (taylor, barry, even warnock at blackburn, would do a much better job!!).  
  4. i would love colin and wigan (10-15, 000 supporters) get relegated, sheff u cos they play awful football, and well are generally horrible and wigan to shut dave whelan up, and come on they have the attendance or a mid table div1 club, not a premiership team!! BUT having said that i put a decent amount of money for charlton to drop and I was so smug around christmas time, so come on charlton u can do it, just get RELEGATED, please, I need it! as 4 west ham, they deserve to go down, mercanery scum bags!
  5. Leeds are approaching as good as being relegated, and so most of their players are likely to be wanting out, so I wondered if anyone thought any of them were worth taking a punt on?i know they are the players that are getting the club relegated, but might be able to take something from them on the cheap.Cresswell i think would be a good signing for us, he has also been injured much of the season, and seems to be really trying now he is back, and beckford they put out on loan?dont know if anyone else thinks we might be able to garb the odd bargin there?
  6. i hope he continues it, cos if he does he could be immense.but he has to do it more than 2 games in a row.  but certainly not gonna diss the player, well done dickson, keep it going, cos with him committed he can rip to pieces every team, and please long may it continue!
  7. the idea was scrapped straight away, but shows what kind of people fun the leagues that they would even publish the statement, anyone who watches football tells them its an awful idea!and its not like the championship needs more excitement, i mean every year 10teams at least aim for promotion!
  8. Smudger also left out croft and robinson, making the 1mill you stated with earnie closer to £5mill.but smudger i agreed with your earlier post, end of next season is when to judge grant, as with own team settled, backroom staff and time to learn his job, then we will see!
  9. hopefully we will give martin a little bit more than that!!he should go up at least 1 wage bracket.  a good stat though.  and thorne seems to have done well out of it!
  10. what i am interested in is how many hours a week we used practice to under worthy? as is it me, or are we an actual threat at set pieces now when we werent before?  
  11. thats unbelievable.  find out doherty did before beginning of last year and get him on it and fast! he looks tidy and we dont wanna lose that, but as he said Div1 is a physical place!  
  12. Detectives need them - leeds Always one hundred - Everton Famous football brothers - Charlton? Cowboys’ boots need then - Spurs Famous jockey - Leicester Where you send your enemy - Coventry Famous haircut of yesterday - barnet Complete bacon joint - Fulham Larger than a duck pond - Swansea Bonnies partner - Clyde Wild dog - Wolves Glass mansion - Crystal Palace Dirty water - Blackpool Steel city day - Sheffield Wednesday Not an eastern dish - West Ham Keep the fire burning - Stoke Latest fort - Newcastle Organ of a small lake - liverpool Car in front of holiday home – Aston villa A prison clock - celtic No donkeys here – arsenal Between area - middlesnorough Horse race - Derby Presidents’ daughter - Chelsea Change PI - IPswich What yogi runs from? - Rangers Ancient bacon - Oldham Where the wombles met Macenroe - Wimbledon Bottom of a ship - Hull    
  13. I am not a pessimist, but with injuries and going to there place (but under grant we have got better on the road (worse at home))  i sadly think a 2-1 loss, butobviously i secretly hope for a 2nil for us with brown and martin scoring.  but chopra might get into the space between defence and attack and cause havoc which means we will conceed i think.
  14. it is the midfield, and the defence.  U watch the best 1-0 sides, (derby, everton), just drop to 2 banks of 4.  We are not capable of doing this, but i think it will come, with some additions both in defence and midfield, and coaching. I really disagree with loans though, the season seems done, unless injuries, or dire crisis, we seem to be heading safe, and far from promotion, and i do not want money wasted on more loans (zesh rehman, and the rest last year), save the cash for the summer expenses, and hey if season is done, blood spillane!!    
  15. all earnie wants to do is play football.  He doesnt love the club like hucks or martin, but i dont really mind, all he wants to do is play and score goals, and here he gets it, i think he is scared of some premiership clubs being a bench warmer or "impact player", he might be here next year. I think it depends on if grant needs the cash, OR if newcastle (or any otehr club seeking a "big man" ) comes in for ashton, 8mill, is about 1.6 for us right?  that she be enough, especially if the board cough up the rest of the 500k for this year, then 2 mill and the guys on here could really play some champ man.  
  16. [quote user="nutty nigel"] [quote user="Canary Lad"]Nutty Nigel, are you telling me that Doherty never ever gives away free kicks for ''hugging'' (for want of a better word) the oppo players?[/quote] No, every defender gives away free kicks! I''m saying  he gives away less than other players, I''m saying he has only given away one free kick that cost a goal all season and that was a poor decision from the ref. The opposite is commonly quoted on here even though the facts show different. I have often wondered why this is but now I think I know. The original poster mentions the Burnley game, this was over 5 months ago. The Doc had a poor game and was sent off. Why is it significant? Why not use more recent games, The Doc has been playing regularly enough. But I just remembered the Burnley game was on TV! People are no less a supporter for being unable to go to games but we haven''t been on TV enough this season for the armchair brigade to make a proper judgement.     [/quote]   The significance about the burnley game was that it was one of the games i have been to this season, because i can only judge on what I have seen, and what others say.  and in my opinion most people on here say he does this regularly.  And I am not part of "the armchair" brigade, as you put it, I just havent been able to get to the number of games i would have liked. I use this board to find out what is going wrong, and the match ratings always appear to show doc as a shaky weaker (i dont THE weak link, as he isnt as bad as some of the others) link.
