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  1. was he ever here?? i hope he has gone, but i guess we r still paying him till july 1st, gutting as he is taking 8k a week!  
  2. i place a bet on promotion and relegation every year, and this year my money on going down is Wigan, Middlesborough and Bolton in 3 seperate bets, and am definately going for norwich to get promoted!   i feel optimistic, maybe not win the league, as of all the money around, but promotion, i believe, and with these odds!  plus no one ever fancies us, anyone know the odds when we won it?  bet they were good then too.    
  3. yeah, you didnt insult delia, grant or any players once, and u want reponses?! I would be interested where people think dublin will play next season, baring in mind we need 4 centre backs, and 4-5 strikers.   he seems to want to play up front but with 1brown, 2martin, 3earnie (or his replacement), 4 jarvis, 5hucks, where does he fit in?  
  4. I think Earnie will go, and although one of our top players as long as we sign class (sharp, eastwood) i am not so fused if we get 5.5-6 for him, as never felt him and hucks played that well, and so take 3 mill profit on another striker maybe and a good few defenders and mids, so we have real competition, and quality, then i think it will be ok. cardiff were tipped for relegation, sold cameron jerome, and financed squad overhall. Also, true the sun get some right wiz, but how many do they get wrong???   they publish at least 5 rumours a day, and only a tiny number happen IMO.  
  5. i presume this is a joke as they are 4 jokes of players, think might just be a wind up somehow.  
  6. i dont know about the whole "top championship club" thing. i mean i read lee hendrie somewhere described as "former england star"!  papers talk rubbish, so who knows.  
  7. no way, makes mistakes, and now the whole gambling addiction!  and he was one of the players most highlighted for not caring at all about west hams plight, sounds like has a few issues, so let him go somewhere else.
  8. there is when good old steve bruce and the fools at birmingham get involved, we bid 750k for rowan vine and they bid....£2.5!  
  9. lets not get carried away, 1st its an agent talking, and they love to do that! second remember sunderland got promoted with a team lower than thems 3rd choice keeper!!  he might be pretty good, Darren ward never played for us really, and look at him now.  so unless anyone has seen him we cant be sure, but signing him in my opinion would be a massive boost to lewis!  
  10. i dont think we should drop martin, nothing to play for, and if fit the boy needs confidence. i know he hasnt scored in a bit, but he is still a kid, and needs looking after, and shouldnt be attacked by the people on this board, he will need time, and to be given confidence. i agree about cave-brown, he deserves a run for definate, as does spillane. also i think in regards to youth we should congratulate grant, i mean lewis, rossi j, ryan j, are all out getting games, adn he is giving them a chance to step up and get some action.  
  11. was having the same debate with my friend as well.evra isnt even france no1, abidal (spelt wrong) at lyon is, and is tipped for a big move to barca, so i reckon him.other candidate is cashley, but personally dont think he is.
  12. I dont think this a debate about "true fans" and others.I think the post was actually saying how its nice to hear people talk with joy and enthusiasm about the club for once on here and not just moan about the general themes, but people who actually give there time up to go and meet players, and watch them train.Its just refreshing to hear enthusiasm and passion.
  13. totally agree, thought the same myself, glad u posted it.
  14. i think earnie has too much work to do, so i reckon chopra will get it, as earnie needs to score at least 5, in about 3 games to get it.good luck earnie, i hope u get all 5 against the scum.Michael Chopra Cardiff City  22 Jamie Cureton Colchester United  22 Diomansy Kamara West Bromwich Albion  20 Robert Earnshaw Norwich City  18 Grzegorz Rasiak Southampton  18 Chris Iwelumo Colchester United  17 Steve Howard Derby County  16 Alan Lee Ipswich Town  15 David Nugent Preston North End  15 Gary McSheffrey Birmingham City  13
  15. totally agree, when was the last time that we had this?am excited about the summer, and next season now!
  16. good post, i agree with many points, but grant seems like a bit of a control freak.also i think some of this may be why duffy came in, as he seems like the sort of candidate you are talking about for the job.but i agree, as long as its not david pleat who goes for everyone of these jobs available, and waits around to get the managers job at the end.
