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  1. he has indeed, and up until the Hull debacle, he was highly reguarded.  Who knows, we cant tell waht a lot of these names are like, unless you know them.  We got a born and bread No 2 last time, but you can get people like - Mourinho who step up from being a No 2, or u can get Chris Hutchings, sammy lee.......
  2. [quote user="1st Wizard"] Then they will appoint him, especially if that game is the Scum game!. With no doubt, Dublin as his assistant, a man I might add, with zero experience in management. But he''s here already, and he''s cheap. Duffy was given two games to improve things, although he''s been around for nearly a year! now Mr Munby refuses to deny that Duffy won''t still be here in charge for the binners game!. That as transparent as it gets, they are also scared stiff to announce Duffy''s appointment before a televised game because of the adverse publicity it would create with protests that would surely follow such a suicidal appointment. The board all know that Duffys got the job, Duffy knows he''s got the job, the only poor sods who don''t know are of course ................the fans!. [/quote]   Wiz, i cannot believe this would ever happen, as it would alienate even the most optimistic supporter as myself, and the board would end up with 24,000 cluck and smudgers, as if this happened I would declare my allegence firmly to them on this one! But I cannot believe anyone would be as stupid to alienate every CUSTOMER (i dont like to see it this way, but it is how they see it) in one fell swoop, when they know if they got a Jewell or even a Martin Allen, they would have us onside for sometime.  
  3. I work extensively with many hedge funds, and provide consultancy to them.  I know a lot of these guys well.  The explanation given earlier is when they short a stock, however this is just one example.  Different funds have different ways of making money.  They are merely pools of money that the managers use to make more! This is the most important part!!  Different hedge funds do hundreds of different strategies to make cash, but it is ALL about making money!  They clearly see Deep Value in Southampton, that I cannot see!  Everyone knows a chamionship club does not make money, they must be planning to spend serious cash (dont get carried away, it will be borrowed) get in the Premier League and sell up!  They are after maximum profit, thats there interest, unless they are a front for someone!! They are a business not a labour of love!  Look at Sloane Robinson (i think it was) at Arsenal, just bought shares, waited till value rose and sold!  
  4. [quote user="Tom NCFC"] When I registered on this forum nearly 2 years ago, it was a place where you could share you views and opionons with other like minded people about any number of topics, whether they were serious or just a joke. All the posters were very unique in what ideas they held. People like 1st Wizard, Lucky Green trainers, Jas of the Barclay, Citizen Journalist would have their views on what you thought and would reply with what they considered was their view on the subject. Where have those days gone? Now I can''t post a thread without getting a head bitten off by some ''Registered on the 25th October 2007'' poster. There''s hardly any humour on this forum anymore....... i''m not sure about you guys but I come on the pinkun just to relax and unwind. Don''t get me wrong, I know NCFC are in a bad place at the moment but why does that mean that we have to be negative to each other, I wasn''t the one who employed Grant! When I try to force some positivity onto this board, it always comes back to the present and this negative state of mind that nearly everyone seems to have. Aren''t I aloud to be optismistic about the canaries future? I do believe things are going to change for the better and thats why I try to be positive on this forum, I sure as hell aren''t going to be one of those negative ''it''s utterly hopeless'' people because thats not the way I am. I posted this yesterday http://new.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1060010/ShowPost.aspx, Some people who like remembered the good ol'' days may enjoy this post! [/quote]   Completely agree, I have posted only a few hundred posts over about 2years, and viewed the board for some time before that.  Now there are people on here with Hundreds and Hundreds, or Thousands of negative posts, and barely any humour!  I agree!!  
  5. [quote user="Pieman"] I could tell you Gissing, but I can''t!!   If I''m wrong and he gets the job, I''ll buy you a pint! [/quote]   Sounds like a deal! 
  6. [quote user="Pieman"]It definitely won''t be Martin Allen.[/quote]   How do you know this?  Or is it a personal hope?
  7. Please go no, Gregorys attitude is awful!  
  8. One of the longest posts ever. I agree, but you cannot compare careers.  People who get into sales do it BECAUSE they are positive people mostly, or it attracts more of them, this is not the case with footballers. Drogba, Anelka - both moan and b*tch all day, but hey I think I could cope with them over the positive work hard andy hughes!  
  9. Very highly rated guy, renouned as a talent spotter and playing good football. He is however too young, and has not dealt with big players before, but would love him as a No2, or as part of the coaching staff.  Knighly and Eastwood, think what he can find at this level!!  Would serve as a good number 2 to an experienced manager.  
  10. When we were looking last year, many of us, me included wanted a young up and coming manager, after Worthy many on here wanted a passionate direct manager, like Adie Boothroyd and many others.  Much of the views on this board were along these lines. Worthy wasnt vocal, and so we wanted something different.  Now we want something different after this did not work at all - we want a calm older statesman type character, someone who is knowledgable and organised. None of this I have a problem with, I feel the same, however what annoys me, is that people are blaming the board for it, most of us thought the same!! The board have made countless errors, however though we may not have been excited by Grant - most wanted Bowen, we did want a young manager!  We cant blame the board for everything.  