  17. I am saying this not to vilify the player, as I always support every player (on the pitch) while they are here, and I will admit I have only gone to about 5 games this season. BUT, I can’t help thinking we should not bother to renew his contract.  The times I have seen him (including the embarrassing Burnley game); he has never looked good enough to get us promoted. In my opinion: 1)      He can’t pass, constant long balls, and poor distribution. 2)      Never looks happy with ball at feet. 3)      The grappling of all opposition players giving away costly free kicks. 4)      His wages – not his fault, but he must be on a decent amount?  I can’t help think it could go somewhere useful? 5)      Appearance – he always looks shaky, the games I have seen and the chat on here seems to be he has never looked assured in now 3 years? My thinking is he you need winners, and I don’t know if he can get us promoted?  Also for the young players coming through, he hardly offers a clear head?
  18. going back to an earlier point in this, he is rubbish and no premiership clubs wanted him, or else how the hell would we have got him for £450k?  everton have spent well in the last 2 years, they arent gonna not spend 450 on someone they want.they saw him once (like we did) and thought whoa, then they watched him again and realised he does not care, and NEVER will!!if we could get close to what we paid i would take it, especially if that hearts rumour is remotely true.
  19. i agree, we can keep both, mlj, mcveigh, thorne, doc, and hendo gone, with only doc needing replacing with 2 players, should take a chunk off the budget, and in my opinion not effect the squad at all.  
  20. I am glad someone mentioned McVeigh, he has frustrated me so much over recvent seasons, and I think its time he moved on.I hope we keep both Safri and Colin, as though there wages will be high, i dont think necessarily any higher than the likes of thorne, doherty or gallacher, and both seem to me to be able to play football, I have only seen Colin 3 times this season, but i have been impressed and thought with a natural winger in front of him he looked much better.Release i agree with, McVeigh, Thorne, Doherty, Louis jean and hendo dont know anything of Fisk and Halliday, but he doesnt seem to fancy them.I would also like us to sell Etuhu and Hughes, as i just dont think they can win us anything.  They may be useful now and then, but i just dont think good enough to do it over the season and get us up.This would need some serious activity on defenders and centre mids, plus we need a good goalkeeper and badly.  Liverpoool now appear to be upto 4 good ones, and man u 3, i know its unlikely but would be awesome to get one of them.  though as a whole i dont like loans.
  21. It is commonly agreed amongst most top managers that they aim 2 players for every position, excpet often 5 strikers.  Now its clear that we need numbers in defence, but my question is about strikers.  Now we have martin fighting for first team, and hucks up front, thats:1) Hucks2) Martin3) Earnie4) Brownso maybe we need one more, but for me thats, a lot out:1) Jarvis2) Hendo3) Thorne4) Mcveighand all their contracts are up, so for me its a lot of wages we can use?  I think this might happen as well, just wondered what anyone else thought?
  22. i want him gone, and he wont be getting a new contract in the summer, and his huge wages can be used elsewhere, hasnt worked out, has looked dreadful to be honest, and doesnt seem to care. but we have contracts and cant kick anyone out, so although i want him gone, i will quietly wait till the summer, then happily wave him off.  
  23. it is clear grant meant he was a good guy and tried, so deserved a choice on his future.  Not that he was a good player. It shows a lot of class from him the way he has let fleming and robbo move on the way he has. I will be interested how he gets rid of doherty, thorne and etuhu....................
  24. Good post.  I agree, many people on here dont, but i think you are right.also the ages of the signed players: 24 lappin?, 23 fotherington?, chadwick 26?, marshal 23?.   not exactly sure on the ages but they are younger and hungrier than the players he is getting rid of / trying to get rid of (thorne, fleming, and robinson).i have said many times we can only judge a manager on HIS squad.  and that takes time.  also people want names, i disagree, one of our key players for years was 100k gary holt from scotland.  kevin doyle at reading unheard of and was like £75k - they wouldnt except less than £4mill now.  and hey a positive for us all, at least by not getting promoted this year we dont have to pay £200k for thorne!
  25. top post couldnt agree more, the squad has potential, its 5 or 6 signings away from being any good. goal keeper left back center back center mid times 2 one forward - maybe but the main problem is those who dont care who are here, and i agree you pinpointed them well!  though i think a word should be spared for those other awful players who dont deserve to be on the bench, mcveigh and hughes.  
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