  17. I think we all know we need at least 1 right back, considering we might scrap 2-3 this summer (colin, hughes, and MLJ).he looked good at stoke and was highly rated when he moved to reading, and I heard coppell say he had 4 right backs, so, wondering if we could get him for around 250-300 he might be worth it, i remember him looking good at this level, and not sure he has had a chance in the prem?what does anyone else think, as i will admitt i have never actually seen him play live.
  18. First of all this is not a slight against dion, as he is a great player who has proved himself.  But am I the only person who doesnt think we should offer him a new deal?  He has been of use this season, without a doubt, but is that not because of the lack of squad depth, and utter lack of leaders on the pitch?He has been a strong influence, but we need more for a promotion push, i mean can he ever be a first choice player?  in my opinion we need competition for places, so in the centre, doc and shax are both worried about 1-2 players breathing down there necks (hopefully spillane as one of them) for me i am not sure they fear that?  It is clear we need at least 1 centre back and at least one right back, where would this leave dion?   I would love to see him here as a coach, or player coach, because of all the youth grant seems to want to give a shot, but I think relying on him as competition for places is a bad idea, as at 38 which he will be next year (i think) he shouldnt be able to get in the team as a centre back, and with brown, hucks, earnie, martin, maybe jarvis and renton, he shouldnt be able to get near the team their either.Now i dont want to big them up, (smudger and cluck) but to me if we hold onto him as a player only, its a real sign of lack of ambition, as we are thinking he will be able to get in the team!  a coach, he will bring energy and experience, but just am not so sure about him as a player for next year.
  19. "The player that has recently been with Norwich was not up to standard''s and Alex Rae will not invite him back to Dens. " - thats the bit i dont get.  i was hoping it was a sign we were trying to move hughes on, but I am guessing its odd reporting and its someone like mcveigh or even mulryne, but gary holt could be a good bet, wanting to return home?
  20. with injuries and bugs all over, it doesnt look so good.  But Hulls goals have been coming from DEAN WINDASS - 38yr old big slow man, this is a man i would expect to play to the docs strengths, so i am going for a 1-1 draw.
  21. Each team has there own way of progressing, for me if we had to choose 1, we should go for the Reading. Just because birmingham are doing well, are you suggesting we go for a £13million + andy coles wages strikeforce?  You dont need it to get promoted, its about building a solid team, with depth and competition.  not about wasting millions, birmingham and west brom, have backers and are running a risk, with these crazy costs and wages.  
  22. i didnt see the game, but i think its unfair to be harsh on martin.  he hasnt had 10 professional starts yet, and as a youngster he will have bad games while he gains experience, and we cant expect him to play well in a poor team and carry it.rooney by most is considered the best young english talent in the last 10 years to come through, and how many poor games did he have for everton??  or even man utd for that matter?  give martin time, and i think the contract jibe was harsh, as i think it was probably just a poor off day.
  23. Norwich are giving a trial to 37-goal Jon Main, who plays for Ryman Premier League club Tonbridge Angels. (News of the World)like how old he is?  interesting that the club are hunting these players, as long as look at top clubs as well, i dont mind.as so far they seem to have got it right, lappin 75k, looks a real bargin!
  24. Grant doesnt plan to solve it, thats the clever part. its clear under worthy that although the squad wasnt that small, there was a huge gulf in class of who you would want to play and who u wouldnt, if u think about it brown, hucks, earnie, martin, and maybe after a good loan spell jarvis.  its now real competition for places.  and its a problem, but grant doesnt solve it, like jas said u dont change a winning partnership, everyone will get there chance and its upto them to prove it and take the role. its like under worthy we kept having no right wingers, now we have 2 out and out right wingers, who will play?  its upto them!  we need competition all over the side.  gallacher, and the centre backs need it, and the centre mids look like they are getting it too! u need squad depth and competition, players get injured and go off form, we need about 21-3 potential first team players then we are a real threat. I say keep both and let them fight it out.  replace the worst players (thorne, mcveigh, mlj, hend) and replace with more quality, ala lappin, and chadwick.  This will create a real sense of competition, and the prem beckons!
  25. i want him to stay, we need around 7-8 defenders for next year, and in my book we only have 4 or 5 of that 7 and so a good dependable left back, who is already here is definately worth keeping.  i mean grant only seems to want to keep, the doc, shackell, drury and maybe hughes as a right back, through spillane or dion into the mix, and we need at least 2 defenders and on a tight budget i think its crazy to buy a new left back.
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