  11. I went to watch the arsenal vs sunderland due to a free corporate ticket - and was shocked, the rowdy sunderland fans were cordoned off by only the gap in the walkways, and a few extra marshalls round them, in the jarrold we must lose 200 seats, can anyone explain this? or has anyone spoken to Doncaster about it? As it sees - when we are playing better and getting full attendance that we are losing money?  
  12. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"][quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] [quote user="gissing canary"] Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  [/quote] Why do people keep saying this around our club - with reference to almost every decision made at the top in recent years. [/quote] Exactly. It`s incredible that people seem happy to allow the board to make mistake after mistake after mistake with just a shrug of the shoulders and the old "hindsight is a wonderful thing" platitude. We are constantly told that a football club should be run like any other business, yet if any other group of directors had cocked up as royally as ours they would have been out on their ear months ago. The brand new ticket office and £4million infill are going to look a bit silly with sub-20,000 crowds over the forthcoming years. [/quote] Whoa there.  I do think the board have made many poor decisions, mostly since we got relegated, however I think blaming them for everything is crazy!  You are complaining about the infill??  When most of the people on here dont want a hotel, but another infill!! My point was, at the time I believe with the information they had available that they on this occasion made the right call.  I personally would be gutted had we gone up, tanked all the cash on players who then left when we got relegated, so had nothing to show for it.  You have to make the premiership work for you, spend the majority of the money on players and wages, but use some to boost the longterm future of the club - I personally think we should have aimed to pay off more of the short term debt - forget the longterm mortgages, but the short high interest stuff. I am not happy with the situation at all - but I think hating everything the board do is wrong.  
  13. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  The fact is with the new stand, the pitch was way too far to one side, and they did what they thought was right at the time.  Are you sure it was 3/4 of a mill?  i thought it was 250k?  We can be here all day though looking for things that could of done better - why did we sign Jonson, why did we not sign Ashton at the start of the season, y didnt we beat palace on the first day - we would of had 2 extra points.......
  14. Or a sign - he has says he doesnt have an agent making calls for him, so perhaps this was his attempt to get noticed?Or just a yellow jumper, liking all conspiracy theories!
  15. How does Brellier get in the team?At the moment he is not playing well, maybe he is a good player, and his rep will come true, but at the moment??  He was awful in the reserves so i read somewhere on here, for me it has to be Jarvis or Spillane over him till he wins the shirt back!
  16. I would LOVE chris coleman, a lot of time for the guy, and Al Fayed (the scumbag) gave him hardly any cash and he kept going year after year!  Outspent by everyone he was during his time, and still did well and they played too!  Now Laurie is in, I hope they go down, he might even for me be preffered to Jewell!!
  17. Rated very highly in footballing circles, i heard gavin peacock saying how good he was.  Only problem is player power and if we can risk it, at this point in time in the league, however surely we could offer him the No. 2 role?  would be a big step up for him, in slalry too i guess?  Plus some fresh coaching ideas?
  18. With a new manager hopefully on the way, its gonna be interesting to see which players contracts are up this summer, I make it:GK - Gallacher - who i hear is on loan for the season now?DF - Murray, Dublin, Doherty, Halliday, Cave-Brown?MF - Fozzy, Hucks,STR - Ryan JarvisWith 4 out of 5 of the centre backs any manager will have loads of chances to scrap old and get new.  My fear is the strikers who cannot score: Jamie, Martin, Dave, Brown, are all on 3 year deals, and other than the out of sorts Chris Martin, which one could we sell to raise cash?  Jamie is on a 3year deal at 32!!I dont know if missed any, but therefore, any manager will need money or needs to be able to make do with what they have.
  19. U remember when worthy took over, as caretaker he listed players, and started doing stuff, it is cos they have a chance at the job - however this loan will not have cost much if at all, WBA hate hartson, and if someone gets him fit, and exposure, a chance to ditch him in Jan, i bet its more like a trial.  He hasnt played in 8months for them, so dont worry about a fee with it!!
  20. this is made up by the mail! the club is not gonna let duffy get hartson on loan - no chance!  
  21. Congrats to the writer who came up with it, I didnt know we were that widely viewed!   http://www.football365.com/mediawatch/0,17033,8749_2797031,00.html    
  22. [quote user="Canary Ben"]whats that your imagination? lol cause thats not factual, thats fictionall, u should have learnt that at skl [/quote]   y do u reply to this stuff??? he has 2 posts, both on this topic! wind up merchant much?  
  23. The Dutchman is on his way to join Chelsea as an assistant coach despite having a torrid time at Ajax at the moment. Fan frustration boiled over during Sunday''s 2-2 draw at Sparta Rotterdam when supporters aimed abuse at Ten Cate, the club chairman John Jaakke and the defender Jurgen Colin. Regular chants of "Henkie, get lost and take Jaakke and Colin with you" rang around the away end as Ajax struggled to gain a point in the league game.   http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/sport/2007/10/09/ten_cate_arrives_to_put_a_bit.html    
  24. [quote user="Grumpy "]What  about Denis Wise for manager. He has proved with Leeds what he can achieve with his back against the wall. He wouldn''t take any s*** from player but would have their respect at the same time?.[/quote]   This is another joke right?  The guy is a complete W*nker!  he is nasty and vicious, and has punched him team mates before!  